How to be a Bad Mother in Norway

“Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. On the surface, it looks as if people there have everything they need—beautiful countryside, breathtaking fjords, rich oil reserves, plentiful jobs, abundant health, technological progress…but spiritually, Norway is incredibly dark. Only 2% of the people attend church. While a large percentage are official members of the Church of Norway, actual church attendance is nearly non-existent. Increasing numbers of Norwegians are turning away from the God who created, blessed, and loves them dearly.”

This is a comment from Group’s new VBS which will hopefully reach to Norway. The story is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Norway’s problems. Thanks to Octavian who shared this on Delight in Truth’s blog.

Illustration: Ole Johnny Hansen for All rights reserved Illustration: Ole Johnny Hansen for All rights reserved

Now that I understand Norwegian I notice the unbelievable amount of articles coming out almost everyday on topics such as “How to design a happy child” or “Signs that you are a good mother“. Norwegian society seems completely obsessed with children, their well being, and what we, adults, do wrong. Was it like that in France when my mother was pregnant with me? Was it even like that in Norway 30 years ago?

I am at this age where every time I ring or meet a girlfriend she tells me she is pregnant. My facebook thread is filled with pictures of uterus ultrasounds with black and white pictures of E.T-like foetuses (I heard they get cuter later on). My holidays resonate with questions from my family and friends back home asking me whether I want children soon, because you know, the clock is…

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