One Nation Under God

Please let me explain that I think the answer is no.  We are not a Christian nation. It is probably the only thing on which the man at our nation’s helm and I agree.

First, I must make it clear that I am not in agreement with the “Replacementists” or the “Dominionists.”  I do not think that God’s kingdom came to earth when the Christian Europeans came to America to form this nation.  Many have the view called Replacement Theology.  I also do not think that Christians will rule the earth before Jesus returns.  This “Dominion” thought is not as popular as “Replacement” thought, but it is “catching on.”  I think this is an important opening statement because many give man too much credit.

I think I know why Barack Obama says that America is not a Christian nation.  He says it because he wants it not to be.

As you will see, Mr. Obama and I have different reasons for the same conclusion.

Barack Obama wants America to be inclusive of all religions and creeds.  He has claimed to be a Christian himself, but he does not want Christianity mixed, in any form, with the dealings of the state.  There is only one other former president who, while in office, held this view.  He came from Arkansas.

Was this nation founded by many who applied Christian principles to the government that was formed?  The answer is “yes.”  Have Americans, until relatively recently, believed in the Christian faith so resolutely that God’s Word was read and said in every hall of government from the court house to the White House? The answer is again “yes.”  Have Americans, until relatively recently, had no fear of putting God’s law on its walls of government because they believed without God’s law there was no law?  A third time the answer is “yes.”

In 2010, although all of the above are true and it can be argued convincingly that a large majority of Americans thought, at a time in the past, that Christian principles should be voiced in the public square; the answer to the headline at the top of this article is “no.”

It is a painful proposition.  It is painful to know that the man who wrote our Declaration of Independence wrote his own Bible.  Mr. Jefferson didn’t believe in the miracles in scripture, so he put together a Bible that didn’t include them.  It is not only the height of arrogance; those who know what the Word says about “adding to or taking away” can see the man’s gross error.

While the topic of Mr. Jefferson is at the fore, if you can find the term “separation of church and state” in the Constitution you will have done what no man has done before.  If you can prove that the intent of the religion clause meant a separation, I will be changed.

In 2010, most Americans believe in the separation of church and state.  A relatively new thing is meant by this.  A good majority of Americans now believe that Christian principles no longer apply to governance.  God’s law no longer applies to our public lives.  We are now a tolerant nation.

Christians are to love all.  Because of this, Christianity is considered by some to be a “tolerant” belief system in today’s religious environment.

Psalm 11 puts the truth in plain view .

Psalm 11 only has seven verses but they are powerful ones.  The last of the seven says this:

7For the LORD is righteous, He loves righteousness;
The upright will behold His face.

So, we know what God loves.  But, what is “righteousness?”

The Old Testament version of righteousness is outlined in the first Psalm.  The righteous man is one who delights in the Law of the Lord.

The New Testament version of righteousness may be summarized in this verse:

For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, ” BUT THE RIGHTEOUS man SHALL LIVE BY FAITH.”   -Romans 1:17

It is not surprising to me that New Testament righteousness refers to an Old Testament verse. (Hab. 2:4)

A quick check for the word “righteousness” using Bible Gateway (Google Bible Gateway sometime), shows 300 references to the term.  Bible Gateway is by no means exhaustive.  All who have done a little digging should be aware of the importance of righteousness in God’s eyes.

There are certain things the righteous cannot tolerate.  Those “certain things” are very important to the faithful.  They are important because they are important to God.

The things that are important to God are no longer important to the majority of Americans.  This is why I think that the question that once could be answered with a “yes” must now be answered with a “no.”

Chris Reimers

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“We are no longer a Christian nation.”  Mr. Obama is quoted early in the “2nd State of the Nation” address given by Mr. Ken Ham of “Answers in Genesis.”


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