The Role of Human Government

Jimmy DeYoung is a prophecy teacher whom I listen to once in a while.  The man knows his Bible.  I agree with much of his take on government here.  I’m not so sure about his view of Daniel 7 and I am surely not certain that the “false church” will be headquartered in Rome, Italy.

It is clear there will be a “taking away” event.  Many call it the rapture.  The main reason I believe in this event comes from the words of Jesus in Matthew 24.  I hope that Mr. DeYoung is right about the possibility of the rapture happening at any time.  I agree with him that there will be a 7 year tribulation and a Millennial kingdom.  I lean towards the pre-trib view of the rapture but don’t hold a solid position on the topic.

With the recent events in the Middle East, those of us who are interested in Bible Prophecy are watching the events surrounding Israel closely.

God has made a commitment to the people of Israel.

“The Lord Jesus is called ‘shomer Yisrael, the one who guards Israel’; this Keeper never slumbers and never sleeps, but is always on duty. Psalm 121:4.”

You can see this description at my friend Manny’s blog here.

May God Bless the descendents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


2 Responses to The Role of Human Government

  1. Mannyr says:

    Israel as always stands alone; except for ‘Shomer Yisrael, If God be for you who can defeat you.

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