Photo by Ken Joar Olsen

Photo by Ken Joar Olsen

(Submitted by Octavian Curpas)

Outside the Oslo train central station, this piece of art stands.

When I go for my weekly drug test, as I have been for over a year now, I have been looking at the piece of “art.”

I think, “Did the artist consider Norwegian society in general?”

It is a society where they can take your children away until the parents have proved themselves good enough.

In Norway, parents are guilty until proven innocent.

It is a land where the police protect the oppressors, a land where dreams become nightmares.

It is a land of beautiful nature.

Greed is killing it.

They kill predatory animals here and now they are few.

The reason?

Money making farm animals need more habitat in which to feed.

It is a land where “public servants” create victims from the people they were supposed to help and assist.

It is a wealthy country, one of the richest, that is unbelievably poor.

Cold people claim to be warm while warm people are described as cold.

It is a land where insanity is normal, and where normal people are diagnosed with insanity.

It is a land where the weakest people are providing for the strongest.

It is a land where the poor get poorer, and rich get richer.

It is a land where professionals say that I am too honest.

How is this possible since I am a product of the lies they are telling?

One day I hope the truth will set us free. I will never let them turn me upside down.

I hope we will all stand on firm ground and, like this tree, expose the roots (the liars and evil ones) until they are fully viewed so that they can be removed from Norway.

I, for one, will not rest until all is turned right side up.

We must not rest because children are our future.

Best wishes to you all. Stay strong!

These wishes do not extend to those who are turning our world upside down.

They will eventually be turned inside out, and their empty insides will be obvious to all.

Written by Ken Joar Olsen

Ken is a product of a dysfunctional child care system who was fortunate to get back on his feet after they turned his life upside down.

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