Two Speeches: One From a Great Man, One From a Mad Man

2 Responses to Two Speeches: One From a Great Man, One From a Mad Man

  1. Mannyr says:

    it is sad to me that Israel has to come to the den of Jackels (U.N) and speak to a group who hate Isreal. Netinyahoo speaks English and is very dignifed. I am personally proud of him and all he represents as a son of Israel.

    Now this tyrant from Iran does not even speak English and postures himself like some punk dictating to other punks. Big difference between the two. This man opens and claims to know God. what a laugh. God of the Bible spoke to one nation Israel not to Hagar’s son. Some other like minded spirit speaks to them who wants to eliminate Israel and its people. The dude has a very bitter root.

    • Chris says:

      “Bitter root” is a very good description for the man in Iran, Manny. It is hard for me to call him the Iranian leader because so many in his own country despise him, but they are too afraid to do anything.

      Under the circumstances, I can’t understand how Mr. Netanyahu speaks as calmly as he does. He knows how close his country is to war. He knows how little support he has from the world. Yet, as you have noted, he is dignified. He is a great leader who has been chosen to lead Israel at this very important time.

      Although some of the liberal American media is a bit upset with the lackadaisical attitude of Mr. Obama regarding the situation in Israel, I believe only one mainstream source aired the speech in its entirety. Notice, I had to get my YouTube videos from RT.

      I am glad that the United States delegation was absent during this speech.

      I know you are watching with me as Jesus asked us to…

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