A look up on a clear night will do

We all need one occasionally.  The meteorologists got one today.  They have all of those machines – the radars, the satellite images, etc.

A reminder is given…”You are not in control.”   Many relearn it. Others react stubbornly.

All need reminders. Each one.  And God gives them to us.  Some learn.  Some don’t.  We are all stiff-necked to different degrees.

Mr. Steinbrenner will miss the All-Star game this year.  He died yesterday.  I have known people who hated the man.  He was a symbol.  It’s all about winning. Today, those who hated him have lost.  Today, they are reminded that they too will die one day.  It is the most humbling of all.

That the weathermen were wrong was enjoyable.  It was cooler by 10 degrees in the correct direction.

It is not always enjoyable when we are wrong.

It is always instructive.

Chris Reimers

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