Ken Joar Olsen, My Good Friend, Speaks in Trondheim

Having known Ken only a few months, it seems like I have known him my entire life. He is honest, brave, and a role model to all who have gone through difficulties and have come out on another side.

Ken didn’t have a Bible when I first met him, but he knew how to operate the internet well. I asked him to go to Bible gateway and begin to read. He told me that it was nice to read something that wasn’t destructive (or words similar to that). He continues to read his Bible daily.

Ken is a hero of mine. He is a gifted individual with many talents. I know. I am a teacher who can spot talent. God has given him those talents and it is sad that, because of the cruel “Child Protective Services” in Norway that he hasn’t really started using them until now.

I have never gone through what he has. I only hope if I ever go though anything as difficult as he, that I will turn out like he has. Yes, he has a long way to go to forgive those who have ruined his life to this point. Wouldn’t you? Yet, he continues on to help others in need.

One day he will read the story of the good Samaritan and he will see that it is about people like him, selflessly acting to help others. The only difference is that Jesus never told us that the Good Samaritan had been targeted by bullies himself once. One might imagine that to be the case, though, as the Good Samaritan felt sympathy for the hurt man and didn’t walk by when so many others (including the “religious”) did.

The world needs more men like Ken Olsen. I am glad he considers me to be his friend.

Chris Reimers

Ken and Vibeke’s Story…What?


My Friend Ken and CPS Recorded/Vibeke Speaks

Ken Joar Olsen and his Aria – Norway

BTW..Ken is trying to get the scrolling at the end slowed down. I highly recommend that you stop and read it. It gives more details about his incredible experience with Norway’s “Child Protective Services.”

6 Responses to Ken Joar Olsen, My Good Friend, Speaks in Trondheim

  1. Thank you for your kindness, and support… It is words i appreciate highly and difficult to express how much, but thank you for being such a good man and a good friend…

  2. rodi says:

    beautifully written, Chris. A very sad and shocking story though…

    • Chris says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Rodi. Sad and shocking is a great description. I think God will use Ken’s story to help others. So many are afraid to speak in Norway even when their child is taken because they know in many cases that the Barnevernet keeps track of their words and tries to use them against them later. Ken is a man who needs our prayers.

      On a related note, I know a man in England who has his son taken for two reasons. His son was pictured playing a piano in a documentary and he is accused of having a “holocaust syndrome” of some kind. They say he can’t be a good parent because his parents were Holocaust survivors. Doesn’t that sound crazy?

      I’m finding out that this is more than only a problem in Norway. An expert on this entire subject says the worst country is Sweden. Ken was first taken from his mother, who seems to have been a good mom, in Denmark after his mom fled Norway to try and avoid having her son taken. I think these countries are the worst four. I’ve heard it is a problem in Finland, also. Interestingly, I ran into a German tourist downtown today. I asked her if spanking was not allowed in Germany and she said that it wasn’t allowed but she seemed to be saying that only abusers get in trouble. I asked her if she knew anyone in Germany who had had their children removed for a simple, non-abusive spanking. She said, “No.” I asked if she knew what was going on in Norway. She had no idea of this child care problem in the countries I have mentioned. She is going to look it up on the internet. I told her the situation could easily be found there. These countries have somehow managed to keep a lid on these abuses even though several international entities, including the UN (which I wished didn’t exist) have recommended that they (particularly Norway) change their ways. All international recommendations have fallen on deaf ears.

      • rodi says:

        Who knows how many years this has been going on before the Bodnariu case blew the lid off the secrecy and blackmail of Barnevernet. The important thing is to get the word out. And that is what we are doing. By the way, Chris, this would be my first chance to personally thank you for your huge contribution when you organzied the protest in Arkansas! May God richly reward you and may He continue to use you for His purposes and for our brothers and sisters. God bless you!

        • Chris says:

          Thank you for your kind words, rodi. It as been a joy when God uses me in any way and I’m going to try and have more people at our next protest because there will have to be one as this battle is only beginning.
          Thank you for using your blog to keep the Romanian/American community up to date on the latest. Without the Romanians I think the outcome to this point would not have been possible.I hope the Romanians continue to fight as they have for the thousands of those left in the situation the Bodnarius found themselves in.
          I will let you in on a little secret, rodi since it will be published in a day or two. I have been sent a document by someone who has been in the system in Norway. The document is about one mother’s story in the BV system and includes information about the beginnings and formation of the current CPS. I have asked the author if I could edit it and pass it along to Chris Prunean. He has a much larger audience than I do and I want this document to get as wide a circulation as possible as it sort of blows the lid off of the past and present of the CPS. I have send the final copy to the author for review and Chris P. knows that I am sending him something for his blog. I would be looking for it in the next couple of days.
          Well, you, me and whoever reads this knows ahead of time that something that I think is interesting is about to be published. If Chris finds that it isn’t newsworthy, I will be publishing it on my blog.
          Again thank your for your kind words and deeds in helping communicate the situation to the world. We will continue to need you as this situation develops.
          God’s blessings my friend…

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