Mr. Hariri and Mr. Obama

A muslim leader wrote an opinion piece for the L.A. times yesterday. Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri made some very interesting comments.  Just off of a visit with Mr. Obama, he paints a precarious picture of the Middle East.

“Frustration and tragedy have replaced the failed peace,” he said.

Mr. Hariri says that the U.S. is in a position to take the leadership role.  Mr. Hariri discredits the fanatics, but indicates that moderate Muslims are tired of waiting for Israel to make concessions.  “They have turned a blind eye to those parameters “(of sustainable peace). He says that something needs to be done soon.

I disagree with Mr. Hariri that the problem is Israel’s fault.  I agree with him that the Middle East situation has global ramifications.

No one has a closer view of the situation than this man.  The pressure from the radicals is rising and the moderate Muslims are feeling the heat.

Why won’t they leave little Israel alone?  They have all of that land and it’s not enough.  They continue to pressure the free little nation.

Mr. Hariri thinks Mr. Obama, the U.N. Security Council, or the “quartet” are the brokers for peace in this situation.  It looks like we need a savior fast, and I have a feeling the world isn’t going to turn to the real one soon.

Chris Reimers

Times article:

As seen by the Jerusalem Post:

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