This is a song by a group that few have heard of.  Mustard Seed Faith was one of the early “contemporary Christian” bands that traveled on the West coast and made little financial gain for their efforts. (It was released the year I graduated from high school.)

They came to my Jr. College, gave a great concert, and got $80 for their efforts.  Actually, they asked for nothing, but the Christian Club that I was involved with felt we needed to offer them something. Four guys in two vans loaded with musical equipment; that’s all there was.  Yet, these guys were very talented.

Oden Fong, the lead singer, couldn’t make the trip that day, but the fill-in lead singer gave an excellent message to the student body.

Bands like this don’t exist anymore.  Some of today’s contemporary music is very good, but the contracts and the money weren’t around when Sail on Sailor was recorded (I have the album).

This was one of the early groups that did it from the heart and not for financial gain.

We are all pirates, like Sidney, until we come to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


(If you watch the video, I recommend the full screen mode.)

The lyrics:

Sidney The Pirate by Mustard Seed Faith. It appeared on the Maranatha 5 album.

Oh Sydney was a pirate he sailed the seven seas With his cannons charged and crossbones flying high. And for adventure he would rob the mightiest of ships And for this life he knew that he would die.

Well he’d steal the gold and sink the ships For murder was he famed never did he leave a man alive Hate was there within his heart and blood was in his eyes And for this life he knew that he would die.

Chorus: Oh Sydney who will save you, From the sin there in your soul? Who is there who can change you, When there’s no where else to go?

And then one day the sun was settin’ swirls of colored red And Sydney sat himself down on his bed And he heard a voice so gently speaking softly in his ear. Sydney wept and shed a million tears

I love you said the voice to him, I died to set you free I suffered that you might not feel this pain As I bled the life I shed has power to make you free For your deed I took the total blame


Sydney’s now a sailor he sails the seven seas With his face aglow and spirit flying high And for adventure he doth ride the mightiest of ships That sails the blessed voyage to the sky


8 Responses to SIDNEY WAS A PIRATE

  1. Very nice! I started collecting some Christian classics from the 70s and 80s, like Silverwind, Dallas Holm, etc and this band would fit right in!

    • Chris says:

      Hi Delight!

      Glad you liked this. I still hum songs by Randy Stonehill, Love Song, Honeytree, The Archers, etc. For some reason I’ve never heard of Silverwind, but I remember Dallas Holm.

      Those were the days.

      God’s blessings…

  2. songsalieri says:

    You know, some of those folks are still touring or doing occasional get togethers, even Christian cruises.
    Just look up the ones you miss on google or facebook!

    • Chris says:

      I’m not surprised, songsalieri. Can you give me an example?

      • songsalieri says:

        Randy Stonehill has a nearly full slate for August in PA, CA and the Carolinas. You can find Randy on Facebook where schedules are posted on his page.
        Bruce Carroll, Steve Camp, Dave Boyer, Leon Patillo and Scott Wesley Brown will be at South Hills AG church in Bethel Park, PA on Aug 20th
        Nancy Honeytree (Miller) is still in music ministry to the best of my knowledge. Although her website and fb page are out of date, I know she’s still around as I recall posts from her in a music group.
        You can find Dallas Holm Praise Ministries at where you can check his current touring schedule. He has a few things slated for August of 2016

        • Chris says:

          Thank you, songsalieri!

          I’ll check out the link you have shared. I remember Dallas Holm well. I thought Randy was still touring at times but didn’t know for sure. And Honeytree! what a blessing she must be to all who hear her!
          Bruce Carroll is the only name that I don’t recognize here. Was he part of a group I might know? I’ll try to look him up.
          Thank you for sharing, songsalieri. I know I’m biased (and showing my age) but these artists were working at the best time in “contemporary Christian Music” in my opinion.

          God’s blessings…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Many years ago, I heard my brother in law play a verse from “Sidney was a Pirate”.. We’re both guitar players, but he left and went his own way many years ago. All these years I’ve remembered the first verse and chords, but could never find any info on the song. I’m totally jazzed to have found this page.. I remember the great contemporary Christian songs from back then. Was fortunate to see Leon Petillo once. Some of my favs were Chuck Gerard, Dion (from Dion and the Belmonts) he released some great Christian albums.. And the lead from the Byrds.. Name slips my mind, but he changed the lyrics to a couple of the Byrds hits and transformed them into Christian songs. One of my favorites, not sure who did it, but it went like, “where do I go when I’m feelin lonely, where do I go when I need a friend..back on my knees again”… Love that one..
    Anyway, best to ya brother.. May we always walk by faith… God Bless..Joe

    • Chris says:

      It is always so cool to get a comment like this one. I remember Chuck Gerard well and even saw Love Song in concert a few times.
      I saw Mustard Seed Faith at Knott’s Berry Farm sometime in the late 70’s when many of the Christian artists met there to play on different stages. I remember Berry McGuire finishing up his set and telling all of us that he was heading over to hear Keith Green so we all went with him.
      Maybe it was because I was young, but I’ve never felt the move of the Holy Spirit like I did in those days.
      Thank you so much for your comment, Joe. Amen to your comment about faith. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.
      God’s blessings…

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