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This Saturday, a very important event will take place. Norwegians from all over Norway, including folks from other countries, will be protesting the evil deeds of a “Child Protection Service” gone horribly wrong in Norway.

Organizers are hoping for the biggest demonstration on this issue ever in Norway’s history. If recent social media is any indication, organizers will accomplish this goal.

Political Elections will be held in Norway in September and this event will be noticed. I am Facebook friends with more than one of the event speakers and I am requesting that anyone who reads this will pray that the event is a huge success.

I would like to thank my FB friend, Bjo Ern, for providing me with the following itinerary. May God bless those who are willing to speak up against the evils of a country-sponsored child kidnapping organization.

Chris Reimers

(If there are clips of this event in English, I will publish them here as they come in.)

PROGRAM (preliminary)

– 11.00 Start of promenade at “Tigeren”. Meet up on time
– 11.30 Arrival at the Parliament
– 12.00 Welcome by the arbitration committee

– 12.10 Rune Fardal: Damage due to traumatization, psychology of power.
– 12.20 Ken Joar
– 12.30 Oddvar Espegard: The research tells us enough.
– 12.40 Tor Åge Berglid: The fight for better child welfare and the road ahead.

12.50 SONG: Sky full of stars. (Link below)

– 13.00 Nina Søviknes: About family centers, mothers’ home
– 13.10 Jelena Gullick, About grandparents’ participation.
– 13.20
– 13.30 Inez Isabel Arnesen: Free legal aid, politician engagement

13.40 SONG: Let the children be set free (Link below)

– 13.50 Naci Akkøk
– 14.00 Marius Reikerås: Human rights (If he is in Norway at the time)
– 14.10 Tomáš Zdechovský (?)
– 14.20 Lill May Vestly: Love, biology and strong parental rights – new family policy and new family protection. Political Spokeswoman for the Party The Christians regarding family.

14.30 SONG:

– 14.40 Stian Hordjik
– 14.50
– 15.00

– 15.10 Termination by the organizers


Responsible for Transport / Rigging:
– Dariusz Cz Pakosz, Natalia Kozłowsk, Øyvind

Responsible for music systems / scene:
– May Lund

Responsible for Appeals:
– Rune Fardal

Responsible for media contact
– Tor Åge Berglid, Rune Fardal

Singer (Learn these until 19 August):

A sky full of stars

Let the children be set free

Update: Here is one of the speeches (if you have facebook) from Oslo:

<a href="http://https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Ffamiliekanalennorge%2Fvideos%2F693929500805377%2F&show_text=0&width=560“>Tor Age Berglid


  1. Thank you for this publishing, Chris. CPS victims really have need of information being published about what is done to them in the name of “the child’s best interest” and “children’s rights”.
        There is propaganda in favour of the authorities way of dispensing “child welfare” in all the media her in Norway every day now, particularly claiming that the heroic cps workers are being harassed in social media. Not one pip about the way families are being harassed by the cps. – Yes, some bereaved families are so desperate that they come out with straight threats. But the authorities also try to label any concrete criticism of what cps workers do in concrete cases as illegal and more or less threaten with law and police.
        And so the question is: When you whole life is being destroyed and you have to watch society destroying the life of your child as well, is it any wonder people react “impolitely”?

    • Chris says:

      You’re welcome, Marianne, and thank you for keeping me updated on the propaganda machine in Norway. It sounds like those in power are satisfied with an evil system and those who remain “comfortably silent” are as guilty and those spewing the propaganda.
      I have often wandered about your question. It is amazing to me that Norwegian victims have shown such restraint. I think I remember seeing a video of a burning building set ablaze by a young protesting teenager who had been taken from his/her parents. Otherwise, I have seen understandable “impoliteness” but nothing beyond that, thankfully.
      I think it is a very volatile situation that has been created by a number of factors, one being the tactics and psychobabble of the Barnevernet, another being the breakdown of any type of foundation for moral values. Most Christians in Norway are Christians in name only.

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