1. Mannyr says:

    The knowledge we gain from this video shows how lame atheists are.It is sad that they might miss out in knowing Him.What a mighty God we serve.

    • Chris says:

      I think the number of atheiests are on the rise. We live in times where we have more knowledge about creation than ever before and, at the same time, we are farther from God than at any time in recent history. What a paradox. I choose to serve Him with you, Manny.

      • Mannyr says:

        The downside of knowledge is “Much knowledge doth make thee mad.” I think these souls are bound by their 900 pound soul that calls constantly for the lies from the ruler of this world. Thinking themselves wise they are fools.

        I would like throw-out a challenge: in your prayer closet ask H,S to give you someone who is atheistic to pray for someone you do not know. Who may never hear the good news. i do this and i am blessed in it. It is fun.

        • Chris says:

          That scripture in Romans 1 (v. 22) applies to so many these days. From the highest places in governments to the lowest; from so many of our “pulpits,” From our “science” text books to our philosophy books; From our self appointed gurus, the lies you mention, Manny, are everywhere.
          Your prayer idea is very creative. I have a difficult time remembering to pray for the unbelievers I know. I will give it a try.

          Continued blessings my friend…

  2. Kassie says:

    Staggering. A star 1500 times the radius of the sun!. Then think about a humble ant. Human life at conception. Praise Him, praise Him.

    • Chris says:

      What a glorius God we have. I wish everyone could watch this short video. Staggering is the word. From the Heavens to the ant to conception, I will praise Him with you, Kassie.

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