I’ve got a tear running down my cheek as I write this.  J.B. sent me an email which was read this day.  His son sent it to him. I had never heard the words of the second verse myself.  I think every American should hear them.

Besides the focus of this short you tube video, there’s something very noticeable about this group of people who met because of their concern for our nation.

The people are solemn and respectful.

There are no hateful words spoken here.

The crowd is not rowdy or crude.

You can tell the folks who met that day came from all walks of life.

No fancy buildings here.

As the camera pans to the man who surprises, note the concern on the faces behind him.  I particularly noticed the man holding his son.  Our kids are what this is all about.

One lady stands, then the entire crowd out of respect.

The words are impacting.

I hope you have a chance to hear these words as you watch this video.

Let us rise up and make the necessary changes to bring us back to our roots.

Chris Reimers

click here to watch:


  1. maggie says:

    what a wonderful, powerful video!

    • Chris says:

      Hi, Maggie,
      I’m glad you thought so, too. You asked me a question that will not be shared here, but the answer is “Yes, It has already been done.” You can understand the reaction, though.

      God’s blessings in our Lord and Savior,

      P.S. not going to fb currently, there’s an account there somewhere, and if I get time, I’ll see if I can find it.

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