Gary’s back and he’s discussing the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.  I don’t have the book to which Gary refers, but I agree with him that we are living in very interesting days.


2 Responses to THE POPE RESIGNS

  1. Mannyr says:

    This is a very interesting post. the fact of a sitting Pope resigning is amazing. It seems he is weak in his physical body.

    One has to wonder about the other Pope who resigned and the prophecy of the next to the last one who would resign. I have both books and i have started to read: Petrus Romanus.

    I feel we are very near to our Lord’s return. Gone to get my house in order.

    • Chris says:

      I also feel we are close to our Lord’s return. According to Gary Stearman, Petrus Romanus is a very interesting read. Maybe you can do a book review when you finish it.

      How accurate the prophecy is is anyone’s guess, but true or not there are many signs that the trumpet will be sounding very soon.

      I know that I am unworthy but I pray that, if the pre-tribers are correct and if Jesus does come back and take us during our lifetime, I will be travelling with the saints to meet Him in the air.

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