The Immutability of God

Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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A Sermon (No. 1) delivered on January 7th, 1855 by C. H. Spurgeon at New Park Street Chapel, Southwark.

“I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.”—Malachi 3:6

It has been said by some one that “the proper study of mankind is man.” I will not oppose the idea, but I believe it is equally true that the proper study of God’s elect is God; the proper study of a Christian is the Godhead. The highest science, the loftiest speculation, the mightiest philosophy, which can ever engage the attention of a child of God, is the name, the nature, the person, the work, the doings, and the existence of the great God whom he calls his Father. There is something exceedingly improving to the mind in a contemplation of the Divinity. It is a subject so vast, that all our thoughts are lost in its immensity; so deep, that our pride is drowned in its infinity. Other subjects we can compass and grapple with; in them we feel a kind of self-content, and go our way with the thought, “Behold I am wise.” But when we come to this master-science, finding that our plumb-line cannot sound its depth, and that our eagle eye cannot see its height, we turn away with the thought, that vain man would be wise, but he is like a wild ass’s colt; and with the solemn exclamation, “I am but of yesterday, and know nothing.” No subject of contemplation will tend more to humble the mind, than thoughts of God.

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Source: The Spurgeon Archive

4 Responses to The Immutability of God

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Thanks for sharing this Chris

    • Chris says:

      You’re welcome, Pastor Jim.

      Mr. Spurgeon was 20 years old when he delivered this sermon. One is hard-pressed to find a preacher in our days who can equal it’s depth after years of ministry. He was a gifted man as you well know. Of course, most sermons don’t run this long anymore because many don’t have the attention span they once did.

      • SLIMJIM says:

        Spurgeon has become my favorite preacher that has passed away to eternity. I am afraid that some pastors today twice his age think it is wise to act like 10 year old to reach this generation…

        • Chris says:

          I think you’ve made a good choice, Pastor Jim. He’s been my favorite preacher for almost 35 years now, of those who have passed away from this life. I must admit that I am not that well read but from the first thing I read from Mr. Spurgeon’s pen, I knew he was gifted.
          I agree with your statement about some preachers today. In some entire countries, preaching is a profession and not a calling. The faith that Mr. Spurgeon preached about is missing in so many of our pulpits today. Indeed, many use spiritually juvenile methods, including modern marketing methods to increase the size of their congregations. And there are so many who do not believe in simple Bible stories.
          Then there are men like Spurgeon who will defend the scriptures no matter what man may say.

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