"Avalanches" Photo by Julian-G. Albert

Photo by Julian-G. Albert

by Elsa Christensen

Part 1

It is Ascension day, Thursday the fifth of May, 2016. A mother walks through the gates of Vilde “Home for Mothers,” never to return. She takes her son with her, a boy of about five months. The next days will be the first days that the mother and the baby get to be together without any public surveillance in a governmental institution, surveillance by the CPS.

Mother and child had survived five months away from home, observed day and night in an institution with video surveillance. Their performance of day-to-day tasks had been continuously monitored. In addition, daily notation of facial expressions, mood, and development were recorded. And then there was the IQ testing.

Why was this Mother’s freedom to be in a normal social setting taken from her? When she was thirteen years old she was at school with her twelve year old sister. The authorities came in with the CPS and forcefully separated the two sisters who tried desperately to hold on to one another. The police also took their three other siblings.

“I was fine when I lived at home,” the mother remembers.

From that day, the five siblings never lived together, nor did they get to live with their parents as youngsters. The siblings were spread out, and the girl of thirteen was forced to live in a CPS institution. The other children in the institution were experimenting with several kinds of drugs. The loss of everything that was familiar to her made her seek consolation in the drugs she was offered. Her addiction followed her the next thirteen years. Then she got pregnant.

The day after giving birth to a son on December 1, 2015, it was explained to the mother that the CPS could help. She was told this because the goal was to remove her child from her. This fact was hidden from the mother.

Proposal of Help #1: Two CPS employees came to see her the day after she gave birth. They told her that the child was going to be moved to a foster home.

Proposal of Help#2: On the same day, the CPS promised the mother that they would not take the child if she agreed to admit herself for observation at the Sudmanske “Home for Mothers” in Bergen, Norway.

The mother accepted the “help;” she had no choice if she wanted to keep her boy. Most people would call this coercion. The CPS called it “voluntary acceptance of help.” After approximately a week in the hospital, the mother and child were moved to Sudmanske.

Proposal of Help #3: About two weeks later, two days before Christmas at midnight, the institution staff met with the mother. Instead of the expected discussion of her progress, she was informed that her son would be taken from her as a part of the third proposal of help. Up to this point, she had been breast feeding the boy.

The mother felt powerless after losing her living child, and she did not know where the CPS had taken him. She knew that the boy was taken from the person he belonged to and was a part of.

Proposal of Help #4: About five weeks after the baby was born, the mother was offered another proposal of help. The little boy would be returned to her immediately if she voluntary admitted herself for observation in the Vilde “Home for Mothers” in Horton, Norway. The coercive “offer” was accepted, the baby boy was returned, and the move was made to Vilde. The Norwegian CPS once again called it a “voluntary acceptance of a proposal for help.”

The Vilde “Mothers’ Home” is approximately 500 kilometers from the mother’s home in Bergen.

After four months of continuous observation at Vilde, the mother ended the fourth help proposal on her own initiative on the fifth of May.


For many decades, up until the 1970’s, children of wanderers such as gypsies, were taken by force from their parents. The CPS was assisted by the police to give these children what the government said they needed: a childhood without parents and siblings. They would be housed in institutions. Between 25% to 33% of gypsie children born between 1900 and 1960 were treated this way. Girls were IQ tested and sterilized. This was also done to some boys. In addition, whole families were interned in labor colonies. There, among other things, they were taught a “regular life characterized by tough discipline.” This was said to be “voluntary,” but clear threats to take away their children gave parents no choice but to except this existence.

“This is our near history. The last labor colony was closed in 1989. The last sterilizing was done in 1964. Later on, the government had to pay compensation for the abuse, and asked for forgiveness for destroying lives.” (Nina E. Tveter)

Does the mindset behind these actions live on?

Twenty-four years after the last forced sterilization in Molde, Norway, and about the same time as they closed Svanviken labor colony in Nordmøre, the social worker Kari Killén wrote a Doctoral Thesis. It was this work that made it possible for CPS to become as it is today.

After a study of only 17 children, Killen shaped the future CPS, a CPS based on measures of the parents’ functions. Killén told the social workers to evaluate “which parents can help children to survive!” (Molde, Norway, 19.02.2009)

The social workers in Norway and Scandinavia took her grand mission very seriously, and the results of their evaluations are catastrophic. The CPS and the police are now forcing 4-5 children each day out of their homes, most of them never to return to their parents. Last year this “protection” of Norwegian children cost the government 20 billion NOK.

The Middle Class Emotional Neglect

Killén, a social worker, is responsible for an important part of the curriculum for people studying to become social workers, and she has been teaching these courses for years. According to Kari Killén, 45% of Norwegian children suffer from emotional neglect. Her thinking is the foundation for the Norwegian CPS today: that 45% of our children will be traumatized by their own parents because of dubious bonding. When this happens, the CPS needs to “assist” people. Killén’s conclusion is based on this assertion: 45% of our children have parents that cannot help them survive without damage!

Killén argues that the percentage is so high because of a new type of neglect that she calls: “The emotional neglect in the middle class.” This is something that only some of the highly educated can understand: some health nurses, doctors and others may discover it from the time of the pregnancy.
Killen says that “Middle Class Emotional Neglect” is hard to discover and the damage does not show until the child is three to five years old, and particularly in the teen years.

A National Breakdown?

If there is any truth to Killén’s assumption, it would be a sign of a total breakdown of the Norwegian welfare state. Of course, this idea makes no sense and the result of the work that the CPS has done based upon it must be seen as one of the greatest tragedies of our time.

A Forced Stay in a “Home for Mothers”

It wasn’t that long ago that gypsies had the choice between moving to a labor colony, or losing their children and getting sterilized. Today, hundreds of women yearly get the choice between moving to “Homes for Mothers” for observation, or losing their children at once. Just like the gypsies before them, these “choices” are called “voluntary.” We find this enforced in the CPS statistics under the term “help.”

In our culture, women with newborns have traditionally been well cared for. They get help in the house, food served in bed, helpful advice on breast feeding, and care from women that are friends. In the institutions, the women are merely being observed! They are taken away and isolated from their friends and family, people with whom it is natural to share the joy over the baby.

Many women in these institutions tell stories of how they initially got a warm welcome so it was natural to open up and talk about themselves. Then the illegal video surveillance started and there were demands for detailed plans of their daily tasks. The requirement: their plans had to be noted every half hour. Any supervision and guidance came mostly in the form of negative criticism. Monitoring of the voice, facial expressions, hygiene, and lack of initiative were recorded. Finally, the lack of eye contact with the child and other signs of supposed lack of interaction were seriously considered. The things the mothers told about themselves in confidence at the beginning of their stay, was written in an “end report” that was unrecognizable to the mothers themselves.

“End reports” on the different mothers are strangely similar. Many mothers are in despair, often there with their first child. They have “let themselves” be institutionalized by force in a desperate hope of getting to keep their baby or of not losing it again. Most of them do not return home with their children.

The mother mentioned earlier in this narrative survived five months under observations just like these. Every time a child was taken, she remembered when her own baby was taken from her at three weeks of age. She cried every time a child disappeared. In her “end report,” her crying was interpreted this way: “the mother is unstable!” She had lost once and was afraid to lose again.

“End reports” from ” “Home for Mothers”

The “end reports” from “Home for Mothers” are the most depressing literature I have read during my study of the CPS. The heartless lack of concern that make their methods possible are reflected in written observations. A family therapist will deliver these “end reports” to be used by the Council Committee and judges, who need proof for decisions. The “end reports” have a huge impact on the lives of children, parents and whole families.

As noted earlier, the reports are strangely similar. Most things are interpreted in the worst possible way. They are full of symbols, meaning no direct accusations, that describe irrelevant circumstances. Circumstances that, if they were relevant, would discredit the parent and strengthen the therapist’s allegations. Just as enlightening as the things in the report are the things that are withheld on purpose.

In the report above of the woman who moved out voluntarily, breast feeding was mentioned as something she wanted to do, but it was not mentioned as something that she actually did. The fact that she was breast feeding the child until the CPS placed the boy with strangers is deliberately withheld! They did not mention that when the mother got her boy back in her arms after two weeks, her breasts were still not completely dry. They withheld the fact that the mother asked the public health nurse and the doctor in “The Mothers Home” if they thought that she could get the milk production back up, so she could continue breast feeding. They told her she couldn’t! Others knew that she could have managed it easily with some help and in a safe environment. A family therapist described the lack of eye contact between mother and child. She didn’t mention that the CPS kept them from developing the natural eye contact that breast feeding gives, and didn’t mention that they had the mother believing that she could never have this “free” eye contact again with the boy. (A baby’s eye sight is sharpest in the distance from the breast to the mothers face.) Another important fact that was held back was that the mother and child that they observed had just been reunited! The baby came from a two week stay in an emotional no-man’s-land (two weeks, in a lifetime of five weeks). The mother was scared and felt that she was in a dangerous situation after having lost her baby, having it back, and then being threatened of losing it again. The family therapist did not mention that the observations were made in the light of this dramatic break in the relationship between the mother and the baby.

Killén teaches that the people who do not have the necessary caring skills, will probably never learn them. This explains why the “Home for Mothers” is the exact opposite of what is normal in the rest of society. The “Home” does not give help when needed. They do nothing to strengthen and support people who are managing the best they can. These “Homes” merely observe and call it “help.” In reality, they are “helping” the child be torn from where it belongs.

The CPS in the Future

We know a lot about some groups of people in the government who would like to control family activity. Recently, a member of the parliament and social committee suggested that the CPS should start to prepare when the woman is pregnant. The CPS seems to listen to this member.

How many groups of people should be deemed unworthy of the parenting role? The gypsies were told clearly in their time to stop giving birth or be sterilized. Many people who have been involved with the CPS say that sterilization would almost have been better, (because then we would have known for sure that we don´t have a future in our own country.)

Time may be short before claims for compensation will come from the survivors who had their lives ruined by the CPS. It appears that it will be a tough battle. Until then, the CPS will use money from the 20 billion NOK they have at their disposal, for a very peculiar purpose; forcing CPS employees into the homes of families to restore the good impression of the CPS! The ones that are coerced to accept this “help” become traumatized families, in numerous cases, they may get their children back only after long battles with the CPS. As stated earlier, in many cases, they never get their children back.


The true author of this real life story is Margaret Hennum. (She has been given the pseudonym Elsa Christensen in the article above.) Her identity became known when baby Caspian, was taken from his mother, Nadia, for no good reason whatsoever. Margaret was attempting to help Nadia and Caspian prepare for a normal life (something a good Samaritan would do). Margaret gave a speech at a demonstration against the Norwegian CPS only weeks before her world was rudely interrupted by the CPS. They came to her house and took Caspian on June 13th, 2016.

Speech held at the demonstration in Oslo May 5th, 2016

My name is Margaret Hennum. I am a pediatric nurse and have been working with children and with families in crisis almost my entire adult life. I am a mother of two, but I have never been involved with the Norwegian Child Protection service (CPS), “barnevernet”. So why am I standing here now?

Well, eight years ago I read a book called “Power abuse and miscarriage of justice” by Berit Aarset, a grandmother writing about how the CPS took away the healthy and sound one-year-old from the mother.

I, who hardly ever thought about the CPS before, got a wake up call, and couldn’t NOT stand her. After I read the book, I have heard of an alarming number of parents with similar stories. And I have seen that the Child Protection Service, with the word “protection” in their name, is not a protector, but have become a large threat to our children’s lives and well being!

The CPS has as an official goal to remove more and more children from their homes, and they do. But it is not the neglected children they take. Most of them are healthy, functioning children without any signs of neglect. “This can’t be true,” you say, “there must be something more, right?” Yes, there kind of is, but not in the way you would think. For the CPS thinks they are capable of judging who is able to raise a child and who is not. So even if the children are OK living with their parents right now, they mean to see the parents as a threat to the children in the future. Then they suddenly remove the child without warning, and thereby inflicts the child’s loss of parents, loss of siblings, loss of grandparents, friends and all what they belong to!

It is more than 50 years since health care realized that the parents should come with when children were hospitalized. They understood that the anger, despair and in the end the apathy the children showed, laying alone in the hospital bed, were reactions to loss, natural reactions to the loss of their parents. Now, 50 years later the CPS are taking more and more children from their families, and the child protectors are proud of it!

In the Ida case, the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad presented recently, we can read about a girl who got aggressive only after the CPS got involved. Many times the CPS describes the children they have removed from their parents as aggressive, despairing and depressed. Lawyer Sverre Kvilhaug says that in all the cases he has been working, he has NEVER seen that the CPS has considered the possibility that they themselves could have created aggressive, despairing and depressed children; these natural reactions to loss of family.

Homeless, yearning and insecure children become damaged children. They are put back in development and prevented from having a normal and healthy development. The CPS, who are making more and more of this homeless children, can not know what it means to belong!

For decades they have gone out to other institutions, like health centres, schools, hospitals and the government agency for children, youth and families, in addition to children and teen organizations, asking them to come to the CPS if they have any worries about a child. Many people have done this, and are shocked when the CPS then immediately empties the home of children.

Last year barnevernet spent 20 billion Norwegian kroner! So, of course, we now have to ask the question: what went so terribly wrong? The barnevernmentor Kari Killén has told her students since 1988 that 45%, nearly half the amount of all Norwegian children, have parents not able to bring up their kids without the help and advice from barnevernet!

If this was not a huge lie, it would imply a total collapse of our welfare society model! But even worse than the billions of kroner spent, are the sufferings of all the devastated families involved. Still the CPS wants more money. But they should not have it; instead their budget will be squeezed. And their only responsibility that will be left for them, are for those severely neglected children, these who are let down by the CPS today. We do not accept that the CPS can be an intruder in the lives of normal, functioning families. The help that normal families need from the government are provided by other government institutions like health centres, schools and hospitals. And then we need to get the “housewife substitute” back!

Until the CPS has lost most of the current functions, we need to stop reporting anything but sure neglect.

The CPS is now not only a threat against those directly involved, but it is undermining the functions of important institutions like health centres and others, providing services that we all need. Because nobody should ever take the chance of showing their vulnerability to helpers instructed to be informers to the CPS.

I cannot think of anyone less trustworthy, and whom I will more strongly warn against, than those removing by force a 3 months old baby from its mothers breast!

These kind of people shall not take care of our children. Anyone who is deprived of their children must get the possibility of
having their case considered by a qualified investigating committee, and all those children who want it, must be allowed to return home to their families.

Finally, social media have lately revealed the inner workings of maternal homes, where hundreds of parents are forced into. Most of the parents leave without their kids. Those places are not a home for mothers, were you get advice and help. Those places are observation institutions, were despaired and frightened parents are kept, forced by the CPS to enter. If not, they will loose their child immediately! Just like the gypsies were forced only a few years ago. The only difference is, that the gypsies were sterilized by force. The parents today are not sterilized, but they are denied having a family! And like the gypsies, parents are painstakingly intelligence tested.

As strong as I can, I am warning you: never agree to go to those family centres or maternal homes! Flee abroad, hide yourself in Norway, fight for your child among people who want the best for you!


  1. Very moving article.
    Please note: Kari Killén is not a sociologist (a profession requiring a university degree). She trained as a social worker. However, she did submit a doctoral thesis, about child neglect and abuse, which was accepted. It is criticisable on points of method, such as having no acceptable control group.

    • Chris says:

      Welcome to the Wings of the Wind, Marianne. As this account is taken from a real person whose name will not be identified, but is someone whom I think is very credible, I appreciate the information on Ms.Killen. I’ve taken care of it and if anyone else can prove that something else in this story is in error, something that changes the credibility of my source in my eyes, I will remove this account. I am somewhat sufficient when it comes to American History, I’m a tad behind on the Norwegian one.

      May I ask as an opening question, can you be more detailed on this sentence: “It is criticisable on points of method, such as having no acceptable control group?”

      • No, no, the story does not seem unreliable at all. That details like Killén’s background education is confused for something else, is not important. It is probably just a translation error too. All the information about sterilisation is right, I know personally people who have been confined to “mothers’ homes” and been investigated at “family centres”, I know well types of lying “offers” of help which Barnevernet comes at potential victims with, and so on. It is an important story, Chris, do not doubt it!

        • Chris says:

          I spoke to the author today and that’s exactly what it was, Marianne. There was an error in translation. I’m glad that you pointed it out so that I could fix it though. Also, I knew you would point out other errors if there were any. I have never doubted the story, but since that was your only issue with it, I am only more satisfied. Thank you for being concerned.

      • About forced sterilisation, though: It has been going on after it was officially ended as a “program”. There was a tv program around year 2000 about a Vietnamese refugee woman who was pressured into sterilisation and her daughter was also taken. They had with the help of a doctor “diagnosed” her as retarded. She was not. But if she had been, did that excuse the way she was treated? Her husband-to-be, later her husband, had been a seaman overseas at the time, so for a little while she had had nobody to help her against these “do-gooders”. At the time of the tv program, a respectable, well-known, private clinic in Oslo was trying to help restore her fertility. Her daughter obviously wanted at least contact with her, Barnevernet was doing everything to block it.

        • Chris says:

          I remember a family dispute one time in my extended family. I didn’t find out the details and didn’t want to. I remember the phrase my Aunt used to describe it and I continue to think of this phrase as story after story is being revealed. She would say: “Just how low can they go?”

      • About Killén’s doctoral thesis: I have a copy of it here, but I have not read it solidly. However: She writes about child abuse etc, basing it on less than 2 dozen cases at a hospital. Out of these, she holds 2 cases to be proven NOT-abused children. These she takes as her sort of “control group”, so every difference between these and the rest is supposed to be due to abuse …?
           On a general level, I would have to say that Killén omits to do an essential thing in all research, something without which certainly all empirical research is invalid: She does not search for counter-evidence. It is apparent in her text-books also, the best-known of which I HAVE read very carefully.
           In 1995, I collected statements from scholars and others in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and submitted them to our parliament, because there was a proposal in, a members’ private bill, from two parliament members to have Barnevernet reformed. Our statements went to the committee for child and family affairs; the statements were commented on in the debate in parliament, so they were not just loose opinions or irrelevant chit-chat.
           Among these statements, I obtained one from a neuro-psychiatrist and pediatrician in Sweden (his research is high quality and parts of it are highly relevant for CPS questions). He had come across Killén’s doctoral work, and wrote a paragraph about it in his statement. He compared her kind of research to what is done when some research group or medical firm wants to put a new kind of medicine on the market: Double blind tests, up to thousands of test subjects, duplication trials.

        • Chris says:

          It sounds like very unreliable research, Marianne. Do you have an opinion as to why so many have bought into something that is so poorly researched?

          • Perhaps a kind of “Marxian” explanation is relevant for once: Money and jobs and power, for their own professions and allies?

            • Effe says:

              I believe you’re totally right Marianne.
              Their goal is simply that :”Money and jobs and power, for their own professions and allies”.

              The passivity and silence of the population has permitted it to go that far. Same in Sweden.

              But now things will change.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, thank you for the info. God have mercy for the Families residing in Norway. The end of all of this will be very brutal. God doesn’t sleep when is about innocents.

    • Chris says:

      You are welcome, Anonymous.

      You can see this blog discusses the topic of God a bit. As I read my Bible, I am told to love my neighbor. When someone gives me an account of an experience like this, how can I hide it? It must be shared for all to see.

  3. Gabriela Presthus says:

    Do lat 70 zabicie cygana nie bylo traktowane jak morderstwo w Norwegii.Polecam ksiazke Higienisci -Maciej Zareba Bielecki .To historia eugeniki .Opisuje co dzialo sie tu W Norwegii i Szwecji ( oraz w innych krajach gdzie zywa byla mysl eugeniczna)
    Procent sterylizacji w stosunku do liczby ludnosci byl najwyzszy wlasnie w Norwegii

    • Chris says:

      “For 70 years, killing gypsy was not treated as a murder Norwegii.Polecam book hygienists -Maciej Zareba Bielecki .It history of eugenics .Opisuje that happened here in Norway and Sweden ( and in other countries where alive was thought eugenic )
      Sterilization percent in relation to the number of population was highest just in Norway”

      I ran your words through Google translate and this is what came through. It sounds like you are talking about Eugenics particularly in Norway and Sweden. I don’t think I’ve ever read about this in World History class in America. I don’t know if you can understand this question but I am curious to know if there is any mention of sterilization in Norway’s History books at least at the college level?

  4. Anonymous2 says:

    My wife and I live in Norway and we are from latinoamerica, with 3 kids, two of them are girls. I can not imagine this happening. The family Nurse made questions to my little daughter who is 6 years old when we go to the regular control appointment, and that nurse doesn’t let me even say any word to my daughter during the visit (there have been CPS cases started by nurses), my little daughter learned in the kindergarden that she is free from us (parents) and she has to do what she think, and she has been asked to inform whatever happen at home. We are scared. But nothing has happened so far, the problem is that we have to take care what we say or not at home. Is scary to live like that, we have to think twice how to give a hug to our little daughter, and that is hard because where we come from, is very normal and exiting to give a hug and a kiss to our kids (that is love in all sence and kids need that!). I totally agree that kids with problems in the family should be evaluated and taken away to another family or adoption if there is proof of continuous physical violence, but in Norwat this is becoming scary when I read cases of kids taken away when they are just born, or for very minor reasons. Honestly, I don’t see my daughters growing in a country like this if this situation continues, and now even more when this article says that they are considering the evaluation from pregnacy! Our second daughter is going to be put under educational and pedagogic control at the ower secondary school because she “can not learn as the other kids”, how can she learn as a native norwegian kid if she is still learning the norwegian language!? That now will be a part of a report that for sure will be considered in the future, I repeat, is scary.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for sharing your situation, Anonymous 2. I think most are scared but they don’t want to talk about it. I have already said a prayer for you and maybe others who come here to read this will say a prayer for you, too.

      God’s blessings…

    • Adi says:

      I do not understand you people,if you know this things are real,why on earth are you steel in that diabolic country??Leave ’till you can.Is better to leave in a poor country with your fam. intact than in a rich country broken,destroyed,devastated.Don’t you think??

  5. Margaret Hennum says:

    I am sorry to tell, Anonymous, that your situation is not rare in in Norway now. People are afraid of having contact with dentists, kindergartens, schools, family nurses etc, because they are all instructed to report what is definitely normal behaviour to barnevernet! In this way other public welfare systems and public institutions undermine their own work. We are about to have a society of informers in Norway, and we are all in the same situation, wherever we come from. I would advice you to tell your children NOT to tell anything about the family life to others!

  6. agnesD says:

    Reblogged this on Blog de albina and commented:
    Ti se opreste mintea. iar inima îti îngheata.

  7. rodi says:

    this is an excellent contribution to the discussion and more importantly to our understanding of Norway’s CPS. Thank you so much for publishing it. I am going to forward this to some of our EU parliament senators so they can better understand the history behind Barnevernet. Thank you for another important contribution! God bless you!

    • Chris says:

      Thank you, rodi, particularly from the one who told us the story.

      I think that sending this to the parties you mention would be an excellent idea. 🙂

  8. Margaret Hennum says:

    Actually there are many stories similar and even worse than this (without comparing). Mothers having lost children many years back, are threatened by bv to go to those mother centers immediately after giving birth, for observations! If the mother declines this “proposal”, she is forced to have a psychologist making a report on her, done in the last days of her pregnancy!

  9. Margaret Hennum says:

    Of course bv wants to take the child, and they have two possibilities of managing it: 1. early intervention, as they call it, i.e. remove the baby from the hospital. But then they can not feel sure if the state can keep it. That is why they ask a psychologist to make a report on the mother, in her last days of pregnancy. And they don´t care if they bother her. 2. make the mother agree to move in to a home for mothers, to be observed. Those institutions are made for building up cases. And few children leave the institutions with their mothers. Norway has built up a special BANK, not dealing with money, but with babies! called the BABY BANK (spedbarnsbanken)

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  11. Chris says:

    The history of Gypsies in Norway was tragiczna.Norwegowie treated them as podludzi.Byli forcibly sterilized ( up to 15 years girls) .Zamykano them in psychiatric hospitals and camps pracy.Probowanoo their zniszczyc.Niszczono also other mniejszosci.Samowie people north, breeders reniferow.Ich children also niszczono.Najbardziej barbaric act with children poniemieckimi . ( Norwegian mother and a German father ) .


    Will you try and find someone who can translate before you send a message, please? That would be better. Your messages are getting harder to read. I had to erase your last 2 messages because they were illegible when I looked at them within the other comments. Even though I have put them through “google translator” they are still not readable.

    Thank you.

  12. Muireann O Duirling says:

    A brave mother who left this place with her baby! Hopefully many others will be following her example in the days to come, because most of the children are removed from their mothers when staying there. There is an increasing focus on the mothers homes in Norway nowadays, showing the cruel way mothers are treated in those observation institutions.

    • Chris says:

      What a beautiful name, Muireann. For some reason it looks French to me. I’m glad no matter where you are from as it sounds like you are yet another who has had personal experience with such a place. I was a bit skeptical when this account was first brought to my attention and then I did a little digging. My conscience gave me no option in publishing this as I was aware of so many other people affected by the CPS. I’m glad to know that you are aware of an increasing focus on any part of a system that is so vicious. I think there are many problems in the world that need to be solved, but Norway is now under the microscope. Things are becoming clearer and they aren’t easy to hear.
      I appreciate your comment, Ms. O Duirling. We need those who have been harmed to begin to tell their stories. If you live in Norway, you had probably tell it to someone in a country that doesn’t take children from deserving parents.

  13. Greg Loucks says:

    Great website Chris! I’m glad to see you are getting a lot of feedback and activity too! Keep up the good work!

    • Chris says:

      Thanks Greg. I have made some wonderful friends who are fighting against evil events happening in Norway and in many other places in Europe. If you read a few recent posts, you will see that at least half of my blog posts now deal with this subject.

      I saw your new Facebook Page and it looks very good. Now, I only need to check it out! I wish you success in that endeavor.

      I appreciate your kind words.

      God’s blessings…

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  15. Informations:
    1) “When she was thirteen years old she was placed in institution with her twelve year old sister + three other siblings. ”
    2)” I was fine when I lived at home” says mother
    3)”From that day, the five siblings never lived together, nor did they get to live with their parents as youngsters.”
    -where were the parents?
    4) “The siblings were spread out, and the girl of thirteen was forced to live in a CPS institution. The other children in the institution were experimenting with several kinds of drugs. ”
    -(this can explain the Separation Anxiety in Children in worst case Separation Anxiety Disorder, if You know prof. Marrianne Skanland what I have asked you on 16 April 2012 in the protest in Oslo, which I called up Prof. “ignorant” which vawe on me you hand. “you ask too difficult questions I got replied when asked YOu about it.)
    “the children in institution received several kinds of drugs” it is used to calm down the children when separation anxiety disorder symptoms show up, but we do not know these children medical history
    5)”The loss of everything that was familiar to her made her seek consolation in the drugs she was offered”
    this statement is very important of why many people ask question about child care in Norway.
    why is the loss of everything that is familiar shall happen to children?
    this is obscure brutal inhumane perspective as non german children under Nasi regime has been treated in the whole evil way as humans can harm the other humans -children.

    separation, fear, no undersanding , brutality, terrorising, buying loosing the morality , no morality, no voice or rights-sounds simmilar what Nasism did to children ?

    6) “seek consolation in the drugs she was offered. Her addiction followed her the next thirteen years.”

    what drugs has been used by the girl?
    how is her mental state after such long way of use of drugs
    how is her ability to live “clean” from addiction?
    has she been to any adiction programs that helped her to live without using the drugs?

    has she as human beeing got the right to live with her child with specilists help in parent child adiction centre to help from addiction, to understand and try to gain parenting skills

    is system in Norway based on helping the mothers with courses information relating to child care and parenting skills?

    7) “Her addiction followed her the next thirteen years. Then she got pregnant.

    The day after giving birth, it was explained to the mother that the CPSBarnevernet could help. She was told this because the goal was to remove her child from her. This fact was hidden from the mother.”

    what was situation in which this girl lived as a drug user at the age of 25?
    has she had a stable place to live or has she lived in not suitable place that could be harmful for child safety?
    has she had a family that could help this other to help with pregnancy and after birth child care?

    8) “The emotional neglect in the middle class.”
    Karin Kilen can be right in the cases where mothers do not show much interest in child care and their will to improve parentings skills
    such mothers show crystal clear that they re more interested in themslevs than the children,
    child care is observed in many perspective as a terrible thing rather than a lovely way of care and involvement in long periond of time, not based on 1-3 observation but as a whole proces

    I Wonder why Barnevernet workers do not help to understand parents what is the emotional neglect and if they teach parents to not neglect their chidren?
    is barnevernet duty just to observe if parent make mistake or show inadequate child care just to make judgement that can be sent to court?
    Knut Nygard , do you read this ?

    9) “The emotional neglect in the middle class.” “This is something that only some of the highly educated can understand”

    emotional neglect can everyone understand it has to put himself in the situation that somone does not want to be with you , play , talk, care and many more at current time or longer perspective

    this is what happens in children who are placed in Foster care or institution in Norway – it is called institutionalised child neglect or Foster children emotional neglect if you gogle yourself

    10) A National Breakdown?

    Yes it is national break down of child care in Norway
    by the way children are separated from their familiar surrodnings, withemotional neglect ans Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children placed in Foster care.

    the social psychology based on Marxist ideas it is Norway today with hard to try understand international child welfare programs regarding Reunion adn visitation of parents and children placed in Foster care to prevent children emotional neglect and care for healthy families

    All my knowledge about child care I based in the group


    • Chris says:

      It is an interesting response, Korneliusz.

      I found this comment on your blog and I got the same impression: “the comment has not yet been published but managed to give 10 points for and against the drug using mother / ex Foster child/ tragedy in its own”

      I particularly agree with point 10:

      “Yes it is national break down of child care in Norway by the way children are separated from their familiar surrodnings, withemotional neglect ans Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children placed in Foster care.”

      Here is your point #8:

      Karin Kilen can be right in the cases where mothers do not show much interest in child care and their will to improve parentings skills such mothers show crystal clear that they re more interested in themslevs than the children

      Most opinions have at least a tiny bit of correctness, but what about Ms. Killen’s philosophy?

      Point #5:

      It seems like you are comparing Norway’s CPS with Nazism. Please correct me if I am wrong. If so, this is not the first time I have heard this comparison.

      Point #4:

      “…if You know prof. Marrianne Skanland what I have asked you on 16 April 2012 in the protest in Oslo, which I called up Prof. “ignorant” which vawe on me you hand. “you ask too difficult questions I got replied when asked YOu about it.”

      Do I understand you to be saying that you called Marianne, ignorant? I have found the complete opposite to be the case, if I have it right.

      • I can not say that knowledge that Prof. Marianne shares on her www page and whith her activity is ignorant. I said my personal experience which I asked a question , in Protest against Barnevernet in Oslo on 16 April 2016 (not 2012-my mistake) I called her “ingorant” by the way she responded and behaved towards me,when asked key question on Separation Anxiety Disorder. I hope that Prof. can now reach to definition and and simply reply: I can try to get information about it and share the knowledge or thoughs with You.” that would be much better anwser than waving 2 Times her hand on my even I spoke with a lawyer she came and disturb our conversation by vawing the hand on me in the meaning ” he is talking trash” if you think Prof. Marianne that my question are not worth to consider how Separation Anxiety Disorder should be recognise by norwegian CPS -Barnevernet to avoid children emotional neglect and negligence, than I hope that this Lady can be more faithfull in younger generation that when asking you do not mean always trash question.

        in relations to Karin Kilen philosophy of child care I can agree that the emotional neglect is an issue ,

        I do not know all Karin Kilen work but found some picture of Kilen recomendtion that migh be very disturbing the simple not knowing people that such tactics can be recomended that says :

        sometimes it is a need to make parents to lose control during the meeting with CPS and observe how parents react

        “Such observation staying any pretended home derhverdagens small and big problems accumulate or in institutions where parents and children spend over time, for a assessing this feature.

        “It may often be necessary for us deliberately frustrate a parent for a render it possible to consider this very important function. If parents show very limited frustration tolerance was the presence, we must wonder about how it can be in a situation without social control, where no one else is present than the parents and the child.”

        Norwegian CPS should inform , teach, provide guidance, extensive courses and help to parents to understand the emotional neglect, parenting skills. this information should be available on line for parents to avoid mistakes, to reach when in doubts, and to know what is the standard fo child care in Norway. Parents should know neglect scale and child care should be transparent on internet available on internet on the page of CPS Barnevernet on which the CPS and parrents could study and avoid not knowing information towards

        google : frustration tolerance

        to answer about Barnevernet like Nasi it is bacause of tactics and laws alowes folreign children to be kept is foser homes in many cases against thei will to be separated from the familes of countries they came from. In many cases foreign families have asked to be a Foster care for the children that has been placed in Norwegian Foster care. It is natural that these children do not have the opportunity to continue in language learning and coulture of mother language, which they have the right to have.
        All children are isolated from families in Foster care that is the system that promotes children affiliation towards Foster families rather than keep children connected to families they were atteched to and language they speek.

        Many cases we could observe that children are separated permamently from each other , family and environment they came from.

        it is agreat tragedy what system of permament separation has been build in Norway or Sweden, Reunion of children placen in Foster care with biological families is not know topic of child care.

        Separation anxiety disorder is not recognised by Barnevernet workers, is not recognised in Norwegian Courts and it is even used as a one of the symptoms to place children in Foster care or the grands of Magnge Raundalen commite 6.6.2
        which says:

        “6.6.2 Children aged three to twelve years
        Children may have gotten relational late effects of having
        been subjected to prolonged development inhibitory connection
        from their caregivers.

        >>The damage can
        manifest as comprehensive aggression and acting out
        or as introversion, depression and
        anxiety. <<

        In these children, it is probably not sufficient
        To get to normal caring caregivers,
        but they will need a care base on
        a more intense, active and lasting way seeks to
        restore the damaged relationship. Ability
        repairing relationships through parental guidance
        will in these cases be significantly reduced,
        and the threshold for care orders can
        be reached.

        • Chris says:

          Thank you for clarifying, sir.

          I know Marianne well enough that her treatment of you was probably fair.

          Either way, let me cut through it all and get to the main point.

          We both think Norway’s CPS is a very bad thing.

  16. fair ignorant, good enough. No thanks.

  17. […] and she has been housed by Margaret’s family since then. Their story was published anonymously by Chris Reimers here. They are no longer anonymous. They are desperate after what they experienced […]

  18. […] and she has been housed by Margaret’s family since then. Their story was published anonymously by Chris Reimers here. They are no longer anonymous. They are desperate after what they experienced […]

  19. […] A parent can do nothing right in the eyes of the Barnevernet when it chooses to look at a mother as a bad parent. Good things that the parent tries are seen as bad. All one has to do is read the account first reported in THE RISE AND FALL (?) OF THE NORWEGIAN CPS […]

  20. […] A parent can do nothing right in the eyes of the Barnevernet when it chooses to look at a mother as a bad parent. Good things that the parent tries are seen as bad. All one has to do is read the account first reported in THE RISE AND FALL (?) OF THE NORWEGIAN CPS […]

  21. Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Thank you, Chris! for bringing such an important issue to us!

    • Chris says:

      You’re welcome, Maria.

      Hopefully, this will be resolved at the next court hearing on August 25th!

      • Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

        May the Lord help Nadia and Caspian and free Norway from this evil system! Blessings, Chris!

        • Chris says:

          Amen, Maria.

          Nadia got to see Caspian two days in a row since I put up the last post about them. Caspian seemed to remember her which made Nadia happy as you can imagine.

          I don’t think anyone besides the evil system knows if Nadia will see Caspian before the 25th or not.

          It is like a strange roller coaster. Long periods of down, and very short periods of up. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

          Thank you for your prayers. 🙂

  22. Chris says:

    It is May 5, 2017. This post has once again appeared in the top 10 most read recent posts on this blog. I am glad to know it.

    I have just re-read Margaret’s excellent article which she allowed me to publish here. Many things including the kidnapping of the child in the story by the CPS of Norway, have happened since this post was originally published. Most of you know I followed Nadia’s harrowing story as it unfolded. I did it right here on my blog through updates.

    I am not trying to get hits on my blog but I think, after re-reading this article, and after the little that has been done since it’s publication to improve the situation, that this article could do a great service if more people read it. If you have read this far, and understand the implications of what is happening in Norway, please share this story with others.

    Things will never change in Norway unless 1) this damning evidence is presented to the world, and 2) there is enough outrage that a change will have to be made. Worldwide demonstrations in April of 2016 have not been enough, sadly. The system in Norway continues unabated.

    • The authorities have not changed their tune, Chris. They are even becoming more censorious about criticism, and the forcible child removals continue and with the same spurious “reasons” given.

      But there is more both on social media and even in mainstream media about cps questions now, more of the criticism is becoming public knowledge.

      Make no mistake: This cps industry is such a money machine that the cps, foster “parents”, psychobabblers, inspectors and overviewers and “supporting contacts” for foster children, and what have you, will never give in or give up voluntarily, they will fight all they can, make every opposition and every open case presentation illegal if they can, put every parent of a child the cps has its eyes on, in prison. But at least the authorities are very worried now! The amount of propaganda they print, again and again, the insipid arguments, the incorrect or irrelevant “facts” they present, it all tells us that they are not as complacent as they have been.

      The publicity abroad has helped more than one could imagine. And do not think “Wings of the Wind” is unimportant – I often get it among hits when I google with various words which do not particularly favour this blog!

      • Chris says:

        “But at least the authorities are very worried now!”

        This is a good sign, Marianne. Since the propaganda machine is no longer complacent as it has been, the subject is surely getting more attention.
        I know you don’t have Facebook, but I posted my Dad’s obituary there a few days ago. He died on Wednesday, May 3rd, and the funeral celebration was held on Saturday May 6th. He received full military honors as he was wounded in the Korean Conflict of the 1950’s.
        As the oldest son, I was given the opportunity to speak at my Dad’s funeral. The reason I am mentioning this here is that one statement that was made in that short little speech was that I never once heard my father lie.
        I mention this because there is a reason integrity is important to me. A government sponsored organization that continues to spread lies to maintain the status quo is nothing less than evil.
        Interestingly, my grandparents were farmers on the American plains. I am pretty certain that my grandma was almost 100% Danish. I didn’t know this until I checked the 1940 U.S. census records just a week ago when verifying information for the obituary. The town the family farm was located near was called Dannebrog. The intent in the late 1800s was to create an entirely Danish colony. They failed to do this as they welcomed Swedes, Germans, and others to the community.
        These folks were completely reliant on the words of the Bible to get them through some very difficult times on the American plains.
        “Thou shalt not bear false witness” is one of the commandments that were dear to those stout people who had moral convictions based on something other than their own opinions.
        We are losing these foundations in America as I have students lie to me all of the time. At the same time, I recognize the remnant that my German/Danish grandparents left behind, like my father, to whom honesty and integrity were foundations based on something they viewed as higher than themselves, the Bible.
        Sometime in the 1980’s, I think, Dannebrog was made the “Danish capital of Nebraska” by legislators at the state level. It is a small town that has a population of around 300-400 inhabitants, a number that hasn’t fluctuated much over the years. The numbers don’t matter to me; reading some of the short histories the founder and others left behind, are priceless. There is a reason my father wasn’t a liar.
        Thank you for sharing that this Blog pops up in Norway when you are researching. I am glad to know it. I am sorry that more Americans are not making more noise about the tragic circumstances taking place in your country. There are a few of us and it’s nice to know that every little bit helps.
        I think I will re-post this particular true story, re-edited a bit, of the problem in Norway here and on Facebook soon. Anyone who can read this work my Margaret Hennum and not question the tactics of the Barnevernet has no heart.
        It is always a blessing to hear from you, Marianne. You have been aware of this evil so much longer than I and have taught me so much. I know that both of us, as long as we are able, will continue to be vocal about the madness of it all.
        May God richly bless you…

        • Dear Chris,
          I truly feel you should not praise me so mucy, Chris. Truly, I have done so many stupid, unthoughtful things in my life, it bothers me to remember it all. We must just ask ourselves what we can do now, in life as it is and as we see it now – through a glass darkly.

          Allow me to express my condolences about your father passing away. I am glad you had a funeral bringing peace and blessing. To have been entirely truthful is indeed a great blessing for those your father left behind. I feel it is something which gives us hope in a troublesome time in a troublesome world when we can feel supported by the care and generosity our loved ones gave us.

          • Chris says:

            If anyone in your country has exhibited wisdom in this entire BV issue, it is you Marianne. We have all done stupid, unthoughtful things in our lives. We know this because as creatures made in the image of God we have a conscience. The difference is that some eventually learn to listen to that knowledge that God has put in them, and some choose to do whatever possible to make any part of God in themselves disappear. Many are quite successful at this even though it brings them no joy.
            I often refer to the verse you have referred to. We do see through a glass darkly so if my following statement seems wrong or seems egotistical so be it.
            One gift that I think God has given me is to recognize talent when I see it. Talent is a gift from God so none of us can take any credit for that talent. I cannot do this in every field, but the fields I am interested in usually lead me to someone whom I trust greatly. My compliments are not meant to embarrass you and if they do it is only a reflection of your humility. Please let me spout as I will. At the same time, I appreciate your honesty so much.
            Thank you for your kind words about my father. He was part of a Christian remnant that is decreasing in numbers with each new generation. He will be missed but we will have a great forever together. Some family that I hadn’t seen in some time came to the funeral celebration. It was a sad and wonderful time we had together. Your comment about hope is so true. The scriptures read at the gathering were filled with hope for the future. They trump anything this troublesome world can offer.
            As always, I appreciate your comments and may God bless you today and always.

  23. […] directly to the mother of the child as events were unfolding in Norway. At the time the following exclusive post was printed on this blog, the mother was safely living with the family that had taken her in. The […]

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