Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh and George Will are both conservatives, I think.

I lived in Sacramento, California during the time that Limbaugh made it a home base as he grew his audience.  I remember thinking that he seemed original and appeared very confident.

I’ve read George Will for years.  When his language usage went from addressing 10% of the population to 2%, the wading wasn’t worth the fruit.

Until the recent advent of Fox News, “conservatives” had been relegated to the print and radio media.

It can be argued that Rush and George were poster boys for the conservatives.

When it comes to worldviews:

I’ve always thought of “right” and “Conservative” as more traditional.

I’ve always thought of “left” and “Liberal” as more progressive.

Rush and George have proven lately that these terms are being blurred.

On his radio show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh said that he supports same-sex civil unions.

Only a few months ago, George said, “…being gay is like being left-handed. The Supreme Court has a famous phrase it used in some opinion, the evolving standards of decency that mark a maturing society. Clearly these are evolving, and the case is over, basically.”

So, our conservative “giants” are lending credibility to gayness.

I think the following quote from the article posted at the bottom summarizes my view well:

“The question is not so much about marriage, but about homosexual acts.  The acts are harmful to the individuals who engage in them. They are harmful physically, emotionally and spiritually. Suggesting that one would oppose same-sex ‘marriage’ but support same-sex civil unions sends the wrong message to those engaging in the destructive behavior.

“Such a compromise undermines the central issue in that it would demonstrate a lack of concern for those participating in homosexual activity. Moving from tolerance of homosexual activity to legal recognition is a serious matter.  Laws teach people what is right and wrong and thus homosexual acts will implicitly be given the stamp of approval where such legal recognition is granted.  The young will be given the false impression that this behavior is safe and acceptable, or even good.”

People will continue to use any terminology they want, but the term “conservative” is “evolving” as George would say.

More now than ever, I’m finding myself dividing things into two camps: “Godly” and “ungodly.”

Issues that are clearly defined as wrong according to God’s Word are finding approval by mainstream conservatives as well as liberals.

Sin is still sin no matter who gives its approval.  We do those who make evil good and good evil no favors.

“All have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.”  Repentance is a continual part of the Christian life.

I must admit that it seems to me that, in their conclusions, Rush and George mostly have financial “answers.”  These answers don’t get to the root.

Chris Reimers

George Will

Why Rush Limbaugh is Wrong to Support Homosexual Civil Unions


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