They have done it again. They have stolen another child from its mother. The organization in Norway which is supposed to provide assistance to children in need, is once again responsible for harm. GREAT HARM!!! It seems the mother was at the hairdresser, the child was in good hands, and they knew it. This gave them the opportunity to give “help” to another good mother by taking her child. I hope the world is as OUTRAGED as I.

You see, I know of this child. This is personal. It is the same child that was featured in a account I posted only days ago. You may have read it. If you didn’t, I suggest you go back and read it after you read this very alarming information sent to me by my facebook friend, Steven Bennett:

This is Caspian, six months old, sleeping peacefully. This photo was taken today at 1.58pm. Moments after this photo was taken, police with Norway’s CPS enter a family’s home and cruelly take Nadia’s baby away. The Norwegian police said they took the baby because nobody knew where the birth certificate was.

This is the very dark side of Norway, which Norwegian authorities do not want you to know about. It’s a total horror for many young families in Norway. Interestingly, the police commented that they had been listening in on the phone conversations – so I guess, this new anti-terror law is already in affect in Norway, but sadly it’s being used to kidnap little innocent babies from their mothers’ arms, instead of catching real terrorists.

In defense of the Norwegian police, they only carry out orders given by Norway’s CPS, barnevernet, but it must be pretty gruesome and horrible for those policemen who have honour and integrity to carry out such acts. They also commented that the family were very caring and barnevernet had shown them no court ruling permission to take Caspian.

They took little Caspian while he was sleeping peacefully in his bed. Barnevernet had no county board ruling or authority to take this little baby, in fact, no help was offered beforehand at all to Nadia. No young family is safe from Norway’s system of error and terror (Norway’s CPS) for young families – Absolutely No One!

If Norwegians don’t stand up now, then I really wonder where the moral ground has gone in this country. It would seem that there is no moral ground and ethics have just been thrown out of the window as well. Norwegian families also need help from abroadl!!!
Brutal, sick and very sad. Please pray for Nadia and Caspian and the wonderful Hennum family who Nadia and Caspian were staying with.


Now you know the real names of the mother and child featured in THE RISE AND FALL (?) OF THE NORWEGIAN CPS

This story is disheartening.

I will try to keep my readers updated on this story. Please pray for Nadia, Caspian, and their good friends the Hennum family.

God’s blessings…

Chris Reimers


  1. Mannyr says:

    It seems these people are still doing the despicable things they have been doing all along. I thought kidnapping was illegal anywhere. Apparently in Norway it’s OK.

    I have been made an honorary Norwegian by marriage to a Norwegian— i am ashamed of such a title.

    • Chris says:

      Please don’t be ashamed of that title, Manny. I know you mean it in a good way but there are good people in Norway. This young mother is an example. She was brave to tell her story in the hopes that it would benefit others and look what happens. I admire this young Norwegian a great deal. I have met other Norwegians who are also standing up for righteousness. The more people are aware of this problem the better. When something dark is brought into the light and exposed, it is always a good thing.

  2. Margaret Hennum says:

    Getting to know barnevernet, it strikes me the difference between how they, unlike the rest of us meet people in need of help. In health care we try to support people to make them achieve optimal functioning. In the CPS on the contrary, people are stressed by them to find how people are acting at the worst!

    This is what happens in those mother homes. And the CPS calls this help, advice and support! The rest of us calls it terror! This is why Nadia took her baby boy with her to live a “free” life. For the first time after the boy was born, 5 months ago!

    Dehumanizing behaviour towards mothers and children. No surprise people are reacting, worldwide! I must ask myself, how could it possibly last for so long before people reacted?

    • Chris says:

      It is now known that you are the writer of this post, Margaret. The CPS probably knew it all along but their plan to take that baby was in the works long before this was published I think.

      You are in the middle of a terrible drama that has transpired before my eyes. I have even seen the short video clip that has been published. I have posted the major parts of this story.

      Terror is the perfect word for this behavior. I don’t want to take up your time right now as I know you must be distressed. Thank you for coming here and sharing your comment with us.

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