Celebrating a Birth

Manny “speaks” of the great truths of the miraculous birth of our Wonderful Savior in “The True Meaning of Christmas.”


The Incarnation

mother-preborn-child (1)

The True Meaning of Christmas

During the Christmas season, Christians celebrate the great truth of the Incarnation. For in the Christ child of Bethlehem, God enters into human history and reveals Himself up close and personal. The astounding truth is that in Jesus Christ, God is encountered in a real, personal, historical, and tangible way. Alistair E. McGrath reflects upon the ultimate significance of Christmas:

What sorts of things does the incarnation tell us about the ‘God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ’? Perhaps most obviously, it tells us that the God with whom we are dealing is no distant ruler who remains aloof from the affairs of his creatures, but one who is passionately concerned with them to the extent that he takes the initiative in coming to them. God doesn’t just reveal things about himself –- he reveals himself in Jesus Christ…. The incarnation speaks…

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