Christmas Blessings from the Reimers Family 2022

Written by Kim Reimers (Double Click to Enlarge)

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  1. Tom says:

    Chris, thanks for the enjoyable family update and uplifting message! The commerce of Christmas and the busyness often dwarfs the Gospel and Jesus Who we hold dear.

    • Chris says:

      You’re welcome, Tom, and thank you for your kind reply. So much of humanity takes the focus on the importance of Christ’s birth and puts it on stuff. It is a sobering thought. The humble entry of God into our world to redeem mankind should do the dwarfing.
      I always appreciate your comments, Tom. I wish you and your family a nice Christmas and a blessed new year.

      • Tom says:

        Thank you, Chris, and I wish you and yours a blessed Christmas and New Year! And I do appreciate your helpful and encouraging comments as well.

  2. Charming, Chris, and full of love and meaning!

  3. Chris says:

    Thank you, Maria. Kim does one of these each year and sends one with the Christmas cards she sends out. Kim and my son Grant keep a low profile when it comes to social media. This is one thing that I do have permission to share. I’m glad you liked it! I always do.

  4. Yes, peace in every heart! I wish you all a blessed and joyful Christmas! We need hope!

    • Chris says:

      Thank you, Marianne. We wish you a blessed and joyful Christmas as well! Much of the world seems to be looking for hope in so many wrong places. May they find the hope that only the birth and life of the child we celebrate this time of year can bring!

  5. SLIMJIM says:

    Written by wife or daughter?

  6. SLIMJIM says:

    Can you check if my comment ended on your spam filter? I believe I did commented days ago here (or maybe I forgot).
    Answering your question on my blog: We got to family visit us! They knew our schedule with ministry might make it hard to travel so it was nice they came to us!

    • Chris says:

      Your last two comments were in my spam folder, Pastor Jim. Since you are here often enough, I have no idea why that happened but thanks for letting me know.
      So glad you had family visit for Christmas. It was colder here in Arkansas than it has been on Christmas since I moved here from California. Thankfully, we got through it without any broken pipes or broken bones! Praise the Lord!

  7. News showing consideration and understanding is rare these days. But to my surprise, an encouraging little happening here now at New Year: The city of Oslo has decided NOT to have municipal fireworks on New Year’s Eve, and equally NOT to allow any private fireworks inside ‘Ring 2’ around the city’s centre.
    I loathe and fear all the usual New Year fireworks which so many think expresses ‘joy’. It often starts fires and harms people, and is just like being in the middle of an actual battle of war. Try to stop the people who shoot off fireworks that fall down on your house and you risk threats and aggression. Norwegians love to show off their uncivilised nature in that way: The noise and danger makes them feel powerful. It reminds me more than anything of big male chimpanzees who scream and wave branches and beat anything in sight and make as much noise as they can in order to show the others “I am the most powerful, I am larger than you!”.

    So I am very relieved. But the most positive and interesting thing is one of the reasons they give: Predictably, since an ‘environmental’ party is part of the municipal government, they refer to avoiding the unnecessary air polution created by such explosions.
    But the major reason is: CONSIDERATION FOR ANIMALS.

    This is so right. Lots of domestic animals try to hide, and show symptoms of illness at all the noise, and the organiations for protection of animals have reported that some wild animals actually die when there are such blasts near them. I have friends with dogs, who say their dogs are really frightened and try to hide under beds or inside cupboards when the boom-boom starts. We always tried to protect our cat by sheltering it in an inside room.

    A few years ago the the then Minister of Justice (functions partly like your Attorney General) managed to get a ban passed on the most dangerous types of ‘rockets’ and he said “We won’t have any more of this. We want our old-fashioned, pleasant New Year celebration back.” A few years later, several cities and towns banned private fireworks and instead provided a municipally organised one, and it was of course much better, with more beautiful colours and shapes and less ‘boom’. And this year Oslo has gone a step further.

    A friend of mine with a cat is equally negative about ‘celebrating’ New Year with aggressive noise and danger, and when I told her about this, she was very relieved and immediately said: “It’s not perfect, just banning it inside Ring 2, but it is an excellent start.”

    Regards to Sky King and Cubby!


    • Here are another couple of newspaper entries that give more information, including from other countries than Norway. It seems there are quite a lot of people who want fireworks banned – they are equally non-‘liberal’ to myself and we are not quite alone.
      (Note: I have tried to access these links multiple times to no avail. Marianne has no problem accessing them from this blog so it may be possible for you to read each of them as well. – CR)

      A good thing about municipalities taking charge if there IS to be fireworks, is that then at least it is managed by technically competent people and the fire department.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for your comments and the links, Marianne. I’ve read each one that I could and it seems like a sensible new law to me. Fortunately for us, the sale of fireworks in town has been outlawed for many years even on the 4th of July when most people want to set them off. The city usually has a show on the 4th and like yours it is put together by professionals. This is an interesting list:
      The New York New Year’s Eve celebration is always televised in the U.S. and the “celebration takes place in Times Square and is initiated by a huge illuminated sphere that gradually descends down a pole on top of One Times Square as the final seconds of the old year tick away.” Sometimes I watch this and sometimes I don’t.
      Since I don’t live in the city, there are some years where a few of the neighbors will set off fireworks out here in the county on New Year’s Eve. Some years it goes on for a bit but other years, like last year, I hear nothing. It is usually not enough to send Sky King or Cubby scurrying. Since I’m surrounded by hunters, we occasionally hear people practicing for dear season. It is also usually not enough to bother anyone. Also, as it is usually colder (and wetter as it will be this year) I don’t get concerned about a few firecrackers going off in the area. This article might give one an idea of how Americans save the larger fireworks shows for the 4th:
      The July 4th celebration here is an entirely different story. Every year I pray for rain the few weeks before July 4th. Summers here are hot and humid as you well know and I’m always concerned that some wayward bottle rocket will land in the wrong place and start a fire. There have been years where we had quite a bit of noise, enough to scare whatever pets we did have. We haven’t had any fireworks since we’ve had Sky King and Cubby and that’s been over a year. Sky King has been known to hide under the bed during a thunderstorm so I’m sure he wouldn’t like fireworks.
      I was particularly concerned about this last 4th of July. We had a very long dry spell and we were even in a burn ban where those of us who need to get rid of piles of fallen branches or trees are not allowed to burn them because of the risk of the fire getting loose. Conditions were very dry and my prayers for rain were not answered with a “yes” this year. So, I prayed about it as there was nothing else I could do.
      I was happily surprised when I heard NO fireworks the night of the Fourth of July out in our woods. Arkansas is considered one of the least educated states in the nation, but that night I knew my neighbors had common sense. Thankfully, in my twenty-five years in a wooded area, we have never had an unwanted fire anywhere close to us.
      As far as I can tell, the last time I set off any fireworks is documented on my blog and occurred in 2010. We only set off a couple on our driveway with water hose close. They were colorful “fountains” that didn’t make a lot of noise. It is always difficult to spend money on a few seconds of smoke and flame even if there is a wonderful description on the side of the thing. I really enjoyed fireworks as a kid but that has faded greatly over the years…particularly since I’ve lived in the woods.
      It sounds like we are probably both going to have a peaceful night as the new year comes in, Marianne. Thank you for your comment and I pray that you have a wonderful and blessed 2023.

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