I would guess that 98% of the critical posts on this blog that deal with churches point at the problems within the Protestant Church. I cannot help but share, however, this informative documentary by Keith Thompson the same young apologist who did the sadly truthful film on “Word of Faith” teachers within the Protestant Church. You can see this documentary by typing “Word of Faith” in the search box at the right.

Many Catholic and Protestant scholars are quoted in this documentary. Each statement is documented. I have not checked all of Keith’s documentation but thus far I have found his documentaries trustworthy. If anyone finds any statement here that is inaccurate, I would like to know.

For my Catholic friends, I would recommend that you start this documentary at the 4:06 mark. The statements there are at the heart of the mission of this film. What are the essential and non-essential matters of our faith? In fact, I differ some with Keith’s position on five point Calvinism. It is a theological matter but a secondary or tertiary one in importance, not an essential one.

The cry of the day is “unity.” This section of the film shows that Catholics have as many different problems in this area as we Protestants.

As far as atrocities and deception (one of the chapters), I must admit that many “Protestant” churches currently are guilty of the same. Some Protestant churches have allowed gay leaders and have not taken any type of stand on abortion or proper marriage. As far as I know, 1/2 of Catholics take a strong stand on these issues. In fact, I have found that Catholics seem, in general, more active in the anti-abortion battle. This does not, of course, make Catholic theology correct.

At the same time I am, and will always be, after the truth. One of my favorite verses has always been: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…”

I am a sinner saved by the grace of God…alone.


6 Responses to MAN MADE AUTHORITY?

  1. Thanks Chris, I will make time to watch this during the week.
    Austin sent me a fascinating series of articles written in the late 1800’s about the history of the Roman papacy which I just have been reading, so this post is great timing! God’s blessings to you, dear friend! 🙂

    • Chris says:

      It is quite long as you have probably already seen. It took me awhile to get through it. Keith Thompson is always very thorough in his research and I think he has done a fair (just) job here. If there is anything that you find that is in error or different with what Austin has given you, please let me know here. I want he readers of this blog to know that my goal is the truth. I have Catholic friends who may or may not be aware of some of this information. I also want any of them to comment if there is anything in the film that they find unfair.

      I hope you have a great day in the Lord, Sherryn. I would appreciate any feedback that you have after watching this documentary.

      Always a blessing…

  2. Mannyr says:

    Chris, what a video, loaded with many relevant facts. Great homework assignment. the “unity” kick is in full swing again.

    It seems after every new guy Pope is elected (by men) he sets out to send letters to his friends to come and swing and sway with us. I can recall when John Paul was doing his dance and a Pentecostal minister had befriended his Popeship. Same song lets all come together in unity. —–Sure as long as you keep in mind who follows whom in our dance. The Pope is the main man the vicar of Christ.

    My fellowship has recently learned the dance of Rome from real Italian Pentecostal ministers who brought a letter from Francis expressing his desire for all to come to his dance. It was billed as a night of worship—-then played down as a meeting. Big difference between a meeting and worship . Apparently i have lived long enough to remember the thirty year old dance card from john Paul and now the new supposed revelation from God through Francis.

    • Chris says:

      Yes, Keith did a great job I think. I particularly like the former priest who is featured in it. He has recently passed away. I like his final words in this video. He obviously loved Catholics like I do and is very concerned about much of the theology at Rome. Am I right that you were once a Catholic, Manny? Maybe I have you confused with someone else. Anyway, I always appreciate your comments.

      God’s blessings my friend…

  3. Mannyr says:

    No Chris, never a Catholic, Grew up with many. Just your run of the mill heathen. I share a prayer ministry with a former Catholic priest. he is a very close brother who councils with his wife to many.

    He upon meeting me for the first time said” how did you escape Catholicism,” I replied: “I never was one.” He cracked up! We get the opportunity to pray with many and it is sad that they hold on to their training in the R.C.C. It has to be very hard to unlearn lies and twisted Scriptures.

    Again, great post, long but great.

    • Chris says:

      Ok, thanks for clearing that up, Manny. It is a long video. I fell asleep a few times watching it. Had to go back and cover what I had missed several times.

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