Why did it have to be “Pastor Jones?”  You know…the guy who’s planning on burning the books.

One of the most responsible humans I know happens to have the same name.

Words mean something.  Names…well…it’s the person “inside” the name that matters.

This story, of course, has so many more angles than just a name.

I don’t think I’ve ever burned a book.

There was the time I was given a box of antiques.  In the box was an antique deck of tarot cards.

I know someone would have really liked those.

Because of what they were, I threw them in the trash without anyone knowing.  I guess that secret is not anymore.

I must admit that I’ve done the same thing with books.

You know how you can wind up somehow with a box of books and you find a couple that you wouldn’t want anyone to read?  Maybe you got them at a garage sale, or maybe your neighbor was cleaning house and handed them to you.

That’s happened to me.  If I’d have ever run across a Koran I probably would have kept it out of curiosity, so I’ve never thrown a Koran away.  But I have thrown other books away, outside of the public eye.

I can’t imagine how Mr.Jones ran across a bunch of Korans.  It must have taken a bit of effort.  I’ve never looked, but I’ve haven’t seen one in a store before.  I think Mr. Jones could have used his Koran collecting time on more constructive things.

How about putting out a flag on 911 like many of my friends are doing?

Now, I am as concerned about the move of Islam as anyone.  I am concerned because it teaches that Jesus was a great prophet.  According to the Bible, “great prophet” doesn’t cut it.  That description doesn’t even get close to the truth.

Christians are to be concerned that all of humanity know the truth.  It will set them free.  How can a Christian not have grave concerns with the spread of Islam?

Mr. Jones has now made national news.  Chalk another one up for our wonderful mainstream media.  If they covered every similar event on the radical Muslim side, there wouldn’t be enough journalists available.

Where was the media when Bibles were burned last year in Afghanistan; ordered so by certain U.S. military leaders?  Did the media have a field day with that?

Mr. Jones is a very unwise man.  I remember a Christian T.V. program that aired years ago that began with the words:

It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

Better still; scripture says that we should pray for our enemies.

I think Mr. Jones would have accomplished much more by organizing a prayer conference tomorrow.  He could have focused his prayers on the Muslim world and their lost condition.

I understand that now he and some of his parishioners are carrying handguns because the F.B.I. has informed them of death threats.

Lord, have mercy.

Chris Reimers

Note: Looking for a picture of Pastor Jones, I put that name into a search engine and got over 30,000 results.  I scrolled down quite a ways and never saw the man wanting to burn the books.  I also never saw the good Pastor Jones that I know.  Maybe the media should look one or two of the good Pastors up and tell us the positive ways they are affecting their communities.

Note #2:  If they want to burn something, why don’t they bring all of the things that cause sin in THEIR lives to the church, and have a bonfire.

Bibles burned in Afghanistan:




  1. mannyr says:

    I beg to disagree respectfully. I feel the Pastor was trying to make a statement to the “Centipede” in a national way. Too many Pastors and believers are involving themselves in Muslim practices to draw closer to Muslims(Evangelistically,supposedly)
    Our nation is refusing to wake up to the call for sobriety. Let me say this: In John 18:10-11 Peter has a sword why? Yes he loped off the fellas ear. Thankfully our lord restored it. Why did Jesus allow Peter to carry a sword?

    • Chris says:

      Hi Manny,

      If Mr. Jones was trying to make a statement to the “centipede” in a national way, there are many other ways he could have done it. None of the pastors that I know are personally involving themselves in Muslim practices. I have heard of a Christian church that opened the doors to its fellowship hall to Muslims for Islamic prayer. This was a huge error in judgment. It is, in my mind, an incorrect “involvement.” That church, however, is very unusual among Christian churches in America.

      Yes, Jesus allowed Peter to carry the sword. Since he didn’t allow Peter to use it on man, one has to make an assumption. Maybe Peter used the sword for practical purposes. The real reason I think Jesus allowed Peter to carry a sword, however, was for just this lesson.

      Jesus responded, after healing Malchus in the verses you’ve quoted, “the cup which the Father has given Me, shall I not drink it?” Jesus used the situation to make it clear that the near events (his rough treatment and murder) were something that he was allowing.
      Matthew 26 gives us additional information about the story. Jesus also said, “for all those take up the sword shall perish by the sword.”

      We are in complete agreement about the condition of the church in America. On this incident, however, we disagree.

      God’s blessings…

  2. mannyr says:

    My main concern is that in his video he states that having been in Europe for many years, he has been deeply concerned with what has taken place there.
    The enormous encroachment of Islam throughout Europe prompted his return home to express his concern for America.
    Speaking of Pastors Named Jones. I escaped from the clutches of Mr.James Jones(Guyana massacre) by the grace of our Lord. Sadly 900 Christians did not!

    • Chris says:

      Dear Manny,

      I am so grateful that you escaped the Guyana massacre. That, indeed, was what it was.

      I am very aware of the situation in Europe and have had conversations with Christians living there about it. It is very sad from a spiritual standpoint.

      Besides inflaming the Muslim world with his actions, my question to the Mr. Jones in Florida would be, “What are you accomplishing by burning books?”

      God’s blessings…

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