Roman ruins in Jerash, Jordan.
The ancient city of Jerash, one of the most well preserved Greco-Roman cities in the world, boasts an unbroken chain of human occupation dating back more than 6,500 years.
Photo by jemasmith

I haven’t had a chance to check Nugget Net News lately (here).  I have been watching the mainstream media and I believe I am watching Bible prophecy being fulfilled almost on a daily basis.

Well, I checked NNN today and the articles screamed “Jesus is coming soon.”

My eye fell on a tragic headline.  It is the story of a very recent statement made by Mr. Obama to a group of high school students and teachers.  Fred Lewis quotes Mr. Obama in his post here.

“’You can decide that instead of restricting access to birth control or defunding Planned Parenthood, we should make sure that in this country, women control their own health care choices. That’s up to you,’ the president said to applause.”

If you watch the video (the last blue “here” above), it is a standing ovation.

What else need be said?  You can watch the 42 second statement at the link above.  A divided America is evident by the comments below the article.

Chris Reimers


  1. mannyr says:

    It is a sad day when a president sanctions murder. That is exactly what we are asked to do. Not only approve it but pay for it. Like many Americans i have to ask what gives this man the right to speak to under age children? He is using his position of influnce to sawy children who are highly impressinable.

    But that’s his way. He is the Pied Piper and can get away with it.

    • Chris says:

      Yes, Manny, it is a sad day. The man voted into the highest office in the land supports abortion, gay marriage, etc. etc. It says much about the man and the people. No question he is using his position.

      I just talked to an older and wiser man than I today. He told me that if Mr. Obama got re-elected: “You can forget it.”

      We will keep trying, but I know what he was saying.

      We will be past the point of no return. I think we have been there a long time already.

      God’s blessings…

      “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” (Psalm 33:12) I don’t think there’s a nation left that fits the description.

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