Government is Not the Solution

I would like to thank Barbara Anable for sending me this well-made video.  Most of the readers of this blog know that I believe that God will not bless a nation that has turned its back on Him.   I am a Christian first and then an American.  But I am an American.  And, like many of you, I see our country heading in the wrong direction.  Honesty, I don’t know if we can turn things around at this point.  Unless we turn back to the God of the Bible, I believe things will get worse.  My hope is not in our political system.  My hope is in Jesus Christ.

At the same time, the truth must be told.  I find a great deal of truth in this video.  I haven’t listened to Rush Limbaugh in years. His quote here is quite reasonable.  I am also a young earth creationist, so the “ape to man” picture isn’t something I would have added.

It is an excellent video made by a guy who claims he was not hired or paid to create it.  I believe him and I think you should watch it.

Chris Reimers

2 Responses to Government is Not the Solution

  1. Mannyr says:

    Excellent video, it’s too bad people have such short memories. Regan said it well “government is the problem.” The government needs to self-mutilate itself, sit down and be quiet.

    This government was not formed to take care of every need the people have, it was formed to promote self sufficiency. In the video the man Mr. Ob has turned everything inside out, just like a political Narcissist.

    I am currently paddling toward the Farallon Islands west of the San Francisco bay to live with the birds.

    • Chris says:

      I hope you’ve got an available seat in your boat, Manny. I’ll sit on the floor of the boat for that matter and I’m a real good paddler.

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