How to get saved!

My blogging friend, Maria, of “The Pilgrim’s Progress Revisited..” blog posted this yesterday. I think it is a very good presentation of the Gospel message. I think Lee Poskey is from the Southern U.S. I have lived here for 20+ years and am thankful that God brought me here. Anyway, this message is solid as it is based solely on God’s Word.

Until the link at the bottom is changed, please click on “THE GOSPEL” at the top of this blog to see this video.

15 Responses to How to get saved!

  1. Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Lord bless you, brother!
    See what is happening here:

    • Chris says:

      I tried to leave a comment on Sherry’s blog and I don’t think it took. All of this commenting inconsistency is very strange.
      Anyway, I didn’t know that Sherry had more than one blog or that her husband had passed away.
      My Father passed in May and my mom is on hospice with me as her primary care taker so I have a bit of an idea what she is going through.
      If you get a chance, please let her know that I am praying for her that God will give her a peace that passes all understanding during this difficult time.
      Thank you for making me aware of what had happened.

      • Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

        Chris, I will pray for you and your Mom. I’m sorry to learn this! In 2003 we went through this with my own Mom, Helen.

        Will reply to your comments at my blog soon – so happy for you that they went through!! Technical problems can be frustrating for sure.

        • Chris says:

          Thank you for your prayers, Maria. You know what I am dealing with then. My Mom has late onset Alzheimer’s and I am learning how to work with that. My Dad had the same thing before he passed away but he was only home for the last 10 days, long enough for me to pay some knowledgeable people to come in and show me what to do. We also have an awesome hospice company working with me which has a couple of chaplains. They are Christians, praise the Lord.
          It seems I can comment if I’m in the Reader mode, replying to a comment put to my blog. Otherwise, it seems I can’t go to a blog to comment. I’ll be working on this problem as time allows. I must have pushed a wrong button somewhere. 🙂
          I wish you a blessed New Year!

          • Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

            Brother, I returned to wish you a blessed new year and to offer my observations of Alzheimer’s when Christians are involved. We had a neighbor whose wife had Alzheimer’s and he insisted that he could care for her at home, despite the difficulties and advice to the contrary, and he did – praise God! He passed away soon after she did. It was all definitely in the Lord’s hands, a beautiful seal upon their love

            • Chris says:

              Wow. Thank you for sharing, Maria. I’ve been caring for either my Dad or Mom since early May. My sister and I were told that we should find someone else to care for my Dad when he was diagnosed with late onset Alzheimer’s.
              I checked out every possibility. The best thing was to get him home where we could care for him. By the time he was diagnosed, he already had a large bedsore that the hospice people said would not heal. Anyway, when we got him home we got some training and learned how to handle the situation the best we could.
              Now that my Mom has the same thing, I already know what to do and she has already been home for several months and I don’t think she would have been given the care we’ve given her. Of course, that should be the case as she is our Mom.
              Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is very encouraging. 🙂

    • Chris says:

      Thanks, pastor Jim.
      I’ve tried commenting on your blog several times and my comments only find their way into the lost vacuum of cyberspace. I can comment while I’m in Reader, I can like blogs and reblog them. I just can’t comment at someone else’s blog. I’m still working on this and it may have been you who said that I should go to WordPress help.
      As time allows, I will hopefully be able to find out the issue soon.
      Have a wonderful New Year my brother. I will be reading your top 10 post soon! I appreciate your online ministry!

      • SLIMJIM says:

        Wow sorry to hear that Chris! Sometimes WordPress does have weird glitches and I’ve found in the past people’s legitimate comment get caught up in the spam or trash section of the comments. So I do regularly check to see if any fall through as a result of that. Have a blessed New Years, thanks for reading our blog and also for blogging on here too Chris!

        • Chris says:

          Thank you for your kind words, Pastor Jim. I am able to respond back to comments and like posts. I can also reblog posts. Most of the time, though, I can’t comment on other blogs. I’m very busy with other things right now but eventually I’ll try and figure out the problem.
          I wish you a blessed New Year’s as well. I will continue to check out your blog as you are doing an excellent job. I have no plans to discontinue blogging either even if I am not getting out as many posts as I would like. Thank you for your kind support, brother.

      • Lee Poskey says:

        What a coincidence brother. Because I was just now trying to thank you for posting my video, but there was no way to press send in that mode.
        So I came here, and…now I can thank you.
        I don’t take any credit for the content of my video, because only the Lord Jesus Christ is the cause of all things good.
        But I still want to thank you for the courtesy that you’ve given to me.

        Lord bless you brother.

        • Chris says:

          I completely understand, Lee. Jesus said, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” I have proved this verse over and over in my life so I’m with you on who gets the credit. Still, thank you for sharing. I don’t get a lot of readers but I have readers from some very dark places. This is just the kind of post that I want to make available occasionally and put the focus back on the most important thing.
          You’re welcome for any courtesy that I have shown you and I look forward to looking at your blog in the future as time allows.

          It’s always wonderful to meet another Christian online or otherwise. It never gets old to me.

          God’s blessings…

        • Chris says:

          I was just at your blog, Lee, and read your post about your early experiences with a church you went to. I commented and my comment went zinging off into cyberspace just like the comments I leave on all my friends blogs atm. I’m working on figuring out the problem. I did copy my response and will leave it here in the hopes that you see it.

          Excellent post, Lee. I can relate to your experience well. I was a teen back in the mid to late 70’s. I lived in California where the Holy Spirit was moving greatly. At the same time, there was an overemphasis on gifts like speaking in tongues. This post shows that our position on spiritual gifts is pretty much the same. How many Christians have been confused by thinking they had to have this gift or that gift? It is called a gift because that’s just what it is. It is not something anyone can force.

          I remember, after being told by a pastor’s daughter that I was missing out, going home and going into the bathroom, kneeling on the floor, and asking God for the gift of tongues. Nothing happened that day or on any other day when it came to tongues.
          Thank you for your candor here. Those who have walked a similar path might learn a few things by reading of your experience.

          God’s blessings brother…

          • Lee Poskey says:

            God’s blessings to you too brother!
            That’s some interesting reading you wrote!
            Thank you for sharing that you went through what I went through.

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