Nadia and Caspian’s Fight for Freedom – PART 2

Picture by Bjorn Korf

Written by Bjorn Korf
Edited by Margaret Hennum

It seemed to be the perfect happy ending for Nadia and her sweet little son Caspian. Caspian was taken by Norway’s Child Welfare System, barnevernet, in June of 2016. With the help of a good lawyer, international pressure, prayer and social media activities, Nadia won her case in September and Caspian came straight home.

They both stayed at Margaret and Dag Hennum’s home for a while, a lovely Christian couple, where they started to recover from the horrible trauma that Norway’s Child Welfare System had just caused in their lives. Even though the case was closed and Caspian was returned to his loving mother, barnevernet never apologised for their mistake.

In February 2017 Nadia moved to Ulsteinvik, looking forward to starting a new life. With her own new apartment and with a place for Caspian in a Kindergarten she was looking forward to finally leaving that dark chapter behind. Also, she was happy to establish new relationships with new people in the neighborhood who didn’t know anything about her past struggles with barnevernet. Everything seemed perfect, but things were about to change.

Margaret Hennum commented:

“It all started recently with a phone call that was listened to legally, and barnevernet was contacted about this. I’ve read this report and it states that Nadia said during the phone call that she had a headache.“

Two women from barnevernet with two policemen then showed up at Nadia’s new apartment. But Nadia wasn’t there because she was visiting friends. For several hours barnevernet were sneaking around the house like the former DDR-Stasi would and stayed until evening to see whether she would come home or not. They also interviewed the housekeeper about her parental skills. They even forced the owner of the house, helped by two policemen, to open Nadia’s apartment for them.

Once again they were violating Nadia’s rights. They didn’t have any legal grounds for these actions against her and what’s even worse they have again completely ruined both Nadia’s and Caspian’s whole new life. Barnevernet has totally destroyed her reputation and trust in the neighborhood​ and have terrorised her so much that Nadia had to cancel the apartment and Caspian’s place in the kindergarten.

Now, Nadia has to find a new place again to live.

Who is responsible for this never ending nightmare? It is barnevernet in Volda, and its leader Brynhild Solvang. And it is Anne-Beate Vartdal and Eva Andreassen Lynge who forced themselves into Nadia’s home, and it is Mr. Kyrre Grimstad. After this incident he wanted to force Nadia into a meeting but she was wise enough not to go. He left a message saying that barnevernet needs to know where she is, even though her case is closed. He also tried to contact Margaret and Dag Hennum in order to get hold of Nadia and Caspian. It is Mr. Grimstad who is responsible for not letting this mother and child live a normal life.

Shame on him and shame on Norway for not following standard legal procedures and for not respecting Human Rights and for causing so much pain in peoples lives.

– – – – – – –

Kyrre Grimstad on Facebook:

Eva Andreassen Lynge on Facebook:


25 Responses to Nadia and Caspian’s Fight for Freedom – PART 2

  1. Grimstad and Lynge have apparently removed / closed their facebook pages.

    • Björn says:

      No, their Facebook pages are up and running. But you can only see them if you are logged in to Facebook. I don’t think that they will feel much disturbed by us mentioning their profile links, because nobody can comment there unless they are friends with them. So for them it is not a big deal and they will continue to do what they can do best which is destroying other peoples lives.

      • Chris says:

        Thank you for clarifying this, Bjorn, but more importantly, of course, thank you for caring so much about Nadia and Caspian and mothers like Amy, the American Mom who had her child stolen by Norwegians “Child Protection Service.” (NCWS)

      • Margaret Hennum says:

        Anne Beate Vartdal is also on facebook:

        Barnevernet has admitted there is no case on Nadia now. Why then, do they spend so much time trying do find out were she is? Is it also part of their work to register where families with children spend their holidays?

        • Chris says:

          Before commenting, I must say that it is wonderful to know some of the decent people of Norway. I know what Margaret, Prof. Skanland (Marianne) and others like them have done to help those in great need. May God bless them and all like them who are trying to educate others about the serious wrongs done in the name of “Child Protection.”

          It is a very good question, Margaret. If there is no case, why is Nadia hounded? This is contradiction in action. There must be a reason for this continual harassment. My guess is that the “no case” phrase is either outright lying or propaganda (lying in another way). In their minds there is a case even if it has to be created. The “powers that be” have been embarrassed by the truth of this case. It is, simply put and easily observed, inhumane, unjust, hard-hearted, merciless, and unfeeling. The BV doesn’t want the organization to appear like it is in reality, so they will continue to try and “find” a reason to make a case. The best word that fits this effort, in my opinion, is that it is evil.

          • At a guess, there is nothing formally classed by them as a “case”, but Caspian probably is a child singled out for special attention. Barnevernet has tentacles out towards whomever they like at any time they like. Because Nadia and Caspian have “had a case” before, the kindergarten, you can be quite sure, has been alerted to report especially about Caspian all the time. There may be people living in the neighbourhood who report to or work for BV in some capacity. The whole population is certainly encouraged to report “any worry” about any child to the “competent” people: Barnevernet. Anyway, what is this business of a phone call “listened to legally”? By whom and why? And Nadia probably receives money from the social support system? Any receiver of social benefit who has children is automatically brought to the knowledge of BV, which is part of the same system.

            • Chris says:

              Indeed, it seems like once you’ve had a “case,” the BV continues to monitor and act in ungodly ways as it has here. Let me go to a new comment to answer your question about the phone call, Marianne. The thread is getting a bit thin.

  2. Unfortunately, I cannot say I am surprised. The “child protection agency” Barnevernet has the right to start a “new case” any time they like, and of course “they like”. The public criticism against them has become louder; consequently the authorities have been stepping up their propaganda for Barnevernet as it is. They talk vaguely of “changes”, but these all go in the direction of fastening Barnevernet’s grip on families further.

    (There is no difference between the political parties now represented in Parliament regarding Barnevernet. Only some very small parties are willing to listen to the victims. We have a parliamentary election coming up in less than a week now, but it is doubtful whether it will make any difference on this point.)

    Of course Barnevernet (in Volda) wants revenge for their loss last year. If they can make Nadia’s life impossible, they can say “We were right after all. As you see: now we have to take the child.”

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for sharing your view of the current situation in Norway, Marianne. From what I know from afar it is, sadly, as accurate and honest a view as one will get. Your years of experience studying this situation with a correct worldview towards child rearing (and simple common sense) is invaluable.
      I think the BV has been quite “successful” at making Nadia’s life impossible. They would like nothing better than to be able to take someone’s child because of a headache. Anyone who knows about this case must understand how insane (or evil) this type of government intrusion is. God will not be mocked. Anyone involved in this kind of activity will reap what they have sown.

  3. Knut Myrebøe says:

    Thanks for this Article and I’m reasoning exactly the same way as Marianne. It was me that helped Caspian and Nadia escape from the Mothers Home “Vilde” in Horten, as it was obvious already then, that “The Stazilike Public Child Hunters” intended to steal Caspian in a couple of days. Most likely having a Client needing a new car and/or a new House on the Governments expense, of course with a Kick Back to the CPS Agent (Child Protection Welfare Services). The detailed story about the escape, why-how-when, I have reported before.
    As a very experienced Quality Auditor, I (74) discovered that in many cases such actually take place. Thanks to “Wings of the Wind” for promoting this case. Among all my Trophies from Athletic sports I have Caspian’s Milk bottle he forgot in my car after the escape. Then a warm thanks to Nina Søviknes and Margaret Hennum for their excellent performance. Election Day is up front and as Marianne pin-point: The entire Parliament gives a dam about Human Rights and the rotten CPS. Any Problem however, has a solution: We have now revealed the System-Bottleneck in the CPS. Their Education is miserable and there is no Management. I am now in dialogue with the Ministry of Education and their response is surprisingly good. Cross your fingers all of you,
    Meanwhile Anne and I remain yours truly!

    • Chris says:

      I remember you well, Knut. Sorry for my delay in making a reply but for some strange reason your comment went to spam.

      I will never forget how you helped Nadia. I’m sure the milk bottle is among the finest of your trophies.

      It is very good to know that there is some dialog between a Norwegian who understands the problem and the Ministry of Education. I will be praying for your success in helping to correct these serious crimes against humanity.

      God’s blessings…

  4. We have a thread for the Nadia and Caspian case on “our” forum, Chris. I am taking the liberty, without asking them beforehand, of translating postings by two commentators in “our” Nadia-and-Caspian thread. I don’t think they would mind.

    mater familias

    Painful news, this.

    I quote from Voltaire (1694-1778): “It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong.”

    Power / the authorities, or here BV, have powerful means at their disposal, so that they can influence / persecute / harass an individual so that in the end they ARE right.

    Call it illegal revenge and punishment, or persecution, or harassment, or CONCERN which BV prefers to call it. A human being can quickly go under when subject to massive abuse of power.

    I hope Nadia and Caspian get all possible support and help from friends and acquaintances in this difficult and exposed situation.


    familien-er-samlet (“the family is together”)
    – this is a father who succeeded in bringing his family to safety in another part of the world, almost at the very last moment):

    There is only one way of getting away from BV, as I see it: never to come to their attention. You have a certain protection when the children have reached adulthood, but the children will then be in danger when they themselves have children, unfortunately.

    To be in communication with BV is equal to being branded with a hot-iron on your forehead. It will always be there, almost in the way the Jews had to wear the Star of David, and one will always be vulnerable to the attention or persecution of BV.

    The brand which we ourselves have got on our foreheads, makes it impossible for us to go back to Norway. We fear exactly such things as those that are now happening to Nadia and Caspian.

    There is no law protecting individuals, children or families against BV. BV will always seek to “be right” in the end. BV always has the option of a new round. And they have all the time in the world. This is their work providing them with an income, they can spend months or years. They get paid to plague families. Either they turn up out of the night at your door in raincoats, being paid extra for working late, or they spend the taxpayers’ money when they disturb the children at school or in kindergarten.

    BV is allowed to break the family down and get on their nerves, be so domineeringly present that it triggers illness even in the strongest of us. (Secretary of state for children and equality) Horne has given given BV a free run to our homes. State and municipality have the right to be present when we play Ludo with our children or make impolite noises in our sofas. Nothing is too private.

    “The best interest of the child” is the mantra justifying absolutely all means.

    Child minister Horne has strenghtened the totalitarian position of BV in relation to the families. There is police, there is monitoring, there is force, there is punishment, there is invasion of privacy, – there is everything we associate with a fascist police state. But the average Norwegian simply cannot imagine that the land of happiness Norway has become like this.

    Therefore, the madness continues with unabated strength. Indeed, it continues with increased power. If Nadia does not in some way or fashion get away or get peace, the risk is that she will in the end be broken by all the assistance and concern which society has decided to press on her.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for translating two, very appropriate comments, Marianne. These comments communicate the seriousness of any NCWS (Norwegian Child Welfare Services) case, even one that is as obvious as Nadia and Caspian’s. The comments reflect the reality that many in Norway have had to deal with and a reality that many are afraid to discuss because of extended and continued BV cruelty. The comments also reflect that there are wonderful Norwegians who understand very well what is going on and they are not afraid of speaking (writing) the truth.

  5. I always return to this: You must not think that Norway is alone. Victims are not well served by that. It is bad business all over the Western world. Here is a very good video from Britain:

    It includes practically every aspect of the cps tragedy I can think of.

    • Chris says:

      This is a great reminder to all of us, Marianne.

      The problem is not a Norwegian problem alone by any means. I have heard of cases throughout much of Europe, particularly in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the U.K.

      There have been well publicized cases in the U.S. A case that made the local newspapers in my county involved seven children that were taken from their parents for no good reason. Thankfully, many people spoke out about the local case, due process prevailed, and the children were returned in short order.

      It is important to keep our eyes open no matter where we live. In many places the problem appears to be growing instead of improving. After the local case, a local representative to our state legislature, a Christian, helped author and pass a law to make it harder for there to be another incident like the case of the seven children. He, however, didn’t feel the state went far enough in protecting these types of parental rights as another law he proposed did not pass.

      I must add this because I believe it to be true: As man increasing looks to himself for strength and meaning instead of the solid spiritual foundation that the Bible provides, the world will continue to become a more hostile place to live.

  6. Chris says:

    “The whole population is certainly encouraged to report “any worry” about any child to the “competent” people: Barnevernet. Anyway, what is this business of a phone call “listened to legally”? By whom and why? And Nadia probably receives money from the social support system? Any receiver of social benefit who has children is automatically brought to the knowledge of BV, which is part of the same system.”

    -Prof. Marianne Skanland

    The phone call referred to here was a call that Nadia made while visiting a friend in jail (prison? I’m not sure what they call them in Norway and there is a difference in the U.S between them.).

    Nadia was at the jail to visit the friend and a phone was used to communicate with the friend. It was nothing more than a friendly visit to a friend. There is more than one verse in the Bible encouraging us to visit those in prison.

    These types of calls are legally monitored. Nadia mentioned that she had a headache, the BV got wind of it, and the harassment mentioned in this post began. It is absurd.

    I don’t know if Nadia receives any social benefits but the way Norway’s government is set up as I understand it, I would guess so.

    Marianne has asked the main question about how this whole business started up again. I’m sure that anyone with common sense can see how ludicrous and inane these new BV actions are.

    • Right, I understand about the phone call. That phones in a prison are monitored is quite regular, and it is not kept secret.

      No, “prison” and “jail” are translated the same into Norwegian. Actually, I have never before noticed any differential use in English. My Webster’s New World Dictionary (top class, at least as good as the Oxford dictionaries) gives the same definition of both, but adds an extra variant meaning for “prison”: “in the United States, a State prison, distinguished from reformatory”.

      Anyway, I am sure what is intended is the usual meaning “building where convicted criminals are confined or accused persons are held awaiting trial”. Since Nadia was allowed to visit, it is sure to be a prison for convicted criminals, since people in detention awaiting trial are usually more restricted as regards visits.

      • Chris says:

        Your dictionary hasn’t failed you, Marianne. In the U.S. there is usually a slight distinction which is, I think, the reason for the extra variant.

        “Jails are most often run by sheriffs and/or local governments and are designed to hold individuals awaiting trial or a serving short sentences (in Florida, inmates serving 364 days or less serve their time in jail).”

        “Prisons are operated by state governments and the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and are designed to hold individuals convicted of crimes.”

        So prisons are generally for longer term inmates but as you have noted the usual meaning you have mentioned fits both.

        I know you probably noticed that I wrote my reply in a way that anyone who reads it can see the absurdity of this reaction to a headache.

        • Concerning the headache: Is it absolutely certain that this was the trigger of the action? That there was nothing else that could be interpreted in a particular way or construed as more serious? In a possible continuation of the case, it seems likely that the authorities will come up with something more “doubtful” as their motivation. It is as well to look ahead – be prepared.

          • Chris says:

            As far as I can tell, by all of the “discussions” and comments I’ve read on Facebook, the answer to your question is “yes,” Marianne.

            Here is a letter that Nadia wrote to the prison about the incident: (I used Google Translate which isn’t the greatest tool but it is good enough in this case, I think.)

            Bergen prison

            Last Thursday, July 27., I had a short conversation on the phone with xxxxx. H * n sitting at your time. The conversation was undramatic, and became relatively short because I had a headache and had to keep me the most in order that day.

            On Friday 28. th of July I was in great shape again, and then I went on a trip.

            Friday at 13.10 I received a very unpleasant message on SMS. “Anne-Beate and eva at barnevernstenesta” had received a abusing, and put heaven and earth in motion to find me. Because they were so worried about me! I didn’t know what the concern was going on, and since it float around 53000 Bekymringsmeldinger in this system every year, I became stressed and despairing. Who’d cooked something now? And what would they cook?

            Friday I was forced home from vacation and sent to degrading legekontroll. Later I discovered that Anne-Beate and eve had been at my house, where they had taken in without permission, and they had gone with two cops! It is clear that public services have great resources, when they can prioritize to check the headache I had the day before sending four employees out on blåtur!

            For the test I was forced to cast, of course, it was negative, as everyone else tests the last two years have been negative! I didn’t have a headache. I wasn’t stoned. I had had a good time, if I had not been exposed to persecution, stress and harassment!

            And then I get to the point.
            The “concern” who put in time this harassment of me should have come from Bergen prison, where a eager external listening has found entertainment in my phone call Thursday, and then taken contact with Anne-Beate and eve, and been so incredibly worried, and Made sure I didn’t have to go through hell on Friday.

            I want a copy of the tape from the phone call, and I want a copy of the “concern” you reported. You can add an apology. And since this is going to my lawyer and to the media per immediately, I ask for quick feedback from you.”


            I have seen similar comments in Margaret H.’s Facebook discussions. If I had any doubt that it the cause was anything but a headache, I would contact Nadia and Margaret directly as I feel very comfortable doing so. But, as I have seen no other trigger mentioned for the BV behavior in any Facebook conversation (and the conversations are many), there is no need. In this case, nothing else has been mentioned as a cause….yet.

            Your warning is not overstated. I’m sure Nadia will appreciate it if she sees it. Her life has been completely disrupted by the organization that kidnapped her child over a year ago. She has to start all over…again. If this is the way they treat their fellow citizens, I can see why immigrants are targeted so frequently. As you are well aware, Marianne, they make their own laws to strengthen their power and ability do do whatever the like. And the same thing is growing in other countries. It is so difficult to watch.

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