What is the Barnevernet?


For the past couple of years, this blog has been involved in helping bring awareness to an evil system of “Child Protection Services” in Norway called the Barnevernet.

Sadly, many of the intellectuals in Norway are silent. More difficult to believe, the vast majority of the Christians and Christian leaders are silent. Since these two say little, of course, the vast majority of the media does nothing. Here are a few highly educated Norwegians who understand well what is happening in their country and they are not afraid to talk about it. There is a similar problem in the U.S. but we still have due process for the most part. If parts of the U.S. CPS system ever becomes as much of an industry as the Barnevernet (and some might argue that certain offices already have), I hope a much better percentage of intellectuals come forward in the U.S. than we have seen in Norway.

Lastly, but happily, I am able to note that one of the people so involved in trying to help people see the truth has made more than several comments on this blog. Professor Marianne H. Skanland, featured in this short video, is as well aware of the problem as anyone. After hearing many people speak about the situation in Norway, I feel she has the best view of the situation that I have heard. I have learned a lot from her.

I wish the people of Norway the best. In the video, Marianne notes two positive things that have happened to help those affected cruelly by the Barnevernet. The first is the internet. I wholeheartedly agree with her. This issue is getting quite a good amount of attention online. The second is international protests that have put pressure on Norwegian leaders. Sadly, this has waned in the streets of other countries, but there has been a noticeable increase in social media activity. It has been slow to develop but more people are learning of this problem daily.

Marianne has always warned me that this is a worldwide problem, not just something happening in Norway. She has referred me to more than one good book on “psychology” in America. The book that I read was authored by an American where “the author exposes the misguided beliefs and shoddy practices used by most psychotherapists. He examines the pop psych beliefs and explores the debilitating effects they have on everyone.” (Quote from the Amazon ad) The Entire title of the book summarizes its point nicely: House of Cards, Psychology and Psychotherapy built on Myth.

Photo at Amazon Books

People in all nations need to be vigilant. Our children’s lives, thus our future, is at stake. Even if this wasn’t a “future” problem, we must be kind enough to treat our children with the dignity and understanding they deserve.

Chris Reimers

4 Responses to What is the Barnevernet?

  1. Dear Chris,

    Your website Wings is a godsend for alerting people in America, too, about the dangers of an overly self-satisfied social sector. But I am glad Wings also has postings about other things. I read most other postings too, although I mostly do not comment on them. I just feel that they often speak for themselves very well, and that the ones about CPS are the ones where I have perhaps some knowledge or information to add.
    I am appreciative about what you write about myself having helped with insight into CPS problems; just take care you do not “elevate me to perfection”! I am certainly mistaken about many things and I do not think I am a good predictor of what will happen (the social workers, on the other hand, seem cocksure about it all).

    Two things today:

    1. The article series in the Indian paper Sunday Guardian is going strong, with quite varied articles. This week there is one about a family in Florida whose child was taken on allegations of physical abuse:
    Vivianna Graham:
    “And then, Child Protection Services took my baby away”
    Part 2 is due on the coming Sunday.
    This apropos of what you write about my insistence that the problem of the CPS being too big for their boots is international.

    2. There is only an article in Norwegian about this, but Google Translate may work well enough, if you want confirmation:
    There is a case which has been going on for several weeks. A young wife and mother was reported by her husband to have disappeared, in the middle of the night. Large police and other resources have been searching. Then, recently, the husband was arrested. He has directed them to a river where she has been found.
    So far, it is only a tragic, probably not quite abnormal case. Then, a couple of days ago TV2 found out that this husband had long ago, in 1991, been to prison for serious violence against a male refugee from Vietnam. The authorities say that convictions for any kind of sexual offence remain on the person’s record and would prevent them from becoming “child protectors”, but for violence the record is stricken after a number of years, “because people may change”.

    So, he has signed up for education in child protection at one of the universities, and has been in practice in one of the municipalities. The authorities also say that the CPS students in practice have advisors and are taken care of very well. (What about the CPS taking care of the children?)

    Here is the article. As I said, I am often mistaken about things, but I will still venture a guess of why the story of his being a student of child protection has sort of died down in the media quite quickly.

    “Drapssiktet ektemann ble dømt for grov vold – ingen ble varslet da han begynte på barnevernstudiet” (Husband charged with killing was (previously) convicted for grave violence – nobody was alerted when he started on the Barnevern education course)

    • Chris says:

      Hi Marianne,

      Thank you for your kind words about the blog. I am so glad to hear that you read other posts as well. I always appreciate your comments and your broad education would make you a fine contributor about most other subjects I’m sure. That “said,” I am happy to have you as reader and expert on one of the important topics this blog has found its way to. I always appreciate an intellectual who is willing to fight for those who never had the opportunity to be as well educated, for whatever reason. I know that many of those who are targeted by social services in any country are usually those who have little means to defend themselves. Why more people with any sort of degree don’t speak out more is beyond me. They should be at the fore. Could it be that they are trying to protect their reputation as scholars? I don’t know and won’t speculate further. I will admit that it bugs me.

      Your comment about me being cautious about elevating you reminds me of these Bible verses:

      8 “If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. 9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1

      I know being wrong and sinning are apples to oranges but you are giving it a good effort. Faith is all the the scriptures require, but you have given a worthy cause quite a bit of your time. Anyone should appreciate that in spite of your imperfection.

      I am late in publishing the articles in the Sunday Guardian that Suranya has made me very aware of. The most recent article in the series that I have read is the one about the CPS and feminism. It is a good and well written article. I have seen the recent article about the couple from Florida (on Facebook) but I haven’t read it yet. When I put up a post about the series, I should probably put this latest one up first so that Americans can see that we are not immune to this issue. I will definitely link to all of the other articles as well as it has been a very good series. Thank you for reminding me about the latest one. I hope to be able to have time to read it today.

      Regarding your last link:

      “As I said, I am often mistaken about things, but I will still venture a guess of why the story of his being a student of child protection has sort of died down in the media quite quickly.”

      Again, as usual, I think I know as well why this story has quieted quickly.

      I like your earlier comment:

      “I am certainly mistaken about many things and I do not think I am a good predictor of what will happen (the social workers, on the other hand, seem cocksure about it all).”

      In regards to how long this problem will last, we are in agreement I think. I hope we are both wrong and that a miracle takes place and that the BV is exposed and dismantled tomorrow. I do think this is possible particularly because of the cocksure social workers that you have referred to. At the same time, many are praying about this problem and it seems to have quite a bit of power behind it. It could continue for some time and probably will.

      It is nice that you have shared a bit about this last story so that people will not have to use google translate. I know some of those who are fostering are probably wonderful people. On the other hand, the benefits given to those who foster are pretty alluring. I would guess that no other country gives such benefits. I’ve heard the pay is extremely good and that vacation time is more than many get. Figure in the time the children are in school and a foster parent can make their lives very comfortable.

      I hope we can manage to keep what we have published about this problem posted for the world to read even after we are gone. There are many who think that Jesus is coming soon and I don’t doubt that we could very well be in the period Jesus describes in Matthew 24:7,8:

      “7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. 8 But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.”

      Since no man knows the hour (another quote from Jesus) I will take a “wait and see” position on the times of the birth pangs, but will keep watch (as Jesus also admonishes).

      I will arrange for someone to keep my blog up after I’m gone if I can, and I know you have already done the same, Marianne.

      http://www.mhskanland.net/ is a wonderful source of information.

      All anyone need do is google your name and items like this appear:


      Your articles go back so much farther than anything I’ve done and they are written by a native. Hopefully, mine can stick around awhile to educate those who have no idea.

      May God bless us as we continue my friend…

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