Child protection in Norway: Making parents pay

I have “met” Marianne at Delight in Truth’s Blog and she is a great voice for those who can’t defend themselves from the Norwegian system of cruelty. If you want to see more of Marianne’s thinking, go to the blog “Delight in Truth” HERE and read a few of the recent threads there.



by Marianne Haslev Skånland

When the authorities take the family’s children, they place the children with fosterparents or in institutions. Foster parents normally receive very good payment, often split up between different sums so that the total does not show: so much compensation for the cost of food and clothing etc for the child, so much over another budget post for additional expenses, so much as straight wages or compensation for having to stay at home instead of having a job, so much for extra holidays away from the foster children, who are then sent off to other relief-fosterers.

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