Sermon Link: The Godhead Revealed by Dr Martyn Llloyd-Jones

Sherryn knows how to pick them!

The Narrowing Path

Dear friends, this is true biblical, Christ-centered preaching. It is with this kind of holy reverence that we should approach these great truths about God, found in Scripture and revealed in Jesus Christ.

I commend to you the preaching of the the late Dr Lloyd-Jones, from the MLJ Trust archives, part of his sermon series from the book of Isaiah:

The Godhead Revealed

Isaiah 40:5 — What is our view of this message? What is God like? the glory of God beyond the comprehension of man; How can we know God? Jesus declares the ineffable God; in Jesus dwells the Godhead bodily; mankind has never solved its problems; God deals with sin at Calvary.

Listen at the MLJ Trust website here:

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Download from the MLJ Trust website here:

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This sermon is also available on iTunes at the Martyn Lloyd Jones Sermon Podcast.

I pray that God will bless…

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