How to celebrate May 17th, Norway’s National Day

Pastor Barsan shares an interesting look into this celebratory day in Norway…

Ciprian I. Bârsan

How to celebrate May 17th, Norway’s National Day
For many Norwegians, May 17th is even bigger than Christmas. Here are eight tips for getting the most out of the nation’s most important celebration.

Norwegians are the only people in Scandinavia who really go in for national pageantry, and May 17th is the day they pull out all the stops. “Syttende mai” as it’s known in the local vernacular is far and away the biggest street party Norway has all year, easily eclipsing New Year’s Eve.
Girls and women come out looking like Heidi in their colourful dirndl dresses, while the men and boys look like Georgian gentlemen in frock coats, top hats and 17th century shoes. Often, Norwegians will also sport the tartan pattern traditional to their home province.
Some of the costumes cost a ridiculous amount of money (more on that below), so all this dressing up is something…

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