Last night, the Garland County Good Government Group held its 2010 State Representative Forum at the Garland County Library.  Once again, the group that’s dedicated to transparency in local government held a fair and respectful information session.  Each candidate, running for state positions, had the opportunity to introduce themselves and give reasons they should be sent to Little Rock to represent local residents.

Mr. Bob Driggers, of the GGGG, welcomed those in attendance and introduced the Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Rob Pratt.

Mr. Pratt introduced Keith Crass, the Republican candidate running to represent District 24.  Mr. Pratt answered questions following his short speech.  The Democrat candidate, Larry Williams, was unable to attend.

A short break was taken.

Mr. Pratt then announced time restraints on the candidates running for State Senator of District 19 since both candidates were present.  The Democrat candidate and incumbent, Gene Shelby, and the Republican candidate, Bill Sample, were each given 7 minutes to make their opening statements.  Questions followed.  Each candidate was allowed two minutes to respond to each question.

As I didn’t see the local media present, this may be, other than the GGGG website, the only publicity the event receives. What a shame that most residents of Hot Springs will never know that the event took place.

I would like to thank the GGGG for the efforts they have made to give all local candidates the opportunity to make their views known during this election cycle.  Honestly, I have watched a few debates this year involving higher profile offices.  No event that I have seen was run any better than the one that was held at the Library last night.

Chris Reimers

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