Photo by Indiana Public Media

As we are a week into early voting, I am a week late with my endorsements.  That’s not going to stop me from “speaking” my mind. Offices left unmentioned are either unopposed or those in which I don’t feel educated enough to make a public endorsement.  I think these folks would represent us well:

Hot Springs Mayor: Ruth Carney

City Council District 2: Willie McCoy

City Council District 4: Blake Robertson

City Council District 5: Glenn Gallas

JP #1: Susan Wilkins

This is a good place for a personal note to all candidates.  When Susan entered this race, I was able to drop out.  I’ve never had a desire to hold any kind of public office, but was going to run for this position if Susan’s opponent had no competition.

I appreciate all who are trying to make our community a better place to live.

JP #4: Mary Bournival

JP #5: George Prichett

JP# 11: Larry Griffin

County Judge: Rick Davis

County Assessor: Tommy Thompson

County Treasurer: Tim Stockdale

Arkansas State Senator, District 19: Bill Sample

Arkansas State House, District 24: Keith Crass

Arkansas Governor: Jim Keet

U.S. House: Beth Anne Rankin

U.S. Senate: John Boozman

May God Bless America,

Chris Reimers


  1. Barbara says:

    What a fine group of candidates! Sorry you could not make the meeting at GL on Thursday evening. Toward the end, all candidates present came forward for a blessing by Pastor Carney.To see them holding each others hands ,standing before the community,honoring the will of GOD was a profound and beautiful moment.Blessings to all and to the recommendations for voting to those that may not have been called .

    • Chris says:

      Thank you, Barbara.
      I wish I could have been there. I talked to Pastor Carney and he mentioned to me how good he felt about the meeting. We indeed have a great opportunity to elect some fine representatives. I hope that other cities and counties around the nation have made the effort that those in our community have in this election cycle. If so, we have a good chance to turn things around.

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