Should Christians Consider In-Vitro Fertilization?

Delight in Truth weighs in on the question: “Should Christians consider In-Vitro Fertilization?”

Delight in Truth


Some time ago while on-call I received a patient with a life threatening intra-abdominal hemorrhage. Turns out this was an ectopic pregnancy after a large number of in-vitro embryos were implanted into this woman. One of these embryos unfortunately made its way into a place other than the uterine cavity and the resulting hemorrhage was now endangering the mom’s life.  The patient was fortunate enough to survive the ordeal.

This event made me consider the ethical aspects of in-vitro fertilization for couples who cannot conceive naturally.  Delight in Truth is firmly against therapeutic abortion at any gestational age, and in-vitro techniques present moral challenges connected to abortion.

It is not uncommon for the fertility doctor to harvest several eggs, and once these are fertilized, they become live embryos. Along the way, some may die or may not develop properly. This is the first level of loss of life in the…

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