Two Views of the Future

Ever heard of Jan Markell or Gregory Manarinno? Probably not. If you listen to both of these videos, you may wish you hadn’t.

I appreciate both. Whether you agree with their strong opinions or not their topics are very different but they are definitely concerned for the future of mankind.

Jan Markell is a well-known pre-trib rapture proponent with a good deal of knowledge about it and Globalism. One who doesn’t agree with her eschatological views may still be interested in much of what she says here. I think she is correct about the attempt at Globalism. I am not dogmatic about any eschatological view but if I had to admit to leaning in a direction, it would be towards the pre-trib view.

Gregory Manarinno is a young man who has made his living on his knowledge of the stock and bond markets. I agree with him that things are NOT as rosy in the financial world as many are making them out to be.

Are these two people too alarmist?

I wonder.


9 Responses to Two Views of the Future

  1. Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Chris, in light of all that’s happening in the world, I’m glad I got to hear from Jan Markel. I didn’t listen to all of the second video but what I heard reinforced my skimpy knowledge of how incredibly complicated economic aspects are.

    • Chris says:

      Wow. I’m surprised that someone gave both of these videos a look see, Maria. You are a very good sport. I know you hold a different view than Jan does and still you were willing to glean something from her message. She gave two more messages while visiting J.D. Farag’s Calvary Chapel Church in Hawaii. I’ve listened to one of them and it was informative as well. I wish all Christians could be as friendly as you are when it comes to eschatology. So many brothers and sisters fight over this topic. I understand that people hold their views very dear but to argue and bicker is not edifying to the church. Thank you for your good example.
      On the economic front, Greg boils the very complicated world of economics down to something palatable to me. He definitely has a somewhat unique position that the financial sector is controlled, if by anyone, by a great deal of immoral behaviors. You would have to watch him more than once to get his entire take which I don’t even know. I don’t think either one of us have the time to keep up with Mr. Manarinno’s views. However, he has a very consistent opinion and he is very surprised that what he calls the “propping up” of world economies has yet to fail. It is a bleak opinion but I think he has given enough evidence to back his position. If he is correct, our worldwide economy is on life support and those in charge of making things happen are doing everything they can to continue the illusion that all is well. I don’t know if he’s right, but he is one of the few that has made his living by guessing what happens next in the financial world. I try and catch Greg Hunter, the show that he has his friend on occasionally, U.S.A. watchdog, at least once a week if I have the time. Greg Hunter has been quoting from Ephesians 6 quite a bit lately regarding the battle between good and evil. He is also a unique guy.
      These guys are both Greg. I hope that doesn’t make things too confusing. It is Greg Hunter’s show (done 3 times a week) and he has all kinds of guests, mostly financial experts, on but Gregory Manarinno has become a friend of his and is on the show at least once a month. They both seem genuinely concerned for the average guy. Mr. Hunter is a Christian and I’m not sure where Greg Manarinno comes down on the topic of faith.

      • Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

        Chris, your reply is encouraging (thank you!), edifying, and also fascinating. I will send this my husband’s way because he is interested in all of this. God bless you three in your dear family, brother!!

        • Chris says:

          Thank you for your kind words, Maria. Greg Hunter does a weekly news wrap-up on Fridays. Your husband will have no questions about Greg’s opinions. He really doesn’t like the corruption he believes is happening in the financial world.
          May God bless you both and I wish you a wonderful weekend.

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