Recent Accounts of Children Taken

These examples are only a few of the thousands of Children who have been taken from Parents whom they loved and wished to be with:

Ken Olsen and his daughter Aria (Norway)

Ken works tirelessly towards a good child care system in Norway. He gets to see his daughter, Aria, only 4 times a year for 2 hours each visit. What has happened to his family is a tragedy caused by the Barnevernet of Norway. A family that should be together was separated for reasons so minor that in most educated countries the criminals in this story would be those responsible for putting his daughter with complete strangers. I appreciate Ken’s efforts to help other parents going through the same thing that he is. His case is one of the most unjust I’ve read.

Updates may be found here:
(The newest website for Aria)


November 4, 2016

So now at this moment there is 9 cases concerning the Norwegian child welfare, taken into EHCR.
And today was our case signed and sent off.
So hopefully, the incredibly sensational and unprecedented thing it is that EHCR has so many cases around a theme as child protection the Norwegian barnevernet, will be further strengthened with our history/case that even some Norwegian politicians and professional’s expresses as a total violation on our rights and a complete abuse of power.
(See the documentation <a href="http://“>HERE.)

Journalist Torstein Davidsen, wrote a long and balanced article about the case from the beginning up till the present status.
you can find it here…/de-fikk-aldri-sjansen-til-…/f/5-43-374425

He has read the entire case file, interviewed a lot of people and came to our home twice. He also tried to get a comment from Arnfinn Heimstad at the CPS, but they are just hiding behind the ridiculous court-decision’s.
But the article was widely spread and read by lots and lots of people. We got so much support, and many «ordinary» people were completely shocked by the CPS and their way of working.
We, who know the system, are sadly enough no longer shocked, just suffering.
Then we were invited to talk to a politician in the Parliament, and she expressed her sadness over the case. She stated it was a public abuse, and inhuman treatment.
The article only available for subscribers, but can be found here…/dette-er-et-overgrep-spor-…/s/5-43-378952
Our support group had thankfully arranged so the reporter from the paper could come along, and the warm, empathetic politician did not protest.
So, the day after this was a new big article in the paper.
Now the Mayor promised in the paper to look into the case
(we are not very optimistic about this; they just say they will but only listens to the CPS side of the case. Sadly)
The local paper has had a great focus on CPS-cases after our case made the headlines.
And, the editor of the paper, Magne Storedal wrote a chronicle in today’s paper regarding CPS, the title being «when the good helpers cause damage. There is something seriously wrong with today’s CPS» he actually refers to our case and states it was handled wrong.
We view this as a big and very welcome recognition, of our case and our battle.
The article only available for subscribers, but can be found here…/det-er-noe-grunnleggende-g…/o/5-43-379152
We still desperately miss our little Aria, and are sometimes almost mad from grief.
We are nevertheless hanging in there, we have both promised her to never, ever stop fighting. Our battle is slowly moving in the right direction; every little victory is one step closer to winning the battle-getting Aria home where she can be safe in our arms ❤
To all the rest of you-keep up the fight!
The system is shaking, but still not cracking up.
We are making an impact and getting closer.

October 14, 2016:

A Norwegian media source has published an 8 page article about this wonderful family. I will condense it a bit as much of it is material already published here. I plan on placing it here sometime this week.

The article was published by The Romerikes Magazine with a follow up article. The reporter is Torstein Davidsen.

September 18, 2016:

Ken and Vibeke met with Barnevernet officials just two days ago, on September 16th. Here is the report taken from the new website above:

Friday the 16 of September we actually had our FIRST real meeting with barnevernet (even though it’s been 18 months since Aria was abducted by them).
The meeting was something of a strange experience. Even though we, as Arias parents asked for the meeting, the barnevernet dictated the first part of the agenda. They threatened us to not post pictures of here on Facebook any more.
But luckily and as ALWAYS, this was recorded and will of course be included in the complete case against them.
Arnfinn Heimstad stated that this meeting was a hope of a new start and some kind of cooperation. But we feel that threatening and making accusations is not the way to start a new cooperation. But on the positive side, we met the new case worker. We both got a good impression of her based on the short time we had together. However, the second in charge of Lørenskog barnevern, Anne Lise Bangsund, now showed a different side of herself, interrupting Arnfinn Heimstad many times and giving a impression that she is running the office and not him.
We had only one question we wanted answered-the reunification AND WHAT barnevernet expect from us as parents to reach that one and only goal we accept. Their answer was truly confusing and totally without any sense. They said that they ADVICED us (in a threatfull tone) to get therapy for our grief due to the loss of Aria, and to get therapy for the crisis we are in.
We already go to counseling and have a good and trusting relationship with our therapist. But barnevernet thinks she is to positive towards us, so they want to coerce us to get another, paid by them.
So imagine your rapist will be paying for the counselling you need after the trauma he inflicted on you, and also wants to pick your therapist. That’s empathy for you in the barnevern-way!
we are deeply concerned for their ability to mentalize-perhaps there is a class they can participate in?
And if you want, please let me know.
Then I of course can provide some links.

To see the article with headline, CLICK HERE.

August 30, 2016:

Today is the international day for victims of forced disappearance! I found this video at Aria’s new website noted above:

I also found this updated statement:

Why we are fighting, and against what!

Baby Aria was stolen from her parents by the Barnevernet (CPS) in Norway, only 1 week old.

CPS claims that Aria’s father was dangerous both to the mother and child. They also claimed that Aria’s mother had depression and thus could not take care of her.

Vibeke and Aria was forcefully placed in a maternity-home by the police and CPS.

After a few days CPS came and took Aria and placed her in a temporarily home, despite that the maternity home noted that Vibeke was being a good mother for her baby daughter.

The CPS`s only reason for removing Aria from her mothers care was that Vibeke would not renounce her husband. No further investigation was made before Aria was placed in a foster home.

Ken and Vibeke never even got the chance to try to be parents for her. Aria is therefore robbed of her legal, biological parents who care for her very much. Ken and Vibeke are robbed of their legal rights to be parents and thus to be a family.

After 10 months, the court system ordered a psychologist to investigate the case. The psychologist advocated that the parents should be given a chance, and that the parents had the parenting skills needed. In the court’s ruling, it was stated that the CPS made a mistake in removing baby Aria from the parents. Despite this gross injustice, Aria was not allowed to come home to her parents.

Now they see her 6 times a year two hours each time. All the evaluations show they are being very good parents for her and she likes to be with them. All charges against Aria’s father has been waived. But no attempt is made by barnevernet to bring her back to her parents.

© 2016 Justice for baby Aria and her family

August 9, 2016

Ken has shared a new webpage with me. He has done a nice job and you should take a look at it. You can find it here:

Update (7/14/2016)

Finally rid of Lene Gro Liahagen Jargren and Mette Lisbet Haugen…
Now what`s going on in the baby Aria case? I can assure you all that we have no plans to give up the fight for Aria, even though the justice-system keep repeating the mistakes made from Barnevernet. This only shows the flaws in the system, and does in no way reflect the perfect system the Government claims this to be. It shows the justice system does not make their own decisions, they base their rulings solely on Barnevernets opinions.
The justice system does not make independent evaluation of evidence in each case, but trusts the opinions of hired case workers as Lene Gro Liahagen Jargren and Mette Lisbet Haugen with personal agendas in making money. It feels like witnesses that are skeptical towards Barnevernet are not emphasized even one third of their own witnesses, thereby making it almost impossible for parents to win these cases. This whole process is a clear violation of our human rights, but most importantly of Arias human rights to be with her family.
We and many others, view this as a clear miscarriage of justice. Barnevernet in Lørenskog claims that we as parents are not able to cooperate with them and that the father of Aria possesses a danger towards them.
So let’s look at the evidence in the case. It is true that Arias father has been and still is an active criticizer of the Barnevern-system on Facebook.
But does that mean he is not able to cooperate? We know that this fact has been used against parents in other cases, like the Eva Michalakova-case.
We as parents find this very oppressive, and not at all worthy a so-called democratic and civilized society. It is like criticizing this system is not allowed, and it is used against you as parents.
We would like to state that the Facebook-activity has nothing to do with our parenting skills.
We would also like to underline that even though we have experience a cold an inhuman system, we are perfectly able to cooperate for our daughter.
We have off course never missed a visitation, never asked for it to be rescheduled and never behaved in a negative way when our daughter is present.
We are happy to get feedback during and after visitations.
Arias father has never made a threat during all this difficult time, despite the police`s view of him.
We have done everything Barnevernet has asked for, but they have never, ever been interested in giving us a chance as parents. Therefore, no guidance has ever even been offered.
We claim that barnevernet in Lørenskog have disqualified themselves from day one, and have prejudged us as parents based on our past.
We have therefore, in cooperation with our lawyer, asked for our case to be moved to another office in a different municipality. We are awaiting an answer. In addition, our psychologist has asked for a meeting with them and us (this will then in fact be our first meeting with them, unbelievable but the truth!)
One positive fact is that the barnevern- leader in Lørenskog barnevern Arnfinn Heimstad promised our psychologist at least new case-workers, and we view this as good news.
Also the restraining-order against Arias father has been lifted, so he is no longer perceived as dangerous by Barnevernet!
Every little victory is a step on the ladder with the one and only goal in this fight; to get Aria home and safe.
Before the father of Aria then can fully focus on the safety and fight for all children, that are wrongfully under barnevernet.
‪#‎barnevernspedagog‬ ‪#‎opexposecps‬ ‪#‎norway‬ ‪#‎stopbarnevernet‬ ‪#‎humantrafficking‬ ‪#‎justice‬ ‪#‎Aria‬

Ken and family 2

Ken speaks in Oslo, Norway on June 11, 2016

Ken Joar Olsen, My Good Friend, Speaks in Trondheim


Ken’s new website:

Eugene Lukjanenko and his son Ben (Justin) (U.K.)

The Latest:

January 17th, 2017 Eugene gets a court decision: Suspended sentence of 56 days in prison for Facebook and Twitter activity

October 18th, 2016

October 23rd, 2016:

Eugene has started his third hunger strike. He is on his 12th day. There is a possibility that he will be jailed because of his online protesting. Please pray for Eugene!

October 4th, 2016:

On Facebook, Eugene writes this:

“22 days left till possible jail for criticism of Medway SW”

Here is the video that accompanied the statement:

September 21rd, 2016:

Eugene shared a link with me of an interview he did on American Freedom Radio. YOU CAN HEAR THE INTERVIEW HERE. The interview was given during Eugene’s second hunger strike.

August 30, 2016:

Eugene is unwavering in his attempt to see his son. He has made the simple request that he be allowed to see his son once a week and continues to be told he can only see his son four times a year. If you have been watching his Facebook page (noted below), lately he has been reading out of the Psalms in the Old Testament. The words have great meaning to both of us. Here is a letter sent to many of the appropriate dignitaries who might be able to help him with his case. It gives a brief summary of Eugene’s case. If you have not been aware that this man has done everything possible to try and and get the U.K. S.S. to make a sensible judgment, this letter is the recent attempt to get some kind of attention:

Dear Dignitary,

Please intervene in Eugene Lukjanenko’s case! Eugene Lukjanenko’s son is a
13 year-old Dutch citizen. He was forcefully removed from his father. This
family is known as they are featured in the RT documentary “Forced
Adoption UK”. Eugene Soifertis is a well-known international concert
pianist. Despite warnings from the child’s GP about the detrimental impact
that removing this child from his father’s care would have on the child,
Eugene’s son is still being held in foster care against his wishes and in
violation of his human rights as a child to live with his father. The
child has been told that he cannot go home again until he is 18 and that
he can only see his father for 6 hours a year. This boy is not permitted
to either phone his father or to communicate with him by letter and is
under 24 hours supervision to prevent his reunion with his father.

In court, Circuit Judge Veronica Hammerton supported the view of Medway
Council’s Children Services and of a court appointed psychologist, Melanie
Gill, that Eugene is an inadequate father because his own father is a
Holocaust survivor and was in a ghetto during the Second World War; and
also because Eugene had experienced anti-Semitism as a child when he lived
in the former Soviet Union. Eugene and his son are being punished for
contacting the media about their predicament, for taking part in the RT
documentary “Forced Adoption UK” and for submitting a petition to the
Petition Committee of the European Parliament regarding discrimination on
the grounds of religion, race and language by Medway Council’s Children
Services. The judge imposed an injunction on Eugene so that he is now
prevented from discussing his case in public under threat of 2 years in
prison and confiscation of his assets.

His son is not even allowed to read UN Convention of the Rights of the
Child. The Court will not allow Eugene to name the Medway Council Children
Services employees who terrorize his son. Father and son hardly see each
other, they are not allowed to contact each other by phone or letter, they
are not allowed to discuss the court case, or to name any Medway Council
Children Services employees who are ruining their lives. The child is not
allowed to see a solicitor of his choice. The father and son are not
allowed even to attend synagogue together. The Child is losing his ability
to speak Russian and is losing his cultural heritage!

SEPARATED FROM HIS FATHER. The child is suffering from depression. His
mental health is deteriorating. Please help Eugene and his son to be
reunited by appealing to Theresa May, to Medway Council, to the
Conservative Leader of Medway Council, to the Chief executive of Medway
Council (Neil Davies), to the Child Portfolio Holder (Mike O’Brian) and to
the Director of Adult and Children Services (Barbara Peacock) to ask them
to stop cruelty, to revise their care plans for the child, so that the
father and son are re-united in their own home with the support of Medway
Council Children’s Services, if necessary. We request this in accordance
with the Children’s Act 1989, the European Convention of Human Rights
Articles 3, 6, 8 and the UN Convention on the Right of the Child.

Thank you!

Eugene on August 14, 2016: “Hunger strike SUSPENDED on the 18 day. Reasons all people in charge are on holidays, I will resume it when they are back. My blood deteriorated a bit, cannot get results till next week due to UK Bureaucracy- only part of it, feels still quite weak…”

August 9, 2016: Today is Eugene’s Birthday. He is 59. He is on his 15th day of his hunger strike. You can see his phone calls to officials to try to get to see his son today on his birthday. I think his reasoning on the phone makes perfect sense. You can see his conversation here:

August 3rd, 2016: 9th day of Eugene’s Second Hunger Strike.

Eugene had a court hearing today and commented afterwards: “SS threat of prison real now” .

Eugene also commented: “breach of injunction they will demand take all from fb etc.”

Eugene also typed: “No hearing yet. I wait for date. I am 9 day hunger strike. Tired.”

Eugene went on to mention that there is no official date for the next hearing and that he did not plan to take down his FB page.

Please continue to pray for Eugene and go to his Facebook page (CLICK HERE) for the latest.

It is July 27th, 2016. Eugene had been scheduled to see his son today but the schedule has apparently been changed. According to a recording that Eugene made today, he was able to see his son for only 14 minutes last Saturday (7/23). Eugene has started his 2nd hunger strike. This time it is in London at the Ministry of Justice offices.

July 30th, 2016.  Day 5 of Eugene’s hunger strike.  He was like on Facebook and today’s recording should be up on the Facebook link below soon.

You can check for Eugene’s updates here:

Eugene has completed his hunger strike in Strasbourg, France, at the European Court of Human Rights. He went to a doctor and received a report that his health was failing. He is in the U.K. and continuing his protest. The last time that Eugene saw his son was on April 5, 2016. Eugene spoke with his son about his rights during the visit and it has been said that he was punished for doing so. He will not be able to see his son until the next scheduled visit on July 27th.

To see the latest developments, please go here:

Or here:

Also, a well-written recent summary of Eugene’s situation appeared on rodi’s blog.
Click on: July 27th – Bring JUSTIN, Eugene Lukjanenko’s son, home – PROTEST in GILLINGHAM KENT, Great Britain

Amy and her son Tyler

“The last time Amy saw her son was in September 2014. She has lost all parental rights and she will not see her son again until he is 18 years old. They seem to be afraid that she would take him back home to America.”

To find out more, go to this site:

Amy was in Warsaw on July 8, 2016 to protest the abduction of her son during the NATO Summit.


4 Responses to Recent Accounts of Children Taken

  1. Kristi Ann says:

    Awe, Pray for all the Babies our True God Created!!

    I am Second Generation Norwegian-American in the USA!!

    Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/


    • Chris says:

      Amen, Kristi!

      I noticed that you were a Second Generation Norwegian-American at your blog awhile ago. Sadly, as you have probably noticed, I and many others who are more knowledgeable than I, have strong negative opinions about the Child Welfare Services of the country in which you probably still have relatives. It is doing awful things. I notice you have read some of the posts here. You may also want to check this subject online yourself. If interested in more information, all you have to do is type “Norway Barnevernet” into any search engine and you will see that I am only one of many writing on this topic.

      God’s blessings…

      So glad you made a comment. 🙂

  2. ursula says:

    Dear Chris,

    I read some post you wrote. I am so happy Baby Chaspian is going to be with his mother!
    As I am Czeck, I would like to ask you, do you know , how is th case with the two brothers Michalak going? Is there any hope for the brothers to be again reunited as a family? Could the brothers at least see each other?

    Thank you so much for your great effort ot help these childern and families.

    • Chris says:

      You are welcome and thank you for your kind words, ursula.

      I know very little about the brothers you are writing about. I have mostly focused on this case in the last few months.

      Someone must be keeping track of these brothers on the internet. Check to see if they have a Facebook page (if you have Facebook). If you don’t have Facebook, try Googling their name. You may find some information on the internet that way.

      You are very kind to be thinking about these struggling people. I will still continue to learn things and I think I will put up a few posts about this case as time allows. I have heard that Nadia will be getting Caspian back next Monday, September 12 (2016).

      After Nadia and Caspian have had time to get reacquainted and after I write a timeline of the events of their story, I may focus on another case if the Lord opens the door for me to do that.

      God’s blessings… 🙂

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