Refreshment on a Hot Day

It is hot again.  Isn’t that what one might expect in the middle of summer?

You should think it is hot because of global warming. You are a skeptic if you think it is warm across most of the nation because it is summer.

If you listened to the NBC national  T.V. news broadcast last night, you heard the assumption. One had to be deaf not to hear it.

Like many of you, I tune in to a national media “feed” to see what is being fed.

Last night’s report on the current weather conditions made the position of the mainstream media obvious.

It went something like this…

“Scientists say that global warming is upon us.”

“Skeptics say it is not so.”

“Scientists point to the facts.”

“Skeptics say the facts are blurred.”

It went on and on.

The gist was that no scientist lines up on the “it’s hot because it is the middle of summer” side.

Well, I have news for the mainstream news people.

There are brilliant people who think that global warming policies are untrue and unethical and will:

  • destroy millions of jobs.
  • cost trillions of dollars in lost economic production.
  • slow, stop, or reverse economic growth.
  • reduce the standard of living for all but the elite few who are well positioned to benefit from laws that unfairly advantage them at the expense of most businesses and all consumers.
  • endanger liberty by putting vast new powers over private, social, and market life in the hands of national and international governments.
  • condemn the world’s poor to generations of continued misery characterized by rampant disease and premature death.

These scientists think the facts show the costly “global warming” opinion to be a political truth only.

I thought it only fair to give these scientists a say, though this blog reaches far fewer than the opinion expressed to millions last night.

Chris Reimers

A Renewed Call to Truth, Prudence, and Protection of the Poor



  1. jan says:

    Have you googled glacier melts? Creationism distrusts and discounts science. Do you believe that Noah put a billion species into a 3 story boat and landed on top of a mountain 40 days later? I am sure you do. Any true biologist/geologist would say you are just under delusions and fairy tales and just will not consider scientific facts because they contradict all your beliefs.

    • Chris says:


      In another comment, you used a Bible story to make a point and now you say I am a believer in delusions and fairy tales because I believe in it.

      I believe that the Biblical narrative of Noah and the Ark is accurate. Your description of the event is not correct.

      In spite of your opinion, many who have earned degrees in biology and geology agree with my views on the Bible.

      Was There Really a Noah’s Ark & Flood?

      How Could Noah Fit All the Animals on the Ark?

      Solid answers to these questions are found at:


      God’s blessings,


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