March 26, 2016

Are we in the 9th inning?

Are we in the 9th inning?

It looks like the dry spell is over. By the end of the month, I will have put up nearly as many posts in March as I did in the past two years. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I had Spring Break. It gave me some time to do some searching, studying, odd-jobs that have been waiting for me, and some writing.

Looking at the RECENT POSTS at the right you can see what I’ve put up this week.

I started with END TIME STUFF, the first time I’ve put up one of John Haller’s weekly reports. He watches the worldwide media for events relating to Bible Prophecy.

BRADLEY CLARK is an American Christian artist (musician) who is as concerned as I about the events occurring in Norway.

Deborah Ann has written another excellent poem called “BE NOT DISMAYED.” I am always blessed by her blog.

“MAKE MY LIFE A PRAYER TO YOU” is a wonderful praise song written by Keith Green’s wife Melody. I stumbled on this by accident this week and was blessed out of my socks. It reminded me of my early days as a Christian.

Greg Hunter interviewed EGON VON GREYERZ on his online show called USA Watchdog. His economic forecast fits the way I see things going.

CHILDREN TAKEN FROM THEIR PARENTS, IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY IN NORWAY is the story of a Christian family who had their 5 children taken from them without warning. If you want to know more about this, go to DELIGHT IN TRUTH’S BLOG. Worldwide demonstrations take place on Saturday, April 16 starting in most protesting cities at 10:00 A.M. I have called local authorities and have approval to gather on Central Avenue across from the National Park offices near the water fountain. I only have 3 signs made but we’ll welcome as many as want to come and join us. Please educate yourself about the issue before coming or stop by and get a brochure.

What do you think about REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT in America? Make a comment about your thoughts. I have given my opinion this week.

Lastly, GOOD FRIDAY OR PASSOVER discusses the timing of the final week of Jesus’ life. I was surprised when I read the article. If you haven’t wondered how Jesus was in the grave for three days and three nights when he died on Friday and rose on Sunday, you might find your solution HERE. It makes perfect sense to me. What do you think?

We remember one of the most important weeks in World History this week. Don’t think so? Check out how much of the Gospels are dedicated to this week alone. (The creation week was pretty important, too.)

My lips will shout for joy when I sing praises to You;
And my soul, which You have redeemed.
– Psalm 71:23

Chris Reimers


July 7, 2013
Photo at mmcelhaney.blogspot.com

Photo at mmcelhaney.blogspot.com

(3-26-16 Update: Many Christians are spending a lot of time on issues like the one discussed here. Do you agree with the Herescope posts or with Chuck Missler? In spite of all the concerns put forward by the Herescope article, no author’s name is given that I can find. As far as I can tell, the author is the “Discernment research group.” I think an article with so many footnotes, as is found on the Herescope site, should name the author or authors. It is properly footnoted, however, and appears well-researched.)

“As one who was very much caught up in this new wave of thought, I am in a unique position to evaluate this unusual book. I believe this book by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman may well prove to be the most significant book of our times. It could also prove to be the most critical book you have ever read personally. The conclusions the authors carefully develop may alter your own entire world-view in ways that may significantly affect your personal destiny.”[1]
-By Sarah H. Leslie
This quote is from the same Sarah H. Leslie who helped Ken Silva write THIS POST for Appraising Ministries.  Confused already?  Well, so am I.  HERE is the “about” to Appraising Ministries.  It’s creator, Pastor Ken Silva, is very ill as I write this and needs prayer from the Christian community.  I am a reader of AM and have learned quite a bit from his blog.
So, what is the point of this blog post?  The point is that there is all kinds of speculation going on “that may significantly affect your personal destiny.”
This discussion involves important names like Mr. Missler’s. It is why I think the following Herescope articles are important.  They take a cautionary position when it comes to quoting occult sources without any kind of disclaimer.  After reading the articles, I find myself in agreement with them.

A New Cosmology for the Church-A Book Review

Photo from Herescope.cop

Photo from Herescope.com

HERE IS THE LINK to the post on a blog called “Herescope” that discusses the disturbing facts about the book pictured to the right. It includes disturbing information like the following:

The Truth:  Many of these sources employed by Chuck Missler in Alien Encounters involve reports from people who have been openly engaged in practices such as “remote viewing”[82] or mediumistic “channeling.”[83] These are occult techniques popular in the New Age Movement that are also related to clairvoyance.[84] While it is true that the U.S. government was involved in many experiments with these occult practices, that does not make any of them credible, ethical, accurate or truthful.[85] Some of the leaders in these experiments were seeking methods of altering the human brain and changing worldviews. This especially includes those at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) such as Willis Harman, who had influence over evangelical leaders to change their eschatology.[86]

Neural Connections In the Human Brain Photo by Image Editor

Neural Connections In the Human Brain
Photo by Image Editor

Methods of altering the human brain and changing worldviews?  (See a better pic here.)

I am sad to say there is also this quote: In a roundtable discussion about Nephilim at the Prophecy Summit 2012 with L.A. Marzulli, Rob Skiba and Douglas Hamp, Derek Gilbert acknowledges the influence of Alien Encounters:

1:44: GILBERT: “I’m like our twelve-year-old Dachshund, I’ve got the gray on the muzzle on both sides. And to my right, the author of the Nephilim Trilogy, and I must say, along with Chuck Missler’s book Alien Encounters, one of the reasons that I am sitting in this chair tonight, um, also the books Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural; The Cosmic Chess Match, and now the Watchers series on DVD—which you here in the audience have seen out on the table outside, please welcome L.A. Marzulli. [audience applause] [7]

The Prophecy Conference, held in Branson, Missouri, was sponsored by Prophecy in the News.  I no longer get my magazine from Prophecy in the News, but it always had interesting articles.  I agreed with some and disagreed with others.  Those who have read this blog know that I have put up podcasts from Gary Stearman, whom I think is a brilliant Bible scholar.  None of the ones I have put up involve anything promoting the occult.  I really like Gary, but some of the company he keeps is questionable. This is the most recent post of Gary discussing the character of Superman:


Many of Gary Stearman’s podcasts relate information about the current events in Israel (Here is one from 7/8/13, complete with ad banner, that is an intriguing view of the current situation in Egypt).  I am very interested in Israel, as I believe there will be some kind of conflict there soon (no brilliance needed there). And, of course, it is from Jerusalem that Jesus will reign during the Millennium.

I haven’t put anything up recently because all of the podcasts begin with an ad for the upcoming Prophecy Summit II in Colorado (That has now changed).  Many of the people mentioned in the Herescope article, which I find well researched, will be present in Colorado Springs.

A New Cosmology for the Church, Part 2

*NOTE: (3/26/16) I am reviewing this post since it has appeared in my top 10 recently more than once. The link above no longer exists. In fact, “Part 2” is missing from Herescope’s archives. However, YOU CAN FIND PARTS 3 AND 4 HERE.

Click on the “Part 2” title above and you will see just that.  It is a continuation of part 1.  It should be the July 5, 2013 post.  If not, check the archives. I think Herescope has valid questions and concerns.  Consider the following quote from the post: Under the subheading “The ‘Star People’,” Missler reports at length on a “landmark conference called the “’Star Knowledge Conference’” which was “convened by Lakota medicine man Standing Elk to share secret tribal traditions about the ‘Star People’ (Extraterrestrials) with a prestigious group of prominent UFO researchers.”[54] The footnote for this conference references “Richard Boylan’s Star Knowledge Conference Report.”[55] I could not locate a list of attendees at this conference, but the glowing report in Alien Encounters actually seems to be made in the first person. Did Missler (or his co-author Eastman) attend this Star Knowledge Conference?

See-non-ty-a, an Iowa Medicine Man, 1844/1845 Photo by leoncillo sabino

See-non-ty-a, an Iowa Medicine Man, 1844/1845
Photo by leoncillo sabino

You can see more about the George Catlin painting HERE. When I first googled the name of the man who published the conference reports, Richard Boylan, I found his official website[56] which “contains reports, articles, and other information on the Star Visitors, on their starcraft (UFOs), and on the advanced-Human Star Kids and Star Seed Adults so numerous now in our population.” Boylan, who says he is a “retired Clinical Hypnotherapist,” holds some elaborate conspiracy theories about “Star Nations,” and on his website he offers to teach children “Psychic Exercises.” He also posts articles such as “Effects on Human Consciousness and Spirituality of Upcoming Announcement of UFO Reality.”[57] His website had plenty to be concerned about so I kept researching him, especially since Missler covered the Star Knowledge Conference for many pages in Chapter Two.

There you have it.  You can read the Herescope posts yourself and see what you think.  Each have extensive footnotes. As I have stated in previous posts, I do believe there is something going on out there and that it is Satanic in nature (Ephesians 6).  We must be careful, however, that we make God’s Word our primary source of spiritual information.

Chris Reimers

UFO by Gerhard A.E. Uhlhorn

UFO by Gerhard A.E. Uhlhorn

HERE is another take on Mr. Missler.  I haven’t studied this issue enough to know if I agree with all of it, but I share concerns.


April 22, 2013
Photo by My Friend Kate Evans The Cayman Islands

Photo by My Friend Kate Evans
The Cayman Islands

Psalm 19

The heavens are telling of the glory of God;
And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.
2 Day to day pours forth speech,
And night to night reveals knowledge.
3 There is no speech, nor are there words;
Their voice is not heard.
4 Their line has gone out through all the earth,
And their utterances to the end of the world.
In them He has placed a tent for the sun,
5 Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber;
It rejoices as a strong man to run his course.
6 Its rising is from one end of the heavens,
And its circuit to the other end of them;
And there is nothing hidden from its heat.


How anyone can look at this picture and say that our world happened by chance is beyond me.  Those who believe that an ungodly “Big Bang” occurred think I’m brainwashed.  Well, I think there was a Godly “Big Bang;”  God spoke and “Bang,” our universe was here.  Those who believe otherwise are the ones who are brainwashed.


After posting, I watched this video called “Aliens and Creation.”  Gary Stearman quotes the first verse in Psalm 19.  Cool beans!


December 2, 2010

Mono Lake, where the aliens were found/ Photo by Christopher Hynes

“We will have a news conference.”

“The news we will share will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.”

So said NASA.

After reading several articles about the press conference held by the best at NASA, I will no longer anxiously await future announcements.  O.K., I’ll be honest.  I expected something like this.

I already knew that aliens lived in California after spending most of my first 20 years there.

One thing I have learned.  NASA is deeply involved in the study of astrobiology.  How much money it is spending on a theory that can never be proven (evolution) is anyone’s guess.

I could save NASA and American taxpayers the millions being spent on Astrobiology.  The answers for our Genesis and the future life of the universe can be found in God’s Word, the Bible.

Here are a few words from scripture that apply to all of this merry making.  They are not my words.

Romans 1:22
“Professing to be wise, they became fools.”

So…what ever happened to the boy who cried “wolf?”

More than one bad thing I’m afraid.

Chris Reimers

See a picture of NASA’s alien here:




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