Only by Grace

Looking back at the partial life story of a neighbor and brother in Christ, Gregory Lane, who passed on over 2 years ago now, I noticed a link to this song. It is an uplifting reminder of the reformation that God has made in every Christian life.

Greg was an inspiration to all who read his blog. His illness with ALS and his attitude about it was a great example to me. Even though we lived in the same State, I never had the opportunity to meet Greg in person. We will meet some day.

By clicking on this link, you’ll see the “About” on Greg’s blog, still being maintained by his wife and daughter. Greg was very honest about his illness. He linked to a different version of “Only by Grace” at this link.

I have posted this version of the song so that the words, which obviously meant a lot to Greg, can be read.

Greg continued blogging almost until the end of his earthly life.


2 Responses to Only by Grace

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    What a testimony and witness he left behind

  2. Chris says:

    Amen, Pastor Jim. He was a calm voice in a chaotic world.

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