Problem fixed

Sad Dusty Photo by ianmunroe

Sad Dusty
Photo by ianmunroe

Comments were disabled for  awhile today for the post about Chuck Missler.  I have fixed the problem and, if any of my  blogger friends have this problem, I now have the answer.

Anyway, I couldn’t throw Sad Dusty into the trash.  And, since things are working, here’s a happy face:


Happy Dog Photo by digital_image_fan

Happy Dog
Photo by digital_image_fan

2 Responses to Problem fixed

  1. Mannyr says:

    Nice dogs Chris, family members. i am still in mourning over my Jax (Boxer) who died. My wife tells me get another, the grandbabies would love one. Jax was one special dog he used to love to sit on top of my bare foot and slobber on my knee and break wind and look at me like to say “Whats that smell.”

    • Chris says:

      Can you hear the giggling from Hot Springs, Manny?

      I know what you mean. I lost Nectar a couple of years back. She is buried in my back yard. She was a black lab who could pick baby copperheads (very poisonous) from the grass. She would bark until I got there with a shovel to kill the deadly little thing. What an amazing thing that she never got bit.

      My wife found her in a gorge near our home, and she would have died as it was one of those rare, extremely cold winters in Arkansas (Global Warming?).

      Indeed, Jax and Nectar were family members. I miss the trail that she made around the back yard while guarding us from an possible enemies.

      I am over the loss, but haven’t found a replacement (never will) yet.

      Dogs are gifts from God.

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