How Bad Could It Be?

This post is from a friend that I met in college. She teaches in a Christian school. I think Sue Acuna has some valuable advice here.

– CR

Mrs. Acuna's Blog


When I finally got around to reading Wicked (sort of a back story to The Wizard of Oz), I was surprised by the sexual content in the first few pages.  Surprised because I’d borrowed it from a 7th grader, and because I’d seen several students reading it in years past.

Another book  that surprised me was The Lovely Bones (also loaned me by a student).  I’d expected some gruesome parts, but there was a fair amount of sex in it, too.

Is this appropriate reading for 12-to-14-year-olds?  Some would argue that it’s no worse than what they see on TV or YouTube, but that’s not a strong argument, because if it’s inappropriate in one form, it’s inappropriate across the board.

It’s hard to predict how middle schoolers will respond to graphic content.  Even without seeing pictures, highly visual people will be unable to get certain images out…

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One Response to How Bad Could It Be?

  1. Mannyr says:

    I agree, sage advice.

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