Intense Hostility against Preaching in Jerusalem

Pastor Jim has posted something very interesting here. One of his comments after the post reads:

“I don’t know why there was the added sounds. I thought it was insightful though of how some Jews today react to the Gospel being preached. I support the state of Israel to exist but I think Christians must remember that modern Israeli are not necessarily all friendly to the Gospel.”

Today, I was talking with some friends about the United Nations. It has decided to make negative and unequal (in proportion to other nations) statements about the small little country. It appears that the entire world is against Israel.

In spite of all these negatives, one very important thing is true. Here is a portion of the discussion on FB today regarding this truth and it’s nonacceptance at the U.N.:

“Look at the continued pressure they put on God’s covenant land and people. It is unwise. “Cursed be those who curse you, And blessed be those who bless you.” This is an everlasting covenant that came from God to Abraham and continued through Isaac and Jacob.”

“It is quite a thing that the Jews are being regathered in Israel. I don’t think there’s another example like it in history.”

I am like Pastor Jim. I support Israel because of an everlasting covenant that God has made. I think they have a great leader currently. He is very friendly towards Christians unlike the Jews in this video.

A gospel presentation should always be balanced. It should include the ramifications of the Law along with the Good News. Hell is a real place and when we talk about it, it must be in a balanced manner.

I would like to add this little story. When I was in Jr. College, I was a member of the Christian Club. Our goal was to share the Gospel on campus. We held weekly meetings and we were quite visible on campus. We did the best we could, as young people, to balance the scriptures. There is the Law. There is the Gospel.

One day, a man none of us had ever seen, walked on campus with a large sign that said something about “Burning in Hell.” He was very unbalanced. There was no gospel about him. It was all Law and we feared he would undo much of what we had tried to accomplish. We divided up. One group prayed while the other tried to explain his imbalance to him. Christians were much more concerned that day than any non-Christians. The argument that day was between Christians and this man, whatever he was. It was Christians who chased the guy off in the end.

After watching this video twice, I think there is a balanced view shared here. I was not there for the entire day but I will say that I wish I had been. I have never been to Jerusalem but I know I will be there someday and that it will look quite different than the Jerusalem in this video. If I had been there for the entire day, I could give you a better view about the balance in the message. Based on the video, however, I appreciate these men of God and their willingness to face possible harm in order to reach the lost.

The Domain for Truth

This video is rather intense of a recently evangelism in Jerusalem by American preachers doing open-air preaching.

I am stunned at the spitting going on by the Israeli unbelievers.  It is pretty gross.  Then there’s the grabbing and the harassing.

It reminds me of what our Lord and Savior faced.

Pray for the salvation of those who were there.  I pray that Israel would come to know her Messiah: Jesus Christ.

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4 Responses to Intense Hostility against Preaching in Jerusalem

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow we have the same view!

    • Chris says:

      🙂 I’m pretty picky about who I add to my blogroll. Actually, I’ve sent notes to a few on the roll who haven’t posted anything for a long time. They were added long ago. If I get no reply, It means they probably have no intentions to continue. On one I’ve tried 4 times. I know these must be sent to email like mine are so I’m giving them a bit more time before removal.

  2. Mannyr says:

    Religious spirits are very nasty. That is what is shown here. The truth was being shared with religious people who wear the trappings of their belief.

    When i was at the wailing wall in Jerusalem, a Orthodox Jewish man approached me and said “would you like prayer” i said “sure” he threw a tillim over our heads and spoke in rapid Hebrew, a prayer.

    Next thing i know he is demanding money for the prayer—he got quite loud and belligerent. So i gave him 20 shekels equivalent to $5.00. Not a fond memory.

    • Chris says:

      That is an interesting account, Manny. I’m sure this is not representative of how all Jews act towards this type of preaching, in fact, you can see some of the people in the background who appear to be listening. I don’t know.

      I always appreciate your comments, Manny.

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