Nadia and Caspian 8 26 2016

Nadia is heading home to Brandal after three days of trial at the County Council for Child Welfare and Social Affairs (Fylkesnemnda) in Bergen.
She has been told that she will get an answer about the custody of Caspian in two weeks. While Nadia waits for a verdict in the trial, her lawyer has been told that she will be allowed visitations. Nadia has asked for the four hours of visitation she missed this week in addition to the hours that she is being given before the upcoming decision.


Nadia’s thoughts:

“I have a good feeling about the case,” Nadia said. She wished this update to be published so that people would know what is happening and hopes that people will continue to keep her and Caspian in their thoughts and prayers.

My thoughts:

I’m still learning about Barnevernet procedure. I had not heard from anyone about this two week wait until today. Nadia had mentioned to me a few days ago that she might have to wait a “week or so.”

When any information about the visitations becomes available, I will let you know.

Chris Reimers

Nadia and Caspian 8 26 2016a


  1. Belle Robinson says:

    We are still praying and letting others know so their prayers and thoughts can join in, in unity. May GOD move the ‘mountain’ in this case and for this case. Amen

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for your constant prayers in this case, Belle. I know you have been experiencing your own trials lately and that you have looked to your faith for comfort. I think that those who have experienced great pain are generally more empathetic towards the pain of others. You are in a difficult time and you still have time to pray for this mother and her son. I pray that God will do for you as you have asked Him to do for Nadia and Caspian. God bless you.

  2. marijo1245 says:

    My prayers are with Nadia and Caspian. May the God of peace surround each of them while they are apart from each other. They are in my prayers and on my heart.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for your prayers, marijo. I know that Nadia will see your comments in just a few hours as it is after 5 am in Norway now. Your comment along with others here will surely be a great encouragement. One of the main reasons Nadia wanted this short update was to ask for prayer. After she shared with me earlier today that she thought things went OK in court, she wrote this on her Facebook page, “Tired after long days in court now! This has been the worst time in my life.” She wrote that after she finally got home. She was obviously tired and in need of prayer. Thank you again and God bless you.

      • marijo1245 says:

        I know this hurts and it is beyond hard for Nadia, but our God is faithful and he is able to do more than we can ever imagine. Please tell Nadia, do not lose hope!

        • Chris says:

          Amen, marijo. If Nadia hasn’t already seen your comments, I will let her know that she should come here and read them. I will leave your message for her. You are very sweet to be so thoughtful.

  3. paulagrace says:

    Nadia and Caspian are in my prayers as well. Is there anything else that we can do?

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for your prayers, Paula.
      There is nothing else that we can do to my knowledge. I know that you believe like I do that prayer is the best thing. How nice of you to ask, though, about helping in another way. If I become aware of some other way to help, I’ll leave a message somewhere that is very visible. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank to all of you for the prayers, and nice comments. May God bless you all! And thanks again.. Please continue to pray that my little baby is safe where he is and that he will return to his family..

  5. SLIMJIM says:

    I can’t imagine how the mom must feel! Still praying for this situation

    • Chris says:

      Thank you, Pastor Jim.

      I can’t imagine either. I do think Nadia has shown a great deal of resiliency in spite of the unpredictable way her situation has been handled. Maybe it is always this unpredictable in Norway. I don’t know for certain but I do know she appreciates your prayers.

  6. Jasper says:

    I dont think Fylkesnemnda was a court and its decision was a verdict… A secondary level administrative body and its administrative decision.
    I hope the case will not take too long for a decision favorable for Caspian and Nadia. I think this separation is the worst for Caspian.

    • Chris says:

      Maybe you can teach me something, Jasper. When most people learn things they don’t retain them unless there is review.

      If the Fylkesnemnda isn’t a court what is it? A County Council? Also you write, its decision was a verdict. Why do you use the word “was?” There is no verdict yet.

      I think your two sentences are kind.

      • Jasper says:

        Fylkesnemnda is a second level administrative body, supervising local administrative bodies making no verdicts but second level administrative decisions.

        I was talking about their decisions in general, not about this case — maybe my grammar is not the best, I learnt English long ago, I was trying to indicate reported speech.

        • Chris says:

          Thank you for this information, Jasper.

          I have been told that the upcoming decision in this case by the Fylkesnemnda will determine whether Nadia retains custody or not. Such an important conclusion would be called a verdict by many people in many places. What is it called in Norway?
          And don’t worry about the grammar. You use good words that I never use myself, so I think we can work through any misunderstanding.

          • Mechthild says:

            Yes, you heard right: Taking children away is an administrative decision in Norway, and fylkesnemnda is only an administrative body.
            One may, however, appeal to a court, and get a verdict. But still, these cases, are not as open to public, as other court hearings and verdicts are.

            There are discussions of transforming this system and letting courts take this kind of decision. But nobody talks about letting reporters come in and take notes. Reporters DO have experience in reporting from court cases of rape, without disclosing the victim’s identity, so why should they not be able to report from court cases between barnevernet and families?

            THIS is the thing that needs most to be changed, in order to make the public aware of barnevernet’s arguments, and discuss their applicability, and come up with better solutions.

            • Chris says:

              I don’t know why it is only now that I am seeing this comment, Mechthild. You probably will never see this but your addition here is quite appreciated.

              Why is there so much secrecy in these trials? So, reporters are allowed to hear rape cases but not cases where a child is taken from his parent(s)?

              What are these “professionals” trying to hide?

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