She Has a Peace Which the World Gives Not

True Myrtle, or Myrtus Communis
Photo shenna bizarre

“The myrtle trees that were in the bottom.” Zec 1:8

The vision in this chapter describes the condition of Israel in Zechariah’s day; but being interpreted in its aspect towards us, it describes the Church of God as we find it now in the world. The Church is compared to a myrtle grove flourishing in a valley. It is hidden, unobserved, secreted; courting no honour and attracting no observation from the careless gazer. The Church, like her head, has a glory, but it is concealed from carnal eyes, for the time of her breaking forth in all her splendour is not yet come. The idea of tranquil security is also suggested to us: for the myrtle grove in the valley is still and calm, while the storm sweeps over the mountain summits. Tempests spend their force upon the craggy peaks of the Alps, but down yonder where flows the stream which maketh glad the city of our God, the myrtles flourish by the still waters, all unshaken by the impetuous wind. How great is the inward tranquility of God’s Church! Even when opposed and persecuted, she has a peace which the world gives not, and which, therefore, it cannot take away: the peace of God which passeth all understanding keeps the hearts and minds of God’s people. Does not the metaphor forcibly picture the peaceful, perpetual growth of the saints? The myrtle sheds not her leaves, she is always green; and the Church in her worst time still hath a blessed verdure of grace about her; nay, she has sometimes exhibited most verdure when her winter has been sharpest. She has prospered most when her adversities have been most severe. Hence the text hints at victory. The myrtle is the emblem of peace, and a significant token of triumph. The brows of conquerors were bound with myrtle and with laurel; and is not the Church ever victorious? Is not every Christian more than a conqueror through him that loved him? Living in peace, do not the saints fall asleep in the arms of victory?

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92)

(Can’t believe how hard it was to find a pic, allowed by photographer for use, of a Myrtle tree.  – CR)

8 Responses to She Has a Peace Which the World Gives Not

  1. Barbara says:

    so glad you are “back” to writing on a more frequent basis……most informative and enjoyable.

    • Chris says:

      Thank you, Barbara. You are so kind. I miss seeing you as often I did before Change Point became such an imporant part of my life. By the way, Change Point has moved. We are now located at 201 Nichols street, which is next to Peter’s Paints (the big paint can) on Malvern Ave. Immanuel Baptist church was down to less than a dozen members, so they deeded their property to Change Point. We have closed down for two weeks to move everything. We will reopen on October 8th. Anyway, I’m so glad you commented. Please tell Tom and Pete “Hi” for me. I don’t have much time to write, but there is so much going on, and I really miss writing.

      God’s blessings…

  2. Mannyr says:

    Great post! The analogy is very true.

  3. Kari says:

    Amen!! Love this Chris! “Is not the Church ever victorious?” I tell you, the devil has not only infiltrated so many aspects of our society, but also many churches in America with all kinds of apostasy and yet the True Church cannot be shaken. It remains poised in the graceful beauty of Her evergreen leaves among the withering death surrounding Her.

    Gods blessings to you today Brother!

    • Chris says:

      We are indeed His bride, Kari. Did you write that last sentence yourself? (The one about the evergreen leaves?) I like how you put that. At the same time, it is so sadly true about the infiltration of evil. We stand on the promises of God in these crazy times and receive comfort. I really like this devotion by Mr. Spurgeon, too.

      Always a blessing to hear from you.

  4. Kassie says:

    Chris, this is very pretty imagery in Mr. Spurgeon’s piece. I often reflect on the church as not only a witness to the world of the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, but a loving protector of sons and daughters in the Faith. “She” invites many to accept the offer of redemption and strengthens us so we can “fight the good fight of faith.” If I may, the church has another very substantial role in the salvation of mankind. Below is an excerpt from the Navarre bible commentary, in which 1 Tim 3:15 says the church is:

    “Pillar and bulwark of the truth”: those aspects of the building would
    have been very meaningful to Christians familiar with the great pillars
    of the temple of Jerusalem (cf. 1 Kings 7:15-52) or the columns of the
    huge temple at Ephesus dedicated to the goddess Artemis. They very
    graphically convey the idea of the Church’s solidity and permanence in
    the role of safeguarding and transmitting the truth, for “the deposit
    of revelation […] must be religiously guarded and courageously

    “The truth” which the Apostle mentions here is the Revelation God has
    communicated to men.

    “The household of God”: in the original Greek the definite article does
    not appear, thereby emphasizing the family character of the Church. St
    Paul frequently described the Church as God’s family: “you are fellow
    citizens with the saints and members of the household of God”
    (Eph 2:19). The expression “household of God” conveys the idea of
    family and also the idea of the cohesion of Christians as parts of a
    holy building: the children of God, convoked by the will of God, form
    the Church, a home and a temple, where God dwells in a fuller way than
    he did in the ancient temple of Jerusalem (cf. 1 Kings 8:12-64). ”

    Anyway, thanks for sharing and letting me share. blessings, Kassie

    • Chris says:

      What a wonderful way to reflect on the Church of Christ, Kassie! I really like what this commentary says. The comparison to “great pillars” is, indeed, appropriate. And Ephesians 2:19…what a great verse to describe God’s family.

      God’s blessings my friend…

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