Christmas Blessings from the Reimers Family 2021

December 24, 2021
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Christmas Blessings from The Reimers Family 2020

December 25, 2020

Pic by cathys.klown

 (Tune: The First Noel)

The first Noel of this new decade

Sees nations divided, people sick and afraid

Truth and Myth are thrown in the same heap

And “they” tell us that prejudice runs very deep

Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel

Born is The King of Israel!

But today is not very different from then

The shepherds were not highly thought of by men

Out alone with the sheep on a cold winter’s night

While the cities were bustling, Caesar’s soldiers on site.

And lo, a bright Star shown upon earth’s plight

Those poor “lowly” shepherds saw angels that night!

Theirs was the privilege to go forth and tell

That King Jesus was born, Emanuel!

Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel

Born is The King of Israel!

Praise God that His ways are much different than ours

He’s not impressed by political powers

Timing and healing are in His Control

Yet He’s more concerned for the state of our souls.

While this year might seem a nightmarish long night

Our Hope is the One Who said, “Let there be Light”

We don’t know what the next year will bring

Maybe we’ll see the return of THE KING!

And so from the Reimers, A Joyous Noel!

We’ve been mostly homebound, not much else to tell!

It’s peaceful and quiet here out in the woods

It’s been 25 years now, Isn’t God Good?

Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel

Born is The King of Israel!

The Rapture – Four Most Common Possibilities in Less than 1 Hour

July 22, 2020

The other day I was talking to a young man about last days issues. It is a subject which is on the minds of many these days. The Rapture is one of the topics that usually comes up in such a discussion. Why spend time on the possibilities when someone with far more knowledge than I has made a concise video that does an excellent job of helping others understand the main four Christian views? Brother Dorgan not only describes the prospects, he does it in a very appropriate manner. He thinks that Christians should not be arguing over the different theories and his goal is to interest and inform those who never hear the topic discussed from their pulpits. He is not trying to convince anyone of his view (which he spends little to no time on in this video.)

I have studied this topic (the Rapture) enough to know that I do not hold a strong view in any direction. This video interested me enough to go on to view Mr. Dorgan’s next two sessions (where his view is spelled out) and I plan to eventually get to the final three sessions to complete the series.

I always appreciate kind, simple, and knowledgeable instruction. It is why I recommended this video to my young friend. If you are interested, I recommend it to you as well.

Chris Reimers

Currently, I hold to the “Pan-Trib” view. It will all pan out just the way God has planned it. In spite of my indecisiveness, I do think it is important to know the possibilities.

Two Views of the Future

March 5, 2018

Ever heard of Jan Markell or Gregory Manarinno? Probably not. If you listen to both of these videos, you may wish you hadn’t.

I appreciate both. Whether you agree with their strong opinions or not their topics are very different but they are definitely concerned for the future of mankind.

Jan Markell is a well-known pre-trib rapture proponent with a good deal of knowledge about it and Globalism. One who doesn’t agree with her eschatological views may still be interested in much of what she says here. I think she is correct about the attempt at Globalism. I am not dogmatic about any eschatological view but if I had to admit to leaning in a direction, it would be towards the pre-trib view.

Gregory Manarinno is a young man who has made his living on his knowledge of the stock and bond markets. I agree with him that things are NOT as rosy in the financial world as many are making them out to be.

Are these two people too alarmist?

I wonder.



January 2, 2018

I’m always watching the next generation. I’ve been watching videos made by this young man this year. You may disagree with me but I think he is an artist. I think his message, in the end, is that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
I will continue to watch his videos unless they take a very strange turn, like if he publicizes NAR leaders, or if his videos get too graphic. I think he has quite a following among the younger folks. I understand this means nothing but his message appears to be a scriptural one.
This is only one of his videos but what do you think?


P.S. I do wonder about the title “Prophetic Message” on his YouTube video. As he covers many of the signs like the ones Jesus speaks about in Matthew 24, I will give Jason the benefit of the doubt that he means the Bible is God’s prophetic message, not anything that he is “saying.”

Jason has taken down the word “Prophetic.” Makes me like him all the more and it shows that my guess in the P.S. was correct. His usage of scripture made it a pretty easy call but there are so many using the word “prophet” solely to make money these days, one must be on guard.

“There brake He the arrows of the bow, the shield, and the sword, and the battle.”

June 12, 2017

“Each day is a blessing”
photo by Robert Couse-Baker

“There brake He the arrows of the bow, the shield, and the sword, and the battle.”
Psalm 76:3

Our Redeemer’s glorious cry of “It is finished,” was the death-knell of all the adversaries of his people, the breaking of “the arrows of the bow, the shield, and the sword, and the battle.” Behold the hero of Golgotha using his cross as an anvil, and his woes as a hammer, dashing to shivers bundle after bundle of our sins, those poisoned “arrows of the bow;” trampling on every indictment, and destroying every accusation. What glorious blows the mighty Breaker gives with a hammer far more ponderous than the fabled weapon of Thor! How the diabolical darts fly to fragments, and the infernal bucklers are broken like potters’ vessels! Behold, he draws from its sheath of hellish workmanship the dread sword of Satanic power! He snaps it across his knee, as a man breaks the dry wood of a fagot, and casts it into the fire. Beloved, no sin of a believer can now be an arrow mortally to wound him, no condemnation can now be a sword to kill him, for the punishment of our sin was borne by Christ, a full atonement was made for all our iniquities by our blessed Substitute and Surety. Who now accuseth? Who now condemneth? Christ hath died, yea rather, hath risen again. Jesus has emptied the quivers of hell, has quenched every fiery dart, and broken off the head of every arrow of wrath; the ground is strewn with the splinters and relics of the weapons of hell’s warfare, which are only visible to us to remind us of our former danger, and of our great deliverance. Sin hath no more dominion over us. Jesus has made an end of it, and put it away forever. O thou enemy, destructions are come to a perpetual end. Talk ye of all the wondrous works of the Lord, ye who make mention of his name, keep not silence, neither by day, nor when the sun goeth to his rest. Bless the Lord, O my soul.




July 10, 2016

There are many definitions of the word “twisted.”

Most would agree that the two definitions listed here fit the general idea of the term:

1) forced out of its natural or proper shape; crumpled.
synonyms: perverted, warped, deviant, depraved, corrupt, abnormal, unhealthy, aberrant, distorted, corrupted, debauched, debased, disturbed

2) (of a personality or a way of thinking) unpleasantly or unhealthily abnormal; warped.

A somewhat “twisted” catalog arrived in the mail today. It wasn’t a catalog making available a number of twisted things that are popular in our secular world today.

It was a 60+ page catalog filled with popular books available at reasonable prices. “Why was it twisted?” you might ask. Sadly, it was twisted because it had the term “Christian” at the top of it.

Looking through the catalog, one finds popular names in the “Christian” world. Some names are well known because of television appearances, others because their teachings are followed by many. A “Christian” catalog that is filled with writings by authors that teach unchristian ideas is…twisted.

This is a three hour documentary. The recommendation is to watch the first few minutes. If you are curious about how Biblical Christians understand the truth, you may want to watch more. The points made throughout this documentary contrast Christian beliefs with “new ideas” (really not that new) that the “church” is evolving. Many who believe in this “evolution” call themselves “emerging” or “emergent”.

The catalog received in the mail includes for sale books by more than one teacher with “new” ideas. Books like these can be found in almost every Christian bookstore.

The purpose of this post is to educate Christians who may not be aware of false teachers who are active and numerous in our day. Those who take the name “emerging” or “emergent” usually see something wrong with historical Christianity and do not preach the simple gospel message found in the Bible.

Our world is full of twisted things. To some, good is seen as evil and to some evil is seen as good.

This blog has recently been focused on an organization that twists words to suit its cruel purposes.

This blog has also had a theme about the results of turning away from Godly principles.

This question has been asked more than one time here: “How can God bless a nation that has turned its back on Him?”

Recently, this blog has broadened this question to ask, “How can God bless a world that has turned its back on Him?

These are questions that every person should consider.

Some of the emergents make good points about the lack of sincerity in certain “brands” of Christianity. Some of the questions they have are good, but they don’t seem to have good answers. These “teachers” only create more questions than answers.

The true church of Jesus Christ faces many challenges in today’s world. This is no surprise to the Christian as there are many verses in the Bible that “speak” about difficulties Christians will confront at times.

If you are not a Christian, but you like words and the meanings of words and you enjoy learning about different philosophies, this documentary may interest you.

If you are a Christian, you should be familiar with this subject as it or many things like it are popping up in the strangest places. One example is the catalog that many Christians receive on a regular basis. It is a catalog featuring many books with twisted ideas.

Chris Reimers

Russian Officials Speculate That a Nuclear War Could Leave Romania a “Smoking Ruins”

May 14, 2016

Ibanesti village, Botosani, Romania Photo by Costel Slincu

Ibanesti village, Botosani, Romania
Photo by Costel Slincu

Russian officials in a report on Thursday speculated that a nuclear war could leave Romania a “smoking ruins” just as Britain said it intercepted several Russian transports that refused to identify themselves as they approached the Baltic States.


In so many ways, the current U.S. administration is responsible for this statement. Its saber rattling and concurrent acts of weakness have encouraged the Russians to make all sorts of threats.

I have many new Romanian friends. I think this statement is just Putin at his “best.” They are only words, yet dangerous ones. Would we protect Romania if Russia did something there? It is hard to say “yes” when we won’t even protect our own military personal on a U.S. destroyer as it was “buzzed” continually by Russian jets. One came within 30 feet of one of our ships. I’m sure the pilot had no intention of getting that close, but mistakes happen. A Russian jet hits a U.S. destroyer and then what? I don’t think Mr. Obama will do anything that would be taken seriously if any of our “allies” are attacked by Russia. Putin has no respect for him. I hope that Mr. Obama will stop his saber rattling. It could cause a war.


Greg Hunter mentioned this story in his Weekly Update from yesterday. This is where I first heard of this news. It greatly upset me until I realized it was only just words (hopefully). Also, Russia’s economy isn’t prepared to handle any kind of war at the moment, but the same could have been said of Germany before WWII. I don’t think Putin can whip up his folks like Hitler did to his, however.


May 8, 2016

I learned a lot this week. Half of the posts had to do with the ongoing “Child Protective Service” problem in so many countries. Sadly, there appears to be an intentional effort by many to break up a most important institution in our world: the family.


I gave a speech the the Watchmen of Garland County on Monday about this problem. YOU CAN SEE IT HERE.




I took another article from Dan’s “The Battle Cry” regarding the false prosperity gospel that is so popular. YOU CAN SEE IT HERE.

Hildi Doelitzsch is an outspoken advocate of children’s and parent’s rights. HERE IS A BEAUTIFUL SONG THAT SHE HAS WRITTEN AND PERFORMED HERSELF.



Another full week of teaching and blogging. I spent time at three different schools this week, one that I rarely get to. Here was my favorite “Joke of the Day” for this week:

What do you call a salon for sheep? (The student forgot to give me her name)
Photo by

A baa-baa Shop.

I wish you a blessed week in the Lord.

Chris Reimers

JD Farag’s and John Haller’s Prophecy Updates: 16/5/1

May 7, 2016

Although the Pre-Trib view is diminishing in popularity, it is alive and well. I am not dogmatic on the subject. I have posted this because I think it would be interesting even to those who don’t agree with JD’s Pre-Trib position. Israel is facing resistance from many different forces. This I believe is an indication that the Second Coming of Jesus is near. CR

I have listened to John and have never really gotten his take on a position regarding the rapture. He does a prophecy update weekly because, like JD Farag (and me), we are watching as Jesus asked us to do. CR

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