Ecclesiastes: Chapter 12 Verses 13-14

Rob Barkman started this blog in April of 2010. It is the same month my blog went from being a “News Blog” to a blog solely devoted to Christianity. He has done a wonderful study here as far as I can tell as I’ve read only a few of his posts on Ecclesiastes. If the rest are like the ones I’ve seen there are some good Bible Studies here. His studies have been enjoyed by many whom I trust theologically. This post covers the final two verses of Ecclesiastes. Enjoy. CR

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Solomon addresses himself as “the Preacher”.   He is the one that will proclaim the spiritual truths of God to those in his nation and to Christians throughout time.

Keep in mind, Solomon learned these truths by trying to find the meaning to life through experiencing all this world has to offer.  Solomon was uniquely suited to learn these lessons and share these truths with the people of God…

First of all, very few men possess sufficient wealth and power to be able to sample all this world has to offer (1 Kings 10:23).

Secondly, only Solomon and a few others throughout time, have been universally respected causing his teachings to be taken very seriously and thoughtfully by all (1 Kings 4:30-34).  (Keep in mind, even Christ Himself and His teachings were rejected by…

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