Everyone who lives in Arkansas should know of the Family Council.  It is the best source in Arkansas for updates on items that affect the family.  Click below the “About” at the bottom to finds a concise history and mission statement of one of the best state organizations.

From a recent Family Council email:

Studies revealing the commitment level of gay couples have been released before, but it’s always good to highlight updated studies. This new study shows that only 45% of gay couples are monogamous (i.e. have only one sex partner), while 47% have “sex agreements” with their partners.

It’s especially important to emphasis this study in light of our fight to defend the Arkansas Adoption and Foster Care Act.* Research has consistently revealed that homosexual homes are not as stable as homes with a married mother and father. You can read an article about the study by clicking here.

Jerry Cox comments:


“About” the Family Council of Arkansas:


*The Adoption and Foster Care Act (ACT 1) was passed in Arkansas in the election of 2008.  Garland County contributed just over 4,000 petition signatures to get the ACT on the statewide ballot.  Arkansans approved the measure with 57% of the vote.

In a recent ruling, ACT 1 has been found unconstitutional by one judge in Northwest Arkansas.  With one pen stroke, one judge has overruled the will of the people.  The story is far from over.  The Wings of the Wind will keep readers updated on this important story as the facts become known.

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