How should a christian vote?

I think Amy has done an outstanding job here. I agree with everything in this post. I will be voting in November as I have in the primaries. My best choices are pretty much out of the running so I will have to make my decision the same way Amy will.

ponytail and boots

Christians-Politics-and-Voting1What an election year!  Can we say this is epic?  Are we allowed to compare this to every other election year and actually admit the process has become base and degrading and unlike previous years?  One might argue that every year mudslinging takes place and candidates up the ante with negative campaigns and exaggerations of the truth and even outright lies, but this year seemed to have started earlier and gotten uglier much faster.

I have been witnessing people become polarized over “their” candidate and their political views.  People are angry, protesting candidates, and the lies, wow the lies are just every where.  The press cannot be trusted to be objective and talking heads and reporters takes sides and skew the political rhetoric to appeal their own views.  I am exhausted from the robo calls and television ads, the mailers and the divisiveness of our country.  So, how am I…

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