Human institutions have their limitations.  New ones are created and others fold every day.  The U.S. Constitution is a document that has helped an institution through many tests.  It has withstood those examinations because of the vigor of the people it guarded.

My friend, Bob, sent this idea to me.  It is a good one.

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no  law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.”

This plan enacted would make our leaders more like us.  This has always been the goal of our Republic.

Because our leaders have become less like us, many new institutions are being formed.  They are fashioned with good intentions.

One “institution” has been fitted with the name “TEA Party.”  It is a group not unlike its predecessor.

Here is a quote from a recent rendering:

“The silence is by design, activists with the loosely affiliated movement said, because it is held together by an exclusive focus on fiscal matters and its avoidance of divisive social issues such as abortion and gay marriage.”

The article:


Like its precursor, the TEA Party efforts are on one front.  At the time of the original tea party, there was one, major front.  It was the crown.  Volumes can be written on speculation about the crown’s fiscal and social reach.  The subject would make a good thesis paper.

Any side one comes down on, the TEA Party is a human institution with weaknesses.

Until the root is dealt with, we will not be changed.

Let me be critical of the man-made institution that needs the most.  It is called the “church” by many.  I challenge the terminology.  A meeting place with a name doesn’t define those who frequent it. Many religious places are silent on high issues.  When so, they become the worst of institutions.

Because of the silence, freedoms once enjoyed by many may soon be gone.

18“I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.”

The real church is a group of people.  It exists worldwide.  It is unchanged no matter what occurs in worldly institutions.  Jesus called it His bride.  It is not able to keep silent.  It has yet to reach perfection, but it serves a fearless Leader.

Anyone who questions its Leader’s strength need only read the final six chapters of Matthew.

The true hope for America is in a restoration.  It is the thing that has helped correct society in the past.

There are words of hope.

They come from the verse most used by Christian leaders in America.

It begins with “If MY people.”

The promise does not begin with, “If the government” or “If the TEA Party.”

“If” is the stipulation.

Waiting any longer will remove the opportunity, if it is not already gone.

We will be humbled either way.

Chris Reimers

12“Yet even now,” declares the LORD,

“Return to Me with all your heart,

And with fasting, weeping and mourning;

13And rend your heart and not your garments ”

Now return to the LORD your God,

For He is gracious and compassionate,

Slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness

And relenting of evil.

14Who knows whether He will not turn and relent

And leave a blessing behind Him…

(Joel 2)

Information about an upcoming prayer event in Garland County:


All 230 churches in the county have been invited.

I am chewing on the following article.  I find it interesting.  Please let me know what you think. – CR

Treason in the Church: Trading Truth for a “Social Gospel”


2 Responses to “IF”

  1. jan says:

    In the story of the rich young ruler asking how he could go to heaven Jesus told him to sell everything he had and give it to the poor in order to have riches in heaven. I take it you are homeless and living below the poverty line in order to comply with this teaching or have you rationalized and overlooked this verse??? How convenient. You could have helped a 14 year old single mother raise her baby! I can see why you don’t like the “social gospel”.

    • Chris says:


      This is the third comment of yours that I am replying to today. There is bitterness in your words. I feel for you.

      You again mention a teenager. This time it is one who decided to have her baby. Does this have something to do with you?

      The focus of this article is a promise that our loving God gives.

      By the scripture you use, I think your focus is on an article published at the bottom of my post.

      I know well the verse that you quote.

      How is it you have decided that I have rationalized it away?

      Like the young ruler, I have only to answer to God for my financial dealings.

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