Anti-Barnevernet Symposium in Vienna, Austria

September 13, 2016

Delight and I are two American Christians who are very concerned about human rights offenses in Europe and, in particular, in Norway. This unique event is only 10 days away. Much of the information is in this article that Delight shared. As we get closer to September 23rd, I will keep you updated on scheduling.

Delight in Truth

Save the ChildrenThe fight against the Norwegian CPS continues. On Friday, Sept 23rd 2016 a symposium is being organized in Vienna to explore the human rights violations happening in Norway with respect to child protective services. Barnevernet victims, lawyers, and CPS experts have confirmed their attendance. This event will grow in the future into another world-wide protest. The fight is not over until Barnevernet is significantly reformed. 

Here is the announcement:

Save the Children‘ is an initiative of individual Christians in Vienna/Austria from different Churches and Christian organisations. We are deeply concerned about the violations of Human Rights and Children’s Rights in Norway. Since we’re familiar with several cases where Children were removed from their families for no good reasons, we now want to address these issues publicly.

Therefore, we’re hosting a Symposium in Vienna on Friday 23 Sept of 2016 with different speakers to expose the situation. We’re inviting both…

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