Gospel Herald – Norway’s Seizure of Five Children due to Parents’ ‘Bible-Based Parenting Style’ Questioned by Over 100 Lawyers and Politicians Worldwide

It is very unfortunate that this event had to happen for the world to be alerted to this decades long problem. Christians haven’t been the only ones who have had their children taken for no reason. If it wasn’t for Romanian Christians, this story wouldn’t have gotten the publicity and things would be business as usual. Thanks for sharing this news article, rodi. Let’s hope articles like this one change “business as usual.”

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Marius si Ruth Bodnariu

Norway is on a legal dilemma about on the custody of the children of Christian couple

Norway is at odds with over 100 legal luminaries and politicians from the US and around the world for taking custody of four of the five children of Bodnariu couple to protect them from their parents’ “Bible-based parenting style.”

Read more here – http://www.gospelherald.com/articles/64195/20160518/norway-s-seizure-of-five-children-due-to-parents-bible-based-parenting-style-questioned-by-over-100-lawyers-and-politicians-worldwide.htm

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