Maybe this will help you get through the hot days of Summer.

When Pearl first sent this to me, I wasn’t impressed (must have been having a bad day).  Now that we have hit summer in Arkansas it is enjoyable to watch.  I am thankful that we haven’t hit 100 yet.  Most years we have done that several times by now.

Enjoy the cool, refreshing snow.

And enjoy these two wonderful creatures.  God did a great job designing the animals.  He was particularly thoughtful when he made dogs like these.

Thanks for sharing the video, Pearl!

After the last two posts, one could say the Wings of the Wind has gone to the dogs…


  1. Mannyr says:

    What a great video. Dogs are a special creation. Unconditional love.

  2. Mannyr says:

    Chris the whole latest buzz with some authors and other Bible commentators smack’s of false teachers especially in the latest hobby horse for tickling the ears of the easily deceived. The Nephilim rage is a good example.

    On another web site that i manage Harvest Heartbeat International i posted a false story about some bones being discover by some Archaeologists and in one day we had over 38,000 hits. i later found out the truth and apologized. The hits kept coming. People seem to want to follow the extraordinary.

    People are getting rich with the bizarre and calling it good theology. Mr. Missler is only one of many.

    • Chris says:

      I remember the Andy Griffith Show where Aunt Bee buys a special Indian elixir that is, unknown to her, laced with alcohol. Andy arrives at his house to find all of the church ladies drunk.

      I’m afraid the elixir is now in another form. I do believe in the story in Genesis 6. I also believe that a large percentage of the Nephilim discussion goes beyond the truth.

      I know how to get rich, but I wouldn’t want to deceive many. Your story of the mistake you made is a great example of how people are these days. Man has always been a bit dense, and worshipping Molech is nothing new. But listening to and quoting occult sources without a disclaimer is inexcusable for a Christian.

      I always appreciate your comments, Manny.

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